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Blackmores MagMin

Blackmores MagMin

4.8 from 5 reviews

This is the perfect solution to cramps in the legs.

MagMin certainly fixed the very painful cramps in my legs. Couldn't get to sleep but MagMin made it so I could get a good nights sleep. Great stuff and intend to use it regularly.

Wish I had found this 30 years ago

As far back as I can remember I had trouble sleeping. I just couldnt get comfortable and would always fidget and toss and turn. My legs especially felt like my skin was crawling and I felt the constant need to move them. Eventually I had a sleep study done (at about age 30) and the sleep Dr recommended MagMin, taken each night about an hour before bed with Vit C, for my "restless legs". What a Godsend. The restlessness stopped and I could finally settle and regularly get to sleep within an hour or two of going to bed. I can tell when I have forgotten to take the Magmin (have tried other forms or magnesium but they dont seem as effective) because as soon as I lie down and try and settle my skin starts to "crawl". MagMin works wonders for me.

Practically instant relief

Having suffered of a night with very painful cramps in calf of legs and feet I was advised by my doctor to take Blackmore's Magmin. Within a few days the cramps lessened to where within a week I had no cramps. Liking the ethics, customer support on their help line and being Australian made I'm happy to pay a bit extra for quality.
It worked!

Good enough

I'm using this to avoid cramps after sweating out a lot of Mg cycling (5-600km/week). It took a long time for my Mg to fall to the point where cramps started, so I figured I was only slightly deficient in my intake. After a top up dose of 1 tablet daily for a week, I've gone to 1 every few days and no cramps. So I think the recommended dosage is too high.
The other review talks about nighttime calf cramps. I've had that too, but it is due to a severe iron deficiency, not Mg. And it is very painful
Works well
Dosage is too high. You'll only lose it as urine


Yes it's a bit pricey but when comparing brands you get more magnesium in these tabs than others and it's from Blackmore's, an Aussie company. I'm happy to pay the price for Aussie manufactured goods, esp after the melamine in the baby formula scandal in China. The tabs are large but I don't find any problem swallowing them. If i don't take them I get cramps. I can wake up in the middle of the night with an incredible cramp in my calf that can leave me sweating in pain until it's gone. I think back and sure enough, I haven't taken my Magmin for a few days. I think it's a great product from a trust-worthy Aussie company.
Helps with cramps.
A bit pricey, but the larger the bottle, the cheaper normally.

Questions & Answers

When is the best time to take a course of magmin tablets?
2 answers
I took it after having bad night leg cramps and after seeing my doctor he agreed I take Magmin. With some stretching exercises and magmin I haven't had any cramps-works for me.I took it after having bad night leg cramps and after seeing my doctor he agreed I take Magmin. With some stretching exercises and magmin I haven't had any cramps-works for me.

What does it do for you?
1 answer
Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, but is also good for nerves apaprently so which one of these effects are good for restless legs I dont know but it does work (for me).

Is it safe to take with prescription drugs, eg. crestor, thyroxine, panadol osteo or reactions??? My son suggested these, I do find relieve as I only take 2 against cramping during the night.
3 answers
I don't know anything about interactions with medicines. All I know is that I was getting cramps from a long period of heavy exercise. I thought I was losing electrolytes and that Mg looked most likely since muscles work on Mg/Ca differences. Cramps stopped.I take this with panadol osteo other pain like Lyrica. It certainly helps me 1 x 3 times daily. Bit expensive but I look for specials found Amcel n discount chem I st best priceDo you take MagMin Tablets 3 times a day with meals? Is it ok to take 1 on going to bed and after my prescription medications?


Blackmores MagMin
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