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Microplane Classic Series Premium Zester / Grater

Microplane Classic Series Premium Zester / Grater

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Great but short-life

As many have found, Microplane is great, better than many graters before. But it is not durable. Don't know whether it is planned obsolescence. Mine disintegrated after a few years (using about once or twice a week for Parmesan), with the plastic frame first to go, then the very thin metallic foil began to split. For what the grater does, which is a relatively simple task, it is expensive (A$25-$50). For the price, there has to be some grater out there which does a equally good but lasts a lot longer.

Date PurchasedJul 2014


I love my Microplane Zester. Its perfect for any citrus, nutmeg, ginger, etc. I have it handy in my kitchen drawer & use it all the time. Worth the money. I bought one for each of my grown up kids & my friend

it couldn't be any grater!! :) :D

love it! use it for zesting lemons, ginger, limes, oranges - really anything hard! it gives a very precise shave that is perfect for zesting - it doesn't absolutely destroy the skin when zesting it but it is fine enough that it is excellent added to icings etc. that require a smaller zest. my only wish is that it is a little easier to clean and wasn't so harsh on the knuckles!!

The grating surace flattens after several years

I have four Microplane Graters. On two the grating surface has flattened. Initially I loved them. They were expensive but I felt the money was well spent. So I am disappointed that they have worn out. I believe it is because the metal is too soft. It is a manufacture fault. I will throw the two problem ones away. I have had them for four years. They are only used by me in food preparation for my wife and myself, so there has been no constant excessive demand on the product. There are now numerous cheaper products which seem ideal. We will see, with time, how they fare.
I did use a nail punch on the individual blades to force them back out,. It took a good while to do and it worked well, but they quickly flattened again. They are destined for the bin.
Initially they were excellent and functional.
Two of four expensive Microplane graters wore out; the raised cutting surface flattened.

Can't live without it... but!

I've had my zester for about 5 years, and love it. It's become like my right arm in the kitchen... used almost daily for garlic, ginger & zesting. I have found it so useful I have recommended it to every cook I know.

The but is...it no longer works! I really thought it would go on forever, but it has worn out...all the "grater bits" (sorry don't know what their proper name is) have flattened !! When I contacted the distributor in Sydney, their only comment was..."They only have a one year warrantee and unfortunately yours has run out."
I probably will buy another, as I said, I can't live without it... but I won't be buying the expensive Microplane brand... I'll be looking for the ALDI version (have heard they're just as good!)
Wondered if anyone else has had the problem ?
Incidentally, in the meantime I've had to revert back to my cheap old fashion grater bought years ago... that has gone on forever !!
The greatest innovation in kitchen gadgets... just perfect for garlic, ginger & zesting citrus.
Too expensive for the one year warrantee that it has, as it doesn't last. Buy a much cheaper take-off.


This was the first product microplane came out with (I believe) and it is such a handy thing to have in the kitchen, I used mine all the time and plan on getting another one. I see that it now comes in different colours, which are nice looking. Mine got used hundreds of times before the handle came off, from pressing the tip of the grater onto the cutting board while grating hard things like parmesan.
Very useful, does everything from limes to coconut. Easy to clean and use, very sharp and stays sharp through a lot of uses. Comes with a cover which is great if its in a drawer with other utensils.
Mine eventually wore out (handle broke off from metal fatigue after years of a lot of use).

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