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Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II

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It is so good friends also coment on sound quality

We listen to mainly jazz and classical music. It is like being at a live concert, the sound is so good. The radio tuner is good too although we do use the CD player most of the time. I was a bit concerned when we first purchased Bose because after about a week it developed a fault and kept shutting down. When I took it back to Bose store there was never a question about a refund or a replacement. Because we liked the sound from the system we decided to take a replacement. And are very pleased with it. Have had it for over 2 years and it still sounds great

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

ripped off

We bought the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II with five stack disc changer two weeks ago. The disc changer does not work and was returned to the store and a replacement was promised within two days (returned 3 January replacement expected 5 January). Have just been told that the replacement is still not available (9 January) and it will take two days to provide detail. Rang the 1300 number and was only given an option of leaving contact details.
Not Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lost my remote control of Bose Austic wave system where can I buy it n pune Maharashtra Lydia
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Lost my remote of this system where can I buy it in pune Maharashtra and what could be the cost of it?
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