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Borner V Slicer

Borner V Slicer

4.3 from 18 reviews

Best ever money spent buying the Borner V Slicer

I have wanted the Borner V Slicer for years because I have numbness with 2 of my fingers little one and the next finger. I couldn't cut strait at all carrots onions tomatoes, I tried so hard to cut strait it took forever now its a joy to slice and dice. Very happy in the kitchen now and its quicker.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Easy to use, easy to clean

Several years ago I bought the basic V Slicer that cuts plain thick or thin slices plus two 'chip' blades that cut 3.5 or 7mm chips . I was so impressed I bought more of the range: 1.6 and 10mm 'chip' cutters, curl slicer and fine julienne blades, plus a waffle, noodle & curly cutter. All of them are easy to use, but the noodle and curly cutter are a bit fiddly. I also made sure I had the 'hand protector' or 'Mexican Hat' as some people call them. This is essential to stop your fingers and hands being sliced by the very sharp blades. As the protector is a small amount extra to buy, I suspect that many of those who say it's a dangerous piece of equipment, have failed to spend the extra $5 or $6 and are now paying the price!

Date PurchasedAug 2001

The Perfect hand slicer

Brilliant hand slicer for all types and sizes of cuts. Great for coleslaw, julienne pieces, making salads and general slicing and dicing. Easy to clean and easy to use. (there are good demonstrations on uTube). Excellent quality and not expensive for this German made beauty.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Really easy to use!

I found the borner slicer very easy to use compared to other cheaper brands (a couple of them I found here in Product Review). The blades are also very sharp which makes cutting vegetables really easy. Unlike the other cheaper slices that I've tried, this one doesn't mash whatever it is you're trying to cut. For me, it cuts smoothly and precisely.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

This is horrible

This products sucks we just started using it today everything was fine at first then my mom started slicing potatoes on it and tore a piece of her skin off her thumb this product can give many injuries my mom has stitches because of this crap product

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Saves time

I hate chopping carrots because it takes a lot of time and each slice has different thickness thanks to my limited skills.. since I bought this product it not only saves time but I actually enjoy chopping carrots :)

The manual comes in different language so I have a little bit of trouble figuring out how to use, though there is a very useful youtube video demonstrating its usage and its 20 mins long, I recommend viewing that video if you're in the same situation as me. Just search for Borner V-Slicer and its one of the first videos.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Makes the bet chips ever!

The first secret to fantastic homemade chips is the super thin slices. This thing makes them paper-thin. Absolutely the best! I hope I never have to use another slicer. This one is the best.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Cant live without you

I went to a restuarant show over 20 years ago and the demonstartion caught my eye and I had to have this gadget.its perfect for slicing , dicing and most of all i love my home made plantain chip which i am addicted to. It does the job everytime. its gotten old but the blades are still sharp as the first day. I have never seen this brand since the day I bought my first and none others can compare to this brand.Thank you

Date PurchasedJun 1997

Love my slicer

So much quicker than using a knife when slicing cucumbers and tomatoes
I mostly use mine for making coleslaw in under 5 minutes
Also great for slicing onions quickly!
No more tears!!

Date PurchasedSep 2010

Just the best kitchen helper.

My current one is literally worn out after constant use over 35 years! Some years ago I replaced the mandolin head with one I found in an Op Shop and just kept going; but it now is wearing down to the metal studs on the slicing plate. Best gadget I've ever had although I know it has scared off more than a few friends over the years. Couldn't do without it. Bought a cheap Mandolin Aldi version last year, opened the box and returned it the next day. Gadgets like this need to be extremely easy to operate, clean and store - most don't come anywhere near the original simple design.

February 5th 2019 Update: Value adding is a pain

The original V slicer was ONE product, ie , "Mexican" hat holder AND holder as one package. Now, apparently, items are sold separately: value adding, but its actually going backwards in customer service terms.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Perfect Kitchen Tool

I had my V Slicer for 10 years now. I use it almost every day. Hardly use a knife for veggies. Also slice my roast when it is cold. It is sharp and easy to clean. Washes well in my dishwasher. Have also bought one for my sister and friend. Very quick and efficient.

Best Ever slicer

I have just recently purchased a new Borner V slicer as I had the original orange one many years ago and absolutely loved it, I have tried some of the cheap copies and found them to be disaster's, I Would never recommend to anyone to buy anything other than the Borner V slicer it is the sharpest slicer and cuts cleanly every time, it is really amazing.

Cuts good - but i found it hard to use

As said - i just found it difficult to use - maybe because i have small wrists ( and have broken my right wrist years ago) and my co-ordination is not the best LOL
it is sharp, has several blades
carrots do stain it
packs away neatly -i don't use it anymore and it is packed away (somewhere)
i am going to try the 'new' Borner 4-in-1 Combi Chef - it looks a bit easier to use and more like the 'good' old graters - that i can use - but do occasionally grate my knuckles on - ouchy
Sharp, does what it says
Difficult for me to use

Very sharp!

This is a very efficient and sharp grater/slicer. It produces good quality slices/pieces without extracting the juice of the vegetables at the same like the normal graters do. Although it is well-designed and safe if used properly, I'm not comfortable letting even the older kids help with the slicing/grating. I have not had a slicer that comes close to this in terms of sharpness.
Very efficient
A bit pricey

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I have just retired my original slicer which i bought when they first came out in the seventies. Was finally showing its age so I have bought a new one. It is used everyday. Cheap imitations are useless.

Couldn't cook without my V Slicer

Had it about 15 years, never missed a beat. Does what it is suppose and easily. Can't recommend highly enough. Beware the knock-offs they aren't in the same league even thought they look the same.

I really enjoy using my slicer and pull it out at least a few times a week.
Reliable, Performs well. Great quality.

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I bought mine 20 years ago at the state fair in Ohio. The demonstration caught my eye and boy am I glad it did. It is one of my favorite kitchen tools and has save me hours slicing and dicing. Even after all these years of regular weekly use - it keeps going strong. I am looking to get one for my daughter who is setting up household.

not happy with it

l found it messier than my good old grater..l am really not liking it :( waste of money.hard to clean and razors look scary.l feel so hesitant to use it because l do not want to slice my fingers.

Great product shame about the colour

Have owned a v slice since they first came out in the seventies. Back then they were orange not a pretty colour, but very practical colour.
Have just bought new white one and the carrot stains on it is awful. Have to use oil to clean it and afraid of getting to close to blades, because of the sharpness. Old one use to rinse and drip dry, none of this getting fingers close to blades to try and remove stains.
Otherwise fantastic product.
Energy efficient, just so quick to use

Best kitchen tool....ever!

I have owned this fantastic tool for over 20 yrs and it is now ready for the bin. So I just bought the new white model. It is without a doubt the handiest and most durable kitchen utensil I have ever owned. It really does take all the hard work out of all the slicing, chopping and dicing. It will slice the thickest or the thinnest tomatoes, onions or potatoes.Use it at just about every meal.
Makes food preparation alot easier. Good quality.

Questions & Answers

my daughter had given me white Borner V slicer.i wanted to get the borner bowl.my question is how do i know which of the series i have.would the borner bowl fits the orher series?please help.thanks
1 answer
As I understand it, all Borner V-slicer accessories fit all models of the V-Slicer. Here is a link to the Borner site, with pictures and if you scroll down almost to the bottom of the page there is a place where you can ask questions, so if you're still not sure, ask and hopefully you will get a satisfactory reply.. My set of Borner slicers is years old, from the V1 version, I think, but I did buy 2 extra slicers from the later series and they fit my V-slicer. I hope this helps you. https://www.boerner.de/en/fruit-and-vegetable-slicers/v3-trendline/56/collection-tray-trendline-v3

Which attachment to the Borner V-slicer dices?
1 answer
Mine doesn't dice but I think the pro version has a hand guard that can rotate. So if you use the regular slicer but rotate the hand guard 90deg each pass, it will dice. Hope that makes sense.


V Slicer
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Release dateJan 2011

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