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Blackmores Sugar Balance

Blackmores Sugar Balance

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Sugar addicts need to try this

For someone like me with a life long sugar addiction these tablets work. You need to be patient though, it takes a few weeks and it’s a gradual lessening of the sugar cravings. I went from having way too many sweets each day to only having a small portion and with it a much healthier lifestyle. In fact some days I had none at all! The good thing is, it’s easy, there’s no sacrifice because I simply don’t need the sugar the way I used to!

I think it's just a praecedo

Blackmore sugar balance is not for diabetics either one or two, I think it's useful for people who have got a strong desire to eat sugary foods, especially sugar-coated doughnuts, Danish pastries and such.
It's more likely to be a vitamin pill, in its usefulness.
it is an expensive tablet to buy, so don't buy it if you're short of cash, I believe it's more of a psychological benefit.

December 5th 2017 Update: Think of it as a vitamin pill

I wouldn't buy this if money was a concern,
I don't think it has any practical effect at all.
I think it just makes you feel good taking this pill.
If you are on medication for diabetics etcetera, insulin, for example, this sugar balance pill will have no practical effect
so save your money.

Wondering about "The Sugar Fix" ...

I am wondering whether the "sugar fix in these capsules" is merely someone's own opinion of what they are made up of?
I also wonder whether the "acne" is something that can occur when the body detoxes? (my take on it or opinion : )


This is probably the best vitamin capsule I have taken! I love that is simple and easy to consume with a price that won’t leave the wallet empty. I was overweight for about a year, so I sought to find a product that would help reduce those nasty sugar cravings. With this product, it keeps my cravings at bay and at times I never really had the urge to binge or overeat. I have currently lost 15kg (and continuing to lose) in a period of 4 months. I highly recommend this product to anyone who helps need that slight push in their everyday lifestyle, and you WILL see results! Patience, endurance and time is the key. I will continue to buy this product in the future. Perhaps they could have made the packaging a bit different. Instead of the flip top, possibly have a twist-style packaging? I encourage anyone to try this fantastic product! In addition, I would highly recommend diabetics to try this! It is so much cheaper and effortless to consume rather then having to deal with the side effects diabetics undergo at times.
A very simple and convenient tablet that can be consumed either once or twice a day. Reputable brand, worth the price you pay and you will SEE results!
Nothing overall, perhaps a better packaging like the lid in particular.

Very happy with this product.

Being a massive sweet tooth ( i am talking craving cakes and buscuits for breakfast) i decided to give these a go. I found them at the local priceline chemist so they are very easy to find.
I take one first thing in the morning, lunch and then after dinner. I find the later you take these at night the effects still seem to kick in in the morning, which works for me.
I did start taking a double dose in the morning for the first week to kickstart, this seemed to work very well for me, not sure if it's the right thing to do but seemed to have no ill effects, only good ones.
I have noticed if I forget to take a tablet at lunch then i am not craving sweets again until about 4-5pm.
The great thing about these tablets is that if they don't work at least you haven't forked out a fortune as they are only around 12-15 dollars a bottle.
So i have been taking these for about two months and i have lost about 5kg. I have been eating healthier also. Give them a try at least.
low cost, working for me.
Not the right choice if you are after rapid weight loss.


I don't know why all doctors don't prescribe this simple supplement to all of their diabetic patients, it would be so much cheaper than dealing with the terrible side effects that this disease causes, kidney, nerve, heart, circulation and skin damage
I like the fact that popping a simple pill once or twice a day can do so much to ease the effects of diabetes and pre-diabetes
I can not think of a single thing to put here except perhaps the cap which does not seem to be very secure, a screw top cap would be much better


If you have tried everything to lose weight as I have over the years you will pleasantely surprised by the results of just popping three pills a day. Average price is $20 for a months' supply
I just love this product as it really does work,I have been over 100 kg for 20 years in the last three months of taking this product I have lost 9 kilos, I just wish they had this years ago.

Works but with side effects for the acne prone

I found this product did work to a degree in my battle with sugary foods - for me, it didn't stop the craving so much (I still wanted to reach for a sweet) but when I DID have the chocolate or sugary treat, I was disgusted at how sweet it tasted and rarely could finish it. Hence over the month i found myself wanting the sweet foods less and less for that reason.
My biggest issue with the tablet though was as an 30 yr male adult prone still to acne, my face exploded with pimples after taking these tablets - I can only put it down to the 'extra' sugar fix in these tablets along with that in my diet was too much for my body. So unfortunately, for that reason alone I stopping using this product.
Easily accessible, Cheap, Trusted brand, really did make the sugary foods taste SO sugary and hence worked
Caused bad acne

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I find this product very good too. It reduces my sugar craving. I still have sugary food, but not as much. Also, I find that it suppresses my appetite, and it stops me being a compulsive eater. Monica S

So far so good

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed a difference in my eating habits.
I take around 3 a day and I feel like I have stopped craving high sugar foods. I feel like it has stopped that horrible bored hunger you get for junk food. I have also recently changed my exercise and eating habits before taking the supplement so it is more of a "helper" then a total weight loss solution. I have read online that this is a great vitamin for those who have PCOS (which I do).
Overall I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to eat healthier and help break their sugar addiction. It is around $20 for a bottle of 60 tablets.
Inexpensive, felt a change straight away, can be found at chemists and supermarkets

Not for me

I'm a 4'11" who is currently 20kg overweight due to my sweet-tooth cravings (seriously hardcore sweet-tooth) and sedentary lifestyle.
I tried this product for a week and it did not do any wonders for me. That said, it didn't stop the sweet cravings and I still feel hungry. I didn't lose any weight at all. I wonder why I am the only odd one out of the reviewers who gave fantastic 5stars review for this, hmmm?...Anyway, I'm not that mad since it's not that expensive...but, I was so disappointed, hoping to get the same positive result as others...maybe it's just not for me...or maybe, reading the ingredients, it's just a bunch of vitamins and minerals, so it could just be the placebo effects which of course, will not work for skeptics like me...so I stopped taking it, start eating smaller meals, went to the gym instead. I guess there's simply no short cut to this. To non-believers, stay away from this, might as well fork out a little bit more for something stronger and proven scientifically to work. Good luck!
Inexpensive (considering it's just vitamins & minerals)
Didn't work for me, didn't stop the cravings.


I have been on numerous diets and plans including Tony Ferguson. These suppliments are almost the same as the Cromium tablets that Tony ferguson sells and Blackmores Sugar balance are much cheaper and have stronger ingredients. Good value for the money and the best thing is that they work. You can purchase them at most supermarkets and almost all chemists stock Blacmores products. The blackmores reputation is great and you know that you can turst the products that they produce.
Inexpensive and can be bought almost anywhere
I think that this product should come with a diet plan attached to it.

Questions & Answers

I have been taking Sugar Balance firctears nie but found out I have non alcoholic fatty liver and worried about kidneys as well. Would this be a th even cause it side effect ifctakubg the above ?
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How many tablet should take a day
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Is this good for who has diabetes type 2
1 answer
I really do think you know the answer to this, diabetes type II is a lifestyle disease unless of course you contracted hereditary haemochromatosis which will destroy your pancreas as the first organ to attack. The only way to walk back your diabetes2 is to lose weight, especially weight and fat around your liver I'm not a doctor and I'm not giving you with medical advice but it's a matter of low carb diet and exercise, exercise and when you're finished with your exercise do some more exercise there are a lot of products on the market, but there is no magic bullet it all comes down to you, diet and exercise


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