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Blanco Slide-Out

Blanco Slide-Out

BRS60, BRS60X, BRS90X, BRS602, BRS602W and 4 more
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light and power switch

unit is circa 5 years old, the light switch packed it in about 12 months ago, the fan switch two days ago, loud band when it was turned on then tripped the safety switch, parts are very expensive, a new hood is around the $350 mark, would like to change to a different model, brand etc but this would require some changes to the kitchen, all in better to avoid blanco range hoods unless they increase the warranty to five years

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Don’t get trap in to Blanco good looks. Cost you fortune for parts

I am very disappointing with how Blanco ripping off customers with sparepart prices. I recently purchased 4x filters for my Blanco rangehood (BRS902) and costed me AUD $243, where new range hood including filters costing me AUD 367. This is outraging and need an explanation. This ripoff will be reported to Australian consumer affairs and also to ACCC as Blanco trapping customers.


Date PurchasedJul 2018

Filter very hard to replace

The mesh in the 2 filters started to come loose a few years after purchase. The filter is overall quite flimsy for a renowned brand and is quite expensive ($180+) to replace in my opinion. If it was easier (can't find generic replacement) and cheaper to replace the filter then I would've rated this unit higher. It does the job and is nice and compact.

Date PurchasedJul 2009

Very expensive relacement parts

Have had the BRS602X for about 4 years and it has worked reasonable well up until the last 6 months when the slider pullout became more and more difficult to operate, Eventually when it became stuck half way out, I pulled quite hard to loosen it and the whole tray broke and came completely out. It was full of grease around the ball bearing slide mechanism (cause of problem) which was disappointing because I thought the filters were there to catch the grease. Most of the bearings fell out so it was impossible to repair and or replace. I contacted the local part supplier (more about this lot in another article) and was totally shocked at the price of this relatively simply tray assembly. $189 AU plus another $90 to install it. I reluctantly ordered the part and 5 days later I was told to collect it. After some initial sorting out I finally got it to work but perhaps not as good as when it was new. It might be wise to ask the parts supplier if you can purchase the slider mechanism by itself as it may save some money. After all that is all that needs to be replaced because the tray itself was in very good order. The item number is 00SP045060B for the whole tray. Don't buy that if you can just get the slide mechanism (2 parts). To put things into perspective, the tray unit is equal to half the price of a complete new rangehood. So, I'm not sure about buying a Blanco product in future. I will check online for other brands and potential problems and parts costs in future. Hopefully this will save someone some hassles and dollars.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Blanco poor quality

Poor quality
Filters don't work particularly well. I clean the filters regularly, yet lots of oil still gets through. Oil goes through the filter and covers the fan motor. When you slide the rangehood back in it leaves a pool of oil on the top surface where the oil accumulated on the fan drips down.

The light lense cover is made from cheap, brittle plastic. Broke the the lugs off the first time I removed it to replace a light bulb. Around $40 for a replacement.

I purchased a Blanco kitchen appliance deal because of the name - thought they had a good reputation.
Maybe one day they did make good quality components, but they are now junk. Oven has been nothing but trouble, rangehood falling apart, cooktops ok, dishwasher ok. I'd never buy Blanco again.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Works well

Takes out virtually all the fumes when I cook, not too noisy either so I leave it on the high setting. Aluminium filters do require to be cleaned every 2 - 3 weeks but can be put into the dishwasher which is convenient. Slide out mechanism is easy to slide in and out and doesn't feel like its scraping. Happy with my purchase!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Electrical design fault - avoid

The switch circuit board burnt out after 3 years, Got a new part under warranty but had to arrange an electrician myself to solder it in. One year later the same thing happened. I agree with the other reviewer. The circuit board just can't cope.
Also, the incandescent lights bulbs blow frequently. Our previous range hood had fluorescent lights that lasted years.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Not Good

The unit lasted for 3 years and 6 months only. We used to clean the filters on a regular basis. Last week the whole unit stopped working as the main switch to the unit failed. The switch needs to come from over the east and plus the cost of the electricians made us to buy a brand new unit (different brand). There is no parts available in WA. Not good.

Blanco Slide-Out

Bought two 60cm BRST60X Slideout rangehoods. One stopped working recently and went on the review and thought the same had occurred with one of ours. When we pulled the rangehood out and further investigated we found the capacitor had failed rather than anything else. Replaced the capacitor for $19 and is working like a treat now. Capacitor can be bought from a normal electrical place - I went to Ferntree Gully electrical appliances repairs. However, take pictures as you pull apart so that you can get all back together. We didn't but luckily we have two side by side so were able to remove the other one and copy. So could be just a simple part.

Good for all except heavy duty grilling

It'll be 2 years in Oct 15 since we bought this product. It is functioning well for 95 % of use. It is a little noisy ( 64 Db) and doesn't quite cut it with any grilling of steaks as there is smoke overflow. Resolution is to use the back burners but this is not always possible. Got a good review in Choice Magazine. Extraction rate according to Specs is 525m3/hr

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3 and a half years later and this product still going well. Certainly durable.

Not happy. Bad design and poor quality

After around 4 years stopped working due to circuit board burned out. All power goes thru the tiny copper conductors that are nowhere near up to the job. I don't think it should pass Australian/industry standards. Also the filters don't do a very effective job. I've been equally disappointed with our Blanco cooktop and oven. Never would I buy Blanco again.

blanko range hood - NOT HAPPY AT ALL

Similar to other reviews our 900 mm Blanko range hood last nearly 4 years and unless we change our cupboard we have to use the same Blanko unit.
Our last unit (Bosch) lasted 21 years and only got rid of it to update kitchen.
To save changing cupboards will try the twin motor unit hopefully it will not have to work as hard.
One thing I noticed was the filters are very thin and allow to much fat partials through it which I believe helped burn the motor out.
Price and look
Only lasted 3 years & 4 months

brs602x basically died after 4 years

The unit worked quite well until 4 years had passed. Then the circuit board blew and would cost over $200 to replace.(not including very high blanco technician labour). We also have a blanco oven that's playing up. I wouldn't recommend it.
Another thing to watch out for is that all rangehoods vary in heights. So now, unless I want to replace the cupboard , I am forced to replace it with the same thing.
It worked for 4 years.
the globes needed to be replaced quite often. the height of all rangehoods is not standard.

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i have to agree with you there, i have similar problems, 4 years on and rangehood blown, oven making a funny noise. We dont use the dishwasher much, but i dont think that will last long as well.

Flimsy, poor quality.

We purchased the 90cm model. Fan works ok but the slide out section is flimsy and doesn't sit straight. Just feels really cheap and tacky. I thought Blanco was a premium european brand but after having a blanco oven, cooktop, microwave and rangehood I would never buy again. The quality just isn't there.
Looks nice and modern
Very poor build quality

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