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Bosch GCM 10 SD Professional

Bosch GCM 10 SD Professional

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Ok. Good for grunt work

It’s more than adequate, but I’ll give it three stars as it’s the expensive Bosch drop saw. For framing and hidden work it’s great, but for the finer details it’s not the best... I’m comparing it to a Festool Kapex... and the Kapex is head, shoulders, beer gut and bad tattoos above this. That said, it’s a LOT better than the Makita that blew its bearings on day 2. Hope this helps

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Solid and Accurate Mitre Saw

I purchased this saw to do a large deck and a couple of other major house projects. Straight out of the box the saw has been very accurate and did not require any calibration. Over the course of the deck build it has worked flawlessly and accurately. Unit is a little heavy but I prefer it that way, especially when working with longer lengths of timber on a stand. The ability to change the orientation of the control handle is great and all of the movements/actions feel very solid and well made.
The unit comes with 2 blades (can't remember how many teeth) but I found these didn't last very long and you would probably want to buy some decent spares if doing a larger job.

I have the big brother, but they are the same!

Great machine and extremely reliable. I have the GCM 12 SD, however these are all but the same machines. It has not skipped a beat since I purchased it about 8 years ago and is very good quality, with a very solid feel. It was a bit on the pricey side, but I am an advocate of buying quality once. Needs adjusting to make it dead on square, but this is covered in YouTube videos and is easy for anyone with half a brain.
Solid, accurate
The stand is pretty poor design (bulky and finicky), but does the job.

Questions & Answers

Do you have any rust issues with the rails? I've heard some Makitas have rails that rust within a year? What's the Bosch like in that regard?
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No rust issues, and I live less than 1km from the beach.

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