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Blackmores Digestive Aid

Blackmores Digestive Aid

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The best purchase I have ever made!

The best purchase I have ever made!! It's a big call, but well deserved. I was not doing so well, for a long time, over 15 years of digestive troubles after I had my gall bladder removed, within 10 minutes of eating I would be racing to the bathroom in intense pain. The pain was so bad that I would come close to passing out and would be drenched in sweat and feel like I was going to die, no exaggeration. The pain was so excruciating that I would eventually throw up what I had eaten and spend the next hour or more In The bathroom with diarrhoea. 15 years of visiting doctors and had numerous tests done and not one was able to diagnose or find a treatment to help me. I did a lot of searching online and actually found these by accident whilst searching for bulk quantities of cleaning enzymes which we use at work and work better than any other cleaning supplies we have used to date. I thought I would give the digestive enzymes a try and chose this particular brand as it was the only one available at the supermarket. The results were immediate, I was able to eat a full meal and had no discomfort whatsoever afterwards. I have not had an attack after eating since I began taking these before eating which has been for nearly 6 months now. To say they have improved the quality of my life would be an understatement. I have suffered from acute anxiety for the past few years, I refused to leave the house for quite a few months before I started taking enzymes and within weeks of taking these my anxiety literally just disappeared, I woke up one morning and thought to myself I haven't had anxiety for a while and I'm not feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, the only change I had made were taking the enzymes, maybe it was due to them or maybe due to the fact that I knew I could safely leave the house and know that I could eat if I wanted to like a normal person and not be holed up in a public restroom or the bathroom at work for hours on end with people knocking on the door to ask if I'm ok in there which I found incredibly embarrassing to say the least. I recommend these to anyone and everyone, our modern day diets of cooked and processed foods put a lot of strain on our digestive systems and our body uses up most of our available energy (80%+) on digesting our food alone. much of our food is not digested adequately and we end up absorbing very little of the nutrient content from our diet which eventually leads to all kinds of other health problems related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that you would not even consider to be related to diet. These particular ones are fantastic if you are dairy sensitive as the contain lactase which many other brands do not. They are also vegan, so I have found that in my circumstance I benefit from taking ox bile extract as well as these which is just my personal preference and not necessary for everyone but having no gall bladder I can't store bile so the ox bile is also very helpful for me.
Highly recommend giving these a try whether you have digestive issues or not. Your body will thank you!!

Definitely noticing the difference

I suffer from low stomach acid and bloating immediately after eating. Taking this has really helped, as long as I remember to take it half an hour before meals. If I forget and take it just beforehand, I still bloat but not for as long. I think it's probably a gentler supplement to try first before resorting to hydrochloric acid tablets. Would recommend.
Inexpensive compared to other digestive enzyme supplements. Works well.
The tablet can feel a bit 'burny' in the mouth if not swallowed immediately with water. I think it's the anise. Just have a good mouthful of water before popping in the tablet. Remembering to take it half an hour before meals.

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Do I take digest aid 30mins before eating or with a meal.
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I'm having a slightly gastritis and my digestive system is quite weak that means easily get ache. Most of the time i have a lot gas in my stomach.. does this consider as bloating? I often feel hungry but can't eat much.. especially midnight I will feel very hungry and slightly like stomach burning. So what type of supplement is recommended? Is digestive aid better or acidophilus ?
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Hi Crystal. After having a very similar experience, I can give you my advice based on what worked for me. Firstly, get access to a juicer and drink a half glass of cabbage juice three times per day. Fair warning, it's revolting, but it will heal your stomach lining quicker than anything. You should be feeling way better within a few days maximum, but keep it up for a bit longer. Research cabbage juice for healing stomach if you want more info. Secondly, yes absolutely take inner health plus or similar every day. This will definitely help bloating and rebalance your gut health. If, after both of these things, you still feel you are not digesting properly (fullness quickly, bloating, tired or nauseated after big meal) then you could consider the above product. With a sensitive lining though, it might be too much to begin with. Also, I have now cut out grains and sugar and it has made the world of difference too. All the best.


Blackmores Digestive Aid
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