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Bose Companion 2 Series III

Bose Companion 2 Series III

4.8 from 9 reviews

Top Quality, excellent speakers - bland looks

Bose don't cut corners, and so you'll be happy with these speakers. They sound strong and clear, with deep bass and crisp treble.
Negatives are that they look slightly bland, and the volume knob is slightly hard to turn. But if you're more into sound rather than looks - you won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Outstanding sound and quality

Like all Bose products, these little speakers are of outstanding quality. Really made my iMac come alive. I also have a Bose Mini SoundLink for use with my iPad, and listen to internet radio through the night on a Bose Colour Soundlink. Bose and Apple seem made for each other.

Edit: I love these so much, I've bought a second pair for the TV. They knock the socks off many overpriced sound bars.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Bose speakers are over priced for a reason

When i heard there is a Bose computer multimedia speaker i was happy. Then i looked for speakers in the same price range approx 149 Aud. I listen to a single song in as many speaker brands as possible in that price range. I knew Bose speakers would be better seeing all the reviews and gave up researching so many users can't be wrong. Well, bought one from DFO homebush Bose show room. I was thrilled to listen music through this speakers. Its over priced yes thats what it seem. Do they keep up their promise yes BOSE does. If music with quality is your love i won't be surprised if you bought the most expensive models as well.

A good set of computer speakers

I already have a pair of the Series II for my notebook computer, so I was aware of the quality of these speakers. Bought a set of the Series III for my desktop computer to replace the original Dell speakers. They were on discount at $126 from Myer during the recent sales. They are nice looking speakers and produce reasonably good quality sound (given the small size).

I only use them occasionally when working on my computer, as I have a set of Polk Audio 5.1 speakers for my AV system and another set of JBL full sized floor-standing speakers for my separate Hi-fi system in my study room.


I am pleased with these speakers. I had shunned Bose for the wank factor and the perception of poor value but splurged at Christmas last year. Almost a year on and I would buy them again - they fill a room with music, especially classical stuff with lots of strings - but they also sound great when playing games and doof doof - type tunes. They also play music off youtube fine - even the low quality stuff. Buy carefully - I saw a fair variation online and in the shops before finally buying from the Bose shop in Brisbane for about $135. They are not for thrashing though - buy something for half the money that you won't mind killing in a year or so if that's what you want.
Sound quality - crisp and clear. Better bass than the size would suggest. They work well with Laptop, mp3s from phone and CD players etc. Reasonable construction - they have been dropped a few times because I take them lots of places and still sound fine with only small dints on a couple of corners.
Price - you are paying for the brand and must accept that, like an iphone or a Porsche, they are doing well out of you! You can have a logitech x-530 5.1 system for less (and I do for my home computer) and that is almost living room sized sound.
MP3 quality - low quality MP3s can sound poor - these speakers can sound a little crackly when cheaper speakers might sound good. The internal circuitry gets fooled by low bit rates I think. From about 192kbit up is OK but rip your CDs etc in lossless or 320kbit and you will get the most out of them.
Special Effects/DSP etc - these speakers HATE DSP effects! The sound goes haywire if you use the "concert hall", "nightclub" etc settings that come with most computer sound set-ups these days. Leave the output alone and they sound fine.

Excellent speakers, the sound is perfect.

Its one of the better speakers in the market, awesome sound, the technology that goes in to make this speaker is fantastic, If you hear it once, you would not like to listen to another speaker, its that good. Everyone says its expensive, take your time, save a little and you will enjoy the great sound, its worth the money you pay for.
I love good quality sound and it took me a while to save enough to buy these speakers, I have no regrets buying them and they are the jewels
in my house.
I like the sound from the speakers, its really awesome.
There are a little bit expensive, and it take me a while to save enough to buy it.

An awesome 2.0 system, a good speaker set

I already have a pair of Bose IE2 earphones and liked the sound they produced, so I was confident that the Bose Companion 2 speakers would be a good buy. I have them on my desk, but I do like to use as much desktop real estate as I can to spread out my work, so a 2.1 system wasn't particularly applicable. These were perfect for my situation, and offer very good sound as a bonus! All round sound is reproduced accurately and crisply, and they look nice sitting next to my MacBook Pro. Hook 'em up to an iPad? Fine. Plug 'em into the TV to watch a movie? No worries. They shine when pumping out high notes or acoustic music at 256kbps+ - no doubt thanks to Bose's TruSpace music processing, widening the sound stage and 'opening' the sound up. Controls are on the front too!

They don't feel cheap or tacky with their aluminum grill and solid construction either, and are heavy enough that you think they house some decent parts (and from the sound, they probably do too). The only 'cons' - and I use this term loosely - are that the bass isn't as powerful and loudness not as high as you might be used to with a 2.1 system - but these are inherent in the fact that it is a 2.0 desktop system and therefore I knew that would be the case before purchase. In all, a great desktop system that I love to listen to, and perfect for someone wishing to pump some decent audio without covering their desk (or TV cabinet, or bookshelf, or kitchen bench, etc.) with big speakers and room-shaking sub-woofer!
Clear sound, good bass for a 2.0 system, aesthetically pleasing
Expensive (although I'd argue they're worth it)

Simply amazing.

I bought one set of these speakers from the Apple Store for my MacBook for a better source of sound. I was so impressed with them, I went back and bought another 5 sets and connected them all to Apple AirPort Express units. Now I have the amazing sound from these speakers wirelessly all through my house. They deliver a rich bass sound without a subwoofer and have a great range from deep tones to high tones, they are perfect to have in the kitchen as I love to cook with music playing.
Renowned Bose quality, good value for $150, rich sound

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These speakers are good value for money, I mean AU$146 odd dollars is not much anyhow especially when you are getting good technology in audio sound. Bose live up to their name. All you peeps out there that are addicted to thumping sub-bass woofers its not applicable to be mentioning the lack of that because Bose are offering good quality true sound with the intention of allowing you to hear as close to the original sound as possible. Scenario: Sitting out in our alfresco area in a tight urban environment, I pull these Bose speakers out of my back pack and connect to the Iphone , wow, thats a cool sound from those small speakers what are they? oh yeah, they're Bose, that explains that. How much did they set you back I rest my case.

great system

this is a great system. wouldnt be without it. i know you pay more for bose but you can really hear the difference
great sound, reliable brand

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It's one of the better speakers in the market, awesome sound, the technology that goes in to make this speaker is fantastic, If you hear it once, you would not like to listen to another speaker, its that good. Everyone says it's expensive, take your time, save a little and you will enjoy the great sound, it's worth the money you pay for.

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Companion 2 series III Are they compatible with a 'SMART' TV ?
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I have heard that the cord is "too short"...low long is it?
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Can hook myphone to listen to music. On it
1 answer
well, yes i can ...you should be able to. there is a provision for the headphones under the power and volume adjustment tuner,which you can attach with aux cable if you have one. If not you could buy it anywhere on the electronic/electric shop.mobile/ tabs/ ipads i have tried everything, each one them worked for me.


Companion 2 Series III
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