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Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers

Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers

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4.6 from 46 reviews

Loud and Clear

These speakers sound fantastic on my desktop iMac. The bass is heavy and the actual volume is very loud. I rarely have the volume > say 6. There is the option to attach an external device ( eg: mobile) and play music etc other than the iMac ( in my case). The subwoofer/connections box is quite large so you need to have space to cater for the hardware. I picked these up on a price match at Officeworks in October 2018 for only $114.95. Very impressed.

After reading all great reviews, I decided to buy these instead of a soundbar for my TV. No regrets.

I've been through a few soundbars that I've never been truly happy with, Samsung and Panasonic where the most recent. They were fine.. but these THX certified speakers from Logitech destroy them! They are better than the 3.1 system I had from Panasonic purely going off how good it sounds in movies and games.

I've never owned THX certified speakers - you can tell the difference straight away, no doubt.

Amazing for the price, you will love these.

Astonished for the price

Crazy sounds coming from a $100 system. Bass shakes my wall/floor if you crank it all the way up! As for the satellite speakers, they sound quite decent. Bit of lack in the mid range but most people should be more than happy. Definitely sounds clear and watching movies is a blast.

Logitech Z623 speaker system

The Logitech Z623 speaker system is phenomenal. The sound is crisp and clear. There is no word to describe the base, short of incredible. These speakers sounds like I paid a whole lot more than I did. Big thumbs up.

Great sounding speakers at this price.

I used to own some previous Logitech speakers (Z2300) and I was very pleased with them. I bought these speakers at a bargain price for around $100, I think. For the money, they are great sounding speakers. Not sure if they are as good as the Z2300's, but still pretty good sound quality. They are loud, have plenty of bass and I am very happy with the sound quality. Why would you spend $30, $50...whatever on an awful set of cheap, tinny, bad sounding speakers when you can get these with a sub-woofer for this kind of money?

A review by a partially deaf person who understands your incessant need for level bass

TLDR: Overall, this set is good for movie nights, surround sound, small gaming set-ups, and casual music lovers. While it it fantastic value for money at such a low price ($170.00AUD avg.), don't expect a high value range of bass from the subwoofer, crystal clear mids and high range tones, or exact timing in between the two satellites when they're further than 2.5 meters apart.

- Quality bass for such a comparatively small subwoofer.
- Bass control paired with volume control seperate from the input control (PC/Tablet/Phone volume and equalizers) makes for a nice even balance when you adjust both accordingly.
- During music play, heavy bass does not offset lyric or disrupt mid tone quality which is a common problem in many headphone and small speaker sets.

- Performs clearest tones when using lower volume. Bass is best felt using higher volume. Best in-between is having the volume knob turned to a third to it's max. and the bass knob turned just a touch past it's middle click setting. (The middle click setting for bass control is also incredbly useful for equalizer adjustment where possible)
- Small workaround for a too short aux cable is plugging it in straight to the headphone jack on the main satellite from your input control instead of to the subwoofer depending on your setup.
- THX certified peakers guarantees quality surround sound and rumbling bass during all the best Sci-Fi movies.
- Drums and gunshots in music and gaming are heavy and solid, rather than hollow, sharp, or uneven in volume.
- In my personal opinion, this set is best when dealing with drums, strings, and hard bass.
- Is surprisingly steady during low bass rumblers with sharper high tones. If you want to test your speaker's ability to manage this, make a small playlist of mainly rumbler tone bass songs, mainly sharper high tone songs, classical or intrumental songs, and some mixes of rumbler mids, sharper lyricals, plus a good set of all three. This will let you know how well your speakers can handle a muddled mess of strong bass, tweeter stress, and warbling mid tones. I've made a playlist on YouTube here to test your speaker quality:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL11kj3mMdPms2lJpbhOH_SUDQKKIPK_4s (remember, you don't have to like these songs and you certainly don't have to use this as an example, this range test will work on any speaker set including headsets, these are not subwoofer range tests, only 'stress' tests under normal use)

- Some mid-low tones (higher bass buzzer tones) are not the strongest asset of the subwoofer. Try to steady your equalizer (where possible) to give your input bass more oomph and fiddle with the bass knob on the main satellite for a while to get the best bass quality you can from this set.
- Input can be fuzzy. When plugging and unplugging the aux from my laptop the speakers made horrendous popping and buzzing noises until I stopped adjusting the cable. (This is unnecessary when the cable is left alone)
- Even while the aux is not plugged into an input there is a low buzzing noise emanating from the speakers. (This problem may be solved by using a longer, gold-plated aux cable rather than the one included)
- As with most bigger sized PC sets, the subwoofer is touchy with it's placement for best quality use. If you plan on using these speakers for music or movie set-ups, experiment with your subwoofer placement and run a bass heavy song while wandering around the room to see where the bass resonates with the rest of the immediate area. This will give you an idea as to where is best to place your subwoofer depending on how big the room is, where the speakers and subwoofer are placed, where you will be watching/listening to something while using the speaker set, and where you want your bass focused.


After reading all the rave reviews on line I went out and bought this speaker system thinking It would be a bargain for the price, I'd be able to listen to decent sound quality on my TV and music from my phone. But you get what you pay for! I think if you want quality sound you need to spend around the $1000.00 mark.

Great sound

Purchased a set of these speakers in April on sale for under $100 from Bing Lee, to go with my (then) new desktop PC. Both the wife and I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sound the speakers and sub puts out. My only complaint is that the cables are a tad short, but if you can get a set for under $100 like I did, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better at that price point.

Too good guys. Just go and buy! Dont think twice

I have bought these speakers in 2013 and still going great.
- sound quality is just great
- bass is very good
- the only small thing to know is, it doesn’t have remote but the price and quality is too good and can certainly ignore this point.

Great sound, except position of cables

It's easy to setup and had great sound quality however the cables coming out of the sub are on the left side compared to the older ones i've had that come out the back. This makes the unit wider than it should and not it flush against the left side..

Excellent value for money

I currently use this as my main audio output for my media setup. Music is loud and crisp, the bass is punchy and the THX certification is a welcome feature to any Nolan fans.

I picked these up relatively cheap and since they run directly into the 3.5mm jack on your TV, there’s no need for a dedicated remote.

Perfect Speaker

Excellent speakers. The bass is amazing and the sound quality is great. The addition of a aux port on one of the speakers is also incredibly convenient. Only not so good side would be that the subwoofer is incredibly large. But given that these came out so long ago, I suppose that's to be expected.

Heaven Sound

Purchased during Christmas for my son listening to the music and watching cartoons. The 2 years old definitely love the sound and keep clapping and laughing.
Very good product with very good price.

Quality Sound, lots of power

For 2.1 sound out of the PC, these speakers are worth considering. I purchased these last summer and they are fantastic. Love the sound quality. More output power than you need for a PC as well.

I have also used this product as stand alone speakers for my DVD player.
As these speakers only have an analogue input, I used an HDMI Audio Extractor. A low cost item available on E-Bay.

Would highly recommend these speakers however you must shop around. They differ in price here downunder by approx $40AUD.

Great speakers for money

I purchased these speakers to upgrade from old Logitech computer speakers with static noise. I am really happy with them, bass is great, speakers have great sound quality. To be honest i was not expected them to be this good seeing I only paid $130.00.
I purchased them from Officeworks tax time onsale for a bargain. Crank them up and turn up the bass with no distortion. Great for PC games or music.

Subwoofer great, satellite speakers bad

The bottom line of this speaker system is the subwoofer alone at the price would be good value for money. The problem is you can't use the subwoofer with anything other than the satellite speakers as it uses a fixed non-modifiable wiring system meaning that you're stuck with what you buy, unless you're willing to deconstruct the satellite speakers and rewire them to decent speakers, and even if you did this, the crossover to the subwoofer maybe too high and is unadjustable. When listening to the satellite speakers alone, they sound like an average set of Notebook computer speakers, however they are much louder. The middle upper too high range is not so bad but they lack terribly in the mid to mid lower range, meaning that they don't bridge the gap between speaker and subwoofer. This is not that unusual in this style of satellite/subwoofer speaker system and is really disappointing, because if they did, they would sound spectacular for the money. There is one advantage in that, because the speakers are relatively small they will fit quite nicely on a computer desktop. As far as what's available as computer speakers in this size and price range, there honestly isn't anything that's likely to do much better, and if you're just after a wicked base you'll be happy.

The speaker system is designed mainly for computers, I bought them to listen to music. It will probably sound good when listening to movies on a computer, especially those like the Pacific Rim that have a lot of low rumbling base effects. There's also plenty of volume, so much so that you could easily annoy your neighbours. If you're not musically fussy like I am (if I had the money I would buy a $50,000 audiofile system) you'll probably be happy with this system. It stills meets the Logitech, good value for money criteria. If you're into any kind of music that fits into the doof doof profile of music, don't buy them, however you'll have to spend a lot more money!

Logittech Computer Speakers

When I bought these Logitech speakers for my computer I didn't know what great sound I would get ,They are great the bass is really great and crystal clear sound .I have purchased these speakers again for my smart phone and tablet

Really good speakers

I had to buy this speaker because the sound level of my laptop is very low. It has good playback and is economical. If you are not that into high end audio devices, this works fine for everyday use.

Best speakers ever!

This Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers is literally the best speakers i have ever bought! THese speakers are loud, don't stutter and are the best speakers ever! I recommend buying it!

Perfect speaker

Got this speaker two days ago. Great treble, great bass sending the house into shiver. Best product from Logitech. Never fails me. It can be as loud as you want it to be and the sound is crystal clear.

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Questions & Answers

Just purchased these speakers. The volume control only lowers sound can not totally turn volume down is this normal?
1 answer
That's not normal. If I turn the volume "larger" knob down all the way there is no sound what so ever. The smaller knob only controls the subwoofer so it will not turn down the overall volume, only the volume of the subwoofer. Hope this helps

I have Kawai ES 100 digital piano with 2 x 6 watt inbuilt speakers and 2 x 3.5 mm headphone sockets. The inbuilt speakers are not powerful enough for a large room. My question is , would the Z623 system be suitable for playing in a small hall say 15 to 20 people?. Would appreciate your help, Many thanks BarrieV
1 answer
I would think they would be suitable if you are only playing to an audience of 15 to 20 people (I was a professional musician for many years). Though I am not sure they would have the dynamic range you would be after with a digital piano. However, for a small performance on a budget, you should be fine.


Z623 Computer Speakers
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Release dateJan 2011

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