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Bosch Pilot Ignition

Bosch Pilot Ignition

10P and 16P
2.4 from 14 reviews

Value for Money!

We had this hot water system installed by Ember Plumbing yesterday replacing an existing Bosch 10p which was over 14 years old. Cant complain with the old Bosch system lasting over 14 years. Value for money in mine and my hubbies option and fingers crossed we get another 14 years.

Purchased in March 2019 at Ember Plumbing and Gas.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Household Size 2 person(s)
Smells of GasNo
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Julie, thanks for taking the time to write a review on the Bosch Pilot Ignition 10P. The team here at Bosch Hot Water & Heating are thrilled to hear you had such a positive experience with your unit and that you were taken care of by a terrific installer. We hope you enjoy the many years of hot water to come.

Worst hot water system on the market

Every time we turn a tap on, no matter how close to the system, about 2 minutes of water goes down the drain before it is hot. After continuous issues with the pilot light going out, the ignitor button eventually stopped working completely, we enquired to get it fixed and were told it would be almost cheaper to replace the unit than have 1 button repaired. So i manually lit it for the next 15-20 times before all the buttons stopped working. Now i can manually light the pilot light but the gas-on button wont stay on. If someone recommends this product, dont listen to them, do not buy this product.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Should be called Tepid Water Unit.

Had a Bosch storage hot water unit for 15 years. No worries,hot water when we needed it. When it recently gave up the ghost were replaced it with the Water Wizard 10P. What a disappointment this unit is. We are alright if we have a shower because the shower is about two feet from the unit. If we then move along three feet and try to get a basin of hot water in the bathroom we end up pouring a lake full of water down the drain in order to get a basin full of tepid water. If we then want to fill the kitchen sink (which is more than twenty feet from the unit) with hot water,well forget it. We end up boiling the kettle and filling the sink with that. I wouldn't give you 2p for the 10P it's an ineffectual sub-standard piece of rubbish. I think that in regard to this unit Bosch should rename themselves Botch. Not happy.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Buyer be aware all made in China

Yet to find out how these hot water heaters measure up... thought they were made in Australia as before under licence. Australian made lasted twenty years plus...and very reliable... the outside packaging very misleading mentioning Germany and Gb Technologies... nowhere on the outside packaging does it say made in China... you have to look on the inside compliance plate to find this out. Not even on the Bosch website does it mention where they are made... Buyer be aware you are not buying a German product even the insides look very different than past models...

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very Disappointed Mr Bosch!

There is no doubting that my Bosch hot water system produces plenty of hot water. (Our system has the gas pilot light for ignition)...BUT...it is terrible for showers. If the hot water requirement were for a kitchen or laundry or even multiple users at the same time it would be ok but for just one user trying to have a shower it is very disappointing. The hot water is so hot and strong that even though we have had it turned down as low as possible, it still needs cold water. No matter how you try and balance it, to get it to a pleasant temperature and not scald yourself, the volume of cold water required soon overrides the volume of hot coming through and turns the hot off so you alternate between being scalded or being frozen. The high volume of hot and cold together to keep it even still results in anything but a relaxing shower - it is like being blasted by a very hot Niagara Falls. The only way I have been able to over come the problem is to have the hot water tap running down the drain in the hand basin at the same time as I have a shower. This provides the volume needed for the hot to not cut out when cold is added. After all the money spent on this system, getting metres of copper pipe to it so it would be closer to the bathrooms, having the experts out to look at it, it has been a total and expensive disappointment. My daughter has the same system at her new apartment and I knew as soon as I stepped in the shower that it must be a Bosch so checked and was correct. If Bosch don't improve their game, they will lose their name.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Don't buy one

This is the first time I have felt strongly enough to write a review to help others. After another visit by the after hours plumber -

This is my second bosch of this type. Both have had the same issues starting in the first 12 months. Regularly not having hotwater is not nice. The parts don't last long, the pilot light goes out, the buttons get stuck so you cannot operate the unit, hotwater takes a long time to come through and the water cycles through hot and cold - even with the water saver removed in the shower head (they say it causes the hot cold cycling), wd40 to get the off button to unstick. The plumber had to really talk me into the replacing the last bosch with the current 10P and I hate to think what it has cost me.

Good product, cheap and reliable

we have two models the 10P and the 16P they lasted about 12 years each and we have replaced them with the same products. The heaters are located directly outside where they are need and the hot water flows almost instantaneously. no power connection required, so you have hot water when there is a power cut. my only criticism is that they quite deep and stick out from the wall - could be wider and less protruding. effective reliable and good value.

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Hi Davida, Our team at Bosch appreciate the time you have taken to post your about your positive experience of our products. We hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water! Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Terrible Hot Water System

This hot water system is simply terrible. It always takes an eternity for the hot water to come through the taps. In my shower it is difficult to mix the hot and the cold reliably, the basin tap won't mix hot and cold at all and the same with my kitchen taps. It provides really hot water when the hot water does come through, however it is almost impossible to mix the hot and cold to get a warm temperature, when you add the cold the temperature of the water becomes cold and there is no warmth in the water. I don't know what to do about this problem. Gone are the days where I could just enjoy a shower.

Poor product

The idea of hot water on demand is a good one, if that is what you get. You're not going to get a great flow from this product but it is adequate when it works. The main issue with the Bosch 10p is the pilot light keeps going out and won't stay lit. The initial signs are 1) it goes out 2) you have to hold the pilot light button down for several minutes, not 10 seconds to reignite it 3) then it won't be too far down the track that you can expect the pilot light to just not stay on at all no matter how long you hold down the button. We have found out it is the thermocouple, it has a very short life, we seem to be replacing ours 1 to 2 times a year, very annoying.

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Hi Lioenix Gr, Our team at Bosch are disappointed to hear you are not getting the best performance out of our Bosch 10P model. We would like to discuss the issues you are experiencing in further detail, so we recommend you contact our Customer Service team on 1300 30 70 37 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)(AEST)) or alternatively via email at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com. Upon contacting our team we also advise to refer to this review, alongside outlining the issues you have experienced so we can investigate further. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team


It's with heavy heart that I admit that I was wrong after calling the Bosch recommended number I was told that the cost of a service/diaphram replacement would only cost $190 after being quoted $300/$400 by local plumbers who seemed more interested in trying to sell me a new one ,so thanks Bosch ,so I would say google your local Bosch service centre ,you will probably find it is actually cheaper believe it or not ,the tech also recommended having this done about every 2/4 years and the system will prove to be a good buy .

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Hi Cold, Thank you for your positive feedback of our Bosch service agent network. We hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water! Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Bosch 10 P water heater

I've had this a year now. I gave up using it to wash up, and just boil a kettle - it's less hassle. Showers are still a problem - it's easier to run a bath.

When I changed over the gas bottle, I could still cook with gas, but had no hot water. Cost me $110 for a plumber to fix. He has shown me what to do next time, but it shouldn't happen.

Basically, Bosch has made a product that just does not work well with bottled gas. It's OK with town gas, but otherwise too many problems.

Huge waste of money for me.

Fairly inexpensive
See above

Hi Jan, Bosch prides itself on selling only high quality products and we are always disappointed when a customer is dissatisfied with the performance of one of our water heaters. Any ongoing issues you have had with the product in which you would like to be resolved, we would encourage you to contact our Customer Contact Centre by phone on 1300 30 70 37 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (AEST)) or email us at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com Bosch Pilot Ignition 10P hot water units come with a 2 year warranty from the date of installation. Bosch also has a list of recommended service agents, that have been trained specifically is servicing Bosch Hot Water & Heating products. We understand you have previously had a plumber to look at your hot water system, however as your product is under warranty, we would advise to contact our team here at Bosch for any other problems encountered. We look forward to working together with you on ensuring your hot water system, runs efficiently. Kind Regards, Bosch Hot Water & Heating TeamHi Jan, We are on a farm and have a two bottle (1 in use and other spare) system. Never a problem with hot water not working while gas stove works. Would you please post what happens next.

Bad buy

Agree with the posts above. I couldn't afford to replace my solar hot water system, so went for the 10P. Haven't had a decent shower yet, and I have to boil a kettle to wash up. Changing to a different system cost me around $1500.

It wastes 3/4 bucket of water before it gets 'hot', so impossible to use for small quantities of water. The plumber has already been back once, and Bosch say if they send a technician I will be charged if the damn thing isn't actually defunct. On an Aged pension I don't have any more money to spend, so what to do? I'm very unhappy with this product. I should mention that the heater is below my kitchen window, so water doesn't have far to travel.

Next step may be the Ombudsman. Too many people have the same problems with this product to ignore. And maybe a report to the Water Corporation.
Relatively inexpensive
Wastes water. Goes cold after a minute. Takes too long to heat up

Trust Bosch???

Six months ago I took the time and trouble to give Bosch my earlier Thumbs Up review thingy here.
Look, what I really had in mind back then, was to approach Bosch and ask them to magic up a good price on the replacement unit.
Well Fair's fair hey! Yep, always reckoned one good turn deserves another.
So ... having given 'em a decent report here, went over to their website and filled in their stoopid online enquiry form with all the details.
Their reply?
Totally ignored. Not a whisper!
Ok. So, benefit of doubt, 2 weeks later (assuming lost in transit maybe?) I wrote off again. Same story; More urgent now, Told em 3 buckets needed, water gushing out all over the place and emptying the buckets daily...
Price Please?
Their response? Zilch. Again Nada!
Thanks Botch.org
Now we know exackly what to do !
You lose !!!
And anyway, a Rinnai system's more favoured by the plumber.
On Rinnai online prices are competitive .
Just about to put my order in and ... crikey -
The old Bosch Stops leaking.
Completely! Just Like That!?!! No reason. No servicing...
Didn't even take the cover off to check it out.

Another 4 months have gone by.
Not a single droplet to be seen anywhere. Amazing!
Weird huh?
So shoppers - Who would you buy Your next HWS from?
Hey Mr B (you're supposed to be reading these posts) ... Anything To Say?

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Hi Gorbigobbles, Firstly, our sincere apologies that your email to us went unanswered. Please rest assured that we treat all feedback, comments and enquiries with the utmost importance. We are glad to hear that your Pilot Ignition unit is now running correctly, but would be happy to look into this unusual occurrence. Please call our customer service centre on 1300 30 70 37. They will be able to give you some helpful advice and get you in contact with an accredited Bosch service technician, who is trained specifically in servicing our products. Kind regards, Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team Customer Contact Centre – Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (AEST)

Isn't it nice when it just works

I read many reviews for a replacement gas hot water heater and comments were all over the shop. This is one time when I made the right decision. I was pressured quite heavily by sales to migrate to the zero pilot systems. We have both pump assisted or gravity fed tank water and I was concerned there would be enough pressure to turn the pilot on. I was also considerate my bbq takes a few prods. So I went with the Bosch 10P. After I bought it and installed it, I was told by 2 independent installers that the zero (on demand) pilot systems were a headache for many and they were getting many calls and THEY told me I had right a wise choice. I have never had a problem with the 10p. Excellent unit - built to last.

Thanks Kelvin...makes "Good horse sense"....you are a horse, aren't you?Product Review applied the horse icon to my ID. They must like 'horsing' around. :)Product Review has become useless. I recently met up with an old friend who makes his living out of selling services to companies to write reviews. I think with all the over the moon wow messages here on Product Review is a breeding ground for that. I will not be posting or using Product Review for basing my decisions on as it has turned into a free advertising bonanza for the companies and farce for consumers. As for the 10p it is still working fine (and so it should be).

Questions & Answers

Old bosch hot water pilto ignition do not ignite. Any ideas?
No answers

I have a Bosch hot water heater that has a button that normally lights up it’s ofd and I have pressed it many times and it won’t turn back on. How do I fix this?
1 answer
Hi PJW, we would recommend you contact our helpful customer service team for further advice on your issue as we require further information. They can be reached at 1300 30 70 37 from 8am to 6pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. Otherwise, please feel free to use our contact form so we can get in touch with you: https://www.bosch-climate.com.au/about-bosch/contact-us/.

I have Bosch tf 400 8Gng gas hot water system and the pilot light keeps going off whats the problem?
2 answers
I dont have the tf 400 but i hv the 10p water wizard ...not sure if similar but ive had similar problems.what ive put the pilot light going out and the main burner going out after 2 minutes or so is that there wasnt enough air flow.i used a holesaw to drill out a 30 mm hole in line with the pilot so if my ignition wont light i can use a gas extended lighter and also proped up the glass cover where the buttons are half way and put a makeshift hood over these .this has been an excellent fix and hasnt gone out in 3 weeks.try this and if it doesnt work just cover hole back up and drop glass screen..good luck.I dont have the tf 400 but i hv the 10p water wizard ...not sure if similar but ive had similar problems.what ive put the pilot light going out and the main burner going out after 2 minutes or so is that there wasnt enough air flow.i used a holesaw to drill out a 30 mm hole in line with the pilot so if my ignition wont light i can use a gas extended lighter and also proped up the glass cover where the buttons are half way and put a makeshift hood over these .this has been an excellent fix and hasnt gone out in 3 weeks.try this and if it doesnt work just cover hole back up and drop glass screen..good luck.


Pilot Ignition 10PPilot Ignition 16P
Price (RRP)755905
Energy Rating4.34.3
Release dateApr 2011Apr 2011

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