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Bonaire Integra

Bonaire Integra

VSL70, VSL75, VSM60, VSM65, VSS50 and VSS55
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Rang climate tech 2 yrs ago.they sent rude irish guy out charged 1,200 after stating less.Replaced pads 2wks later it stopped,rang and he came again syated it wld b another $500 for new ..... states he stuck it open with tape when l said l wldnt pay anymore.now no cooling and it barely works.load of rubbish and climate tech is a ripoff.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Don't waste your money. These units are rubbish!

The unit installed was noisy and did not deliver any cool air.
Bonaire customer service was non-existent.
Even after we managed to get their service technician to come out. The unit was quieter for about 15 minutes but still delivered only extra humidity but no cool air.
In the end we had it replaced with another brand at our own cost and now we are cool in summer.
Bonaire is a complete waste of money.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great air conditioner

Good cooling and quiet. Half our house is evaporative and the other refridg as we like to leave doors open in the living areas. This works well in Perth weather ( fairly dry) but doubt it would be good in a humid areaGood after service with on line booking and technicians that turned up on time. Solenoid changed today under warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great ducted

Great cooling, only ever run it on half as it seems to cool the house perfect at this setting, very efficient and reasonably quiet. Installation was a breeze love the control panel has many options including sleep timer also can run just fans for not so hot days. Does clean from the controller too. Doesn't use much water either. Would recommend

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Noisy waste of a lot of money

Very noisy unit, can be heard throughout the house even on low. Fire screens that cost $300 are hard against the cooling mesh, doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Unit broke in the first 2 days of operation and we waited for a week till someone came to fix it, faulty part. It does have the pad wetting function which I like but the remote is hard to use and the program settings are rubbish and don't seem to work. Save yourself the hassle and buy a Breezair.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Very poor service after caused ceiling to collapse

Unit is 4 years old only used a few hours on hot days to cool down house. When we had three days of over 40 in early Feb 17 we kept it on low over night and woke up to a collapsed ceiling at 5am. Customer service does not exist. Not one tech that they have sent can say why it has happened and not one will provide assurance that it will not happen again. Insurance cant fix the damage until Bonaire provide this assurance. We are going in circles. Today a new tech could not get air con to start and say it needs new solenoid. Four previous tech guys said the unit was in excellent condition. They want to put a "safety" tray under it but wont accept that it is faulty - all of this is at my cost and unless I call them they do not get back to me. they offer a five year warranty but tell me not for me as it came in the year after ours was installed - ACCC complaint has been lodged. So disappointed and would advise to steer clear off all Bonaire products and climate technologies as very poor service.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Largest unit for a house, Nothing but JUNK.

Supposedly made in Salisbury Adelaide SA. Had it on the roof just out of warranty the first time it broke down. Replaced the pump $250. Following second summer replaced the pump again and the motor due to bearing failure $550. Serviceman said you are lucky to get 2 seasons out of it but parts are cheaper. No water input, Solenoid water valve sticks 2 times now. Had to climb up the roof and disconnect water line connection to release sticky solenoid. Old style straw evaporative still on roof for 20 years and still going. Opposition agent says Bonaire are rubbish and will replace the whole top unit with quality gear for $4000. Installers left their rubbish off cuts on the roof, didn't install the draft flap, ducting over the top of the roof man hole restricting access, electrical plastic cover in roof over the 240v live junction box left off, so they threw a pink batt from the roof insulation over it, fine spray of water was going over the insulation and onto the 240v junction box. Called out Bonaire to look, they came and nothing said. All this even after I told installers I was a government Inspector and would check their work. Only one man came back to fix things reluctantly telling me they had done nothing wrong. Place of purchase was shown proof of the faults in pictures and said it was out of character for them to do this. ABSOLUTE CRAP !

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Early days

Although the installers caused damage to the ceiling. I'm quite impressed so far. Be warned that when you first turn it on, it smells like you're using an angle grinder inside with a burning metal smell. Now four days later it smells like an old mans urine as the intensity of the smell decreases. I'm told the smell is coursed by something that is used on the pads and is normal. As for the cooling itself... quite good, it cools quickly an efficiently. It pretty quiet compared to my previous 20 year old swampy. It came with a RF remote and is pretty user friendly, apparently the remote can also operate a Bonaire heater if I need to replace the heater at some stage which is cool. So far quite happy.


Had it for 12 years now. Has been noisy since day 1. Didn't want to come out in warranty because it was intermittently noisy at first (not noisy enough?!). Came out in the end, changed motor which didn't help and then the fan dropped off. I refitted it and It's not rocket science. Just bad service. We've just put up with the noise but this summer I will change the controller (have replaced another motor and capacitor with no luck).

Date PurchasedJan 2004

Bonaire is Rubbish

Never ever will I buy a Bonaire product again. Its nearly 10 years old now. Once a year sometimes twice since new I have needed a Bonaire agent (the installer) to come out and fix it, I mean change parts ie the controller, float system, main circuit board and the motor now 3 times. The installer from Melton in Victoria always came out to fix it during the warranty period but as soon as it was out of warranty both him and Bonaire did not want to know about the problems. Poor service and poor products. I will never touch an Australian made evap cooler again. You would think they both realise that they have lost so many sales due to customer bad experiences, people talk to family friends etc when they have been abused. I have a similar installation business but not evap cooling, if I sold my customers garbage then gave them poor after sales service I would go bankrupt in a few years. Good luck Bonaire hope you go down the gurgler soon.

Date PurchasedJan 2006

Bonaire rip off

Don't buy a bonaire. Had mine 6 years its cost me the same in repairs as the purchase price was told it has factory faults. Bonaire didn't want to know about it, other than to sell me their overpriced parts even though they admit it was a design fault. Don't buy from them unless you want trouble and no after sales service, only lip service. I'm now having to fork out money to replace this 6 year and unit with another brand.

Great in a DRY climate

Like all evaporative air coolers, these are useless in high humidity areas such as Sydney or Brisbane. I live near Canberra and mine is fantastic. I've had it 13 years and it has broken down once. Yesterday. Not too bad really. It keeps the house cool and even when there is a thunderstorm brewing and the humidity increases it is OK because I just turn it off, shut the doors and windows and the house stays cool.

Waste of money and unreliable.

I had my Celair Profile 2 evaporative cooling installed in Feb, 2012 by Climate Technologies, nothing but problems with it since. The cooling stops, twice it has made a loud bang, but technician can't find anything wrong, he has been to my place 5 or 6 times over last 3 years. The climate controller was replaced, but problems continued. Each time technician comes out, he can't find anything wrong. The cooling was turned off and then on again and then it was working again, but never for very long. Technical Manager from Climate Technologies was meant to call me, but never did. Since I wasn't getting anywhere with Climate Technologies, I have now taken my complaint to Consumer Affairs. I did this before warranty expired on my evaporative cooling. I spent almost $4000 on my cooling and it has been nothing but unreliable. I don't recommend this brand or Climate Technologies to anyone!

Worst thing I have ever wasted my money on!!!!

Purchased 14th January 2010 two weeks after purchase pump needed replacing. Hottest time of the year....two weeks for replacement! Two more pumps (2010/2011) since then. No care, no compassion no help from Bonaire - absolutely useless. Thought we were finally lucky as got through the 2013/2014 Summer season without a replacement part being required. Turned fan on in mid September to dry my wet floors quicker and smelt electrical burn smell and my safety switch flicked off. Electrician says the motor is burnt out - least of our problems possibly aswell! Apparently we needed to register for extended warranty (not told this by useless company we purchased from who sold business the month after) so quoted $1000 plus for repair. Have opted to have a complete new unit, different brand installed. but again having to wait 2 weeks and battle 40 degree days when I have a $6000 aircon sitting on my roof that's not even 5 years old. To say I loathe Bonaire and all they stand for is an understatement!!! NEVER BUY BONAIRE

Poor qualiy and unreliable

Purchased 2007, breaks down every summer. Lucky for extended warranty but does not make up for the hassle breaking down when you need it most then waiting approx 1 week to be attended. Replaced nearly all parts, sorry I will have now the fan motor has just gone outside of warranty.Not going to repair it, going to have it replaced with a Braemar LCB550. Not going thru this every summer any more. What wasteful & costly exercise based on Bonaire so called reputation & quality.

Waste of money

We have been in our new home for 7 years now and have had repairs to the air con and heater every year the weather seal stopped working 3 years ago we have had birds nesting in the unit and a plaque of moths always over the hot period and holidays and we then have to wait for them to return to work and in the meantime we are enduring the hot weather without the cooler this is the time we need it.

Not worth it - Unreliable

We have had problems with this unit installled in our new home in 2003 from 2011 with just about every part breaking and needing replacing each summer- dump valves, solinoids, and now the fan. Also within the warranty the control panel needed replacing as well. I'm thinking its not worth repairing and will just get another unit. I'm digusted really because this used to be a quality brand. My parents and in laws have Bonaires for the last 30 years and have not had the problems we have had!

Is a nightmare

Bonair E/Ducted AC ( BONAIRE INTEGRA VSL 75 GY - with 8 outlets) is a nightmare – we purchased a brand new unit in February 2007 , from an agent stationed close to Willetton Bunnings. In the same year (boxing day - after coming home from a brief holiday in Albany) it did not function. With great difficulty we managed to stay in on that particular day (where the highest temperature was recorded) and when we phoned the agent on the following day , we could not believe what they said. They said that their service persons were busy till mid January and that they can’t send anyone to check the defect until then.
We could not get outside help as it was under warranty and had to wait till mid January 2008 to get it fixed.
For the last 7 years, we got it serviced annually through the Agent ( twice) . As the agent’s charges were expensive, we got it serviced through outside service personnel annually and we also got outside service personnel to attend to regular defects.
Every summer this unit has come up with a problem and now in November 2013, the electrical circuit panel burned out and had to be replaced. For the last three years we had to replace the water pump, dump valve (couple of times) and last year the fan blades fell down and we had to replace the fan blades.
We would not recommend this unit to anybody.
when it is working
Every year come up with a problem

bonaire integra air con

cooling....not too bad, but noisy,cheap nasty parts.When you think they only get used part time for 3 or 4 months of the year, you would expect better longevity of components.Water flooding from unit (dump valve) what a joke,try and replace filter pads what a trial (rusted washers ,nuts and broken spigots) constant fear of unit catching fire. But i suppose you have to expect this from an old unit. $2500 (unit only) 6years ago.You work it out how much work this unit has really done.


Questions & Answers

Matt, which Air conditioner did you end up replacing it with... Brand name?
1 answer
Hi Mike I went with Breezair And that has been superb. Really quiet and it knocks the spots off the Bonaire junk. Cheers... Matt

The unit is about 10 years old. Had a new motor fitted about a year ago. Unit runs quite ok for about an hour and then shuts itself down although controller indicates that it's running. Fan speed on max (not boost) or one down from max. Seems to be going out on overload or overtem. Weather has been hot - about 35 deg. but that's what it's for isn't it. Does anybody know lightly cause. Many thanks, Peter.
1 answer
The cause is the manufacturer.

Is this model worthwhile?
2 answers
Did you even read my review? Bonaire are useless and Climate Technologies should not even be considered. Don’t buy Bonaire, you would be throwing your money down the drain.Thanks. Other reviews also bad so now looking at Braemar products or a Fujitsu split system unit just for the main bedroom.


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