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Bosch GCM 12 GDL Professional

Bosch GCM 12 GDL Professional

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Not ideal

I recently hit the mitre fence with the saw blade which I thought would be impossible to do as the bottom mitre fence doesn't move unless you use an Allen key. In doing this the mitre fence fractured off. I found my receipt a few days later to see if I still had a warranty only to find out that it had expired the day before. I rang Bosch to see if there was anything they could do and the answer I got was NO, it's out of warranty. I explained that it had happened a few days earlier and that I haven't used it that often and still she said NO, BOSCH are very strict on warranties. The part is around $65 on their website so I asked if I could buy it, she replied you need to have an account. The only way that I could purchase the part was through a third party so I went to Bunnings only to find that now the part now cost $95...so very dissatisfied with their after service care. It's not like it cost $200 it's their flagship saw which I spent $1000 on. BOSCH gotta do better!!!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

bosch gcm12gdl

a heavy bulky machine , very smooth to use almost too smooth , on start up the kick back can be a bit of a shock as the blade drops down and back towards you if you are not ready for it, I think you can adjust the arm so you need to apply more pressure to move it. The laser is good though could probably be adjusted to be more accurate in regards to blade width ie the laser shoots a line down each side of blade about 5mm apart where as blade is 3.5 mm max.The one thing which annoys me is when doing slide cuts to a set depth, there is flex in the machine so depending on how hard you press you can get a variation in the depth of cut.The saw bench that comes with it is not up to the task , extended will not support anything bar moldings or jambs.Also due to the base being so wide it doesn't sit well on a plank.This is more set up and leave in place saw.
can cut up past center of blade due to design of guard.150 mm plus. can readjust if not cutting square.good cutting capacity.accurate
heavy , flex when slide cutting to a set depth,

Questions & Answers

Can an existing 240v GCM 12 GDL be rewired to 110v without any extra parts from Bosch?
2 answers
No I think you would need a voltage reducer, but an electrician should be able to tell you. Are you in the uk?No. The motor would need to be changed or rewired. A 110v to 240V step up transformer would be the answer.

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