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Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers

Latest review: The Logitech Z623 looked like a good idea, from the outside, for a long term investment, but as soon as the warranty expired, so did the speakers. So well timed, that I am thinking that perhaps the

Jensen In-Wall Speakers

Sonos Play:1

Latest review: Super simple to set up. True sound quality. Works well in weak wifi area. High reliability. Great partnership with lots of streaming services. Easy to connect with other sonos great. Easy to

Bose Wave Music System

Latest review: This was my first Bose product, and based on it's performance it won't be my last. The unit comes well packaged, and is very easy to set up, only taking a few minutes until you have music pumping

Sonos Play:5

Latest review: The sound is good but the problem is with Sonos you are locked in to premium services. I just ended my Spotify subscription which was still paid up till the end of the month , but they instantly shut

Sonos Play:3

Latest review: We’ve had the Sonos Play 3 and Play 1 speakers for three years and been very happy with the choice. Nice full sound with the Play 3. Easy to set up and use, and the sound quality is very good. C

Bose SoundTouch 20 / 30 Series III

Latest review: Love the sound and simplicity of the unit BUT (when I use the presets built into the Bose unit) my favourite internet station (from Russia) keeps dropping out. It works fine if I stream it via my

Bose Soundtouch 10

Latest review: I bought two units $200 (Canadian) can each. I have never been able to get them up and running on wifi option for more than a day and the app is brutal. They work fine when paired to a Bluetooth

Wharfedale Atlantic AT-500 Floorstanding

Latest review: Originally purchased these speakers & was running as front speakers part of an existing 7.2 Onkyo system, they sounded good strong bass but felt a little underpowered so later upgraded to a 9.2

Edifier R1700BT

Latest review: I have always wanted small bedside speakers with a REALLY GOOD SOUND. Small speakers usually lack an even spread of treble and middle, especially bass. My brother once had a stereo with micro

Yamaha MCR-B020

Latest review: I stumbled upon this great little micro system form Yamaha. Turned out to be what I have been looking for, for a very long time. I have gone through a large number of portable players and clock

Krix Equinox

Latest review: I just bought a pair and I simply can't believe how good they are, I have a pair of floorstanding wharfedale speakers and the krix blow them away, amazing, ten stars, next purchase will be floor

Krix Neuphonix

Latest review: I have these as part of my 7.1 Home Theatre setup. They are awesome. I probably didnt even need my Seismix 5 sub since the Neuphonix pumps up very decent bass. I feel that these speakers look


Latest review: AM reception in our area is woeful, so after some investigation we decided to try digital audio (DAB+). After looking at a number of different units we chose this Sony as we could connect our Walkman

Soniq Mini Hi Fi System

Latest review: I bought one of these systems about 2 years ago on special for $159.00 on special for use on my tv in the family room. After opening the box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the

Swan M50W

Latest review: incredible clarity at all frequencies, great volume, great bass. incredible value, if you are looking at spending 350 -ish this is the only choice. i recommend to all men women and children. i have

Home & Co (Kmart) Boombox

Latest review: I purchased this CD player, great little player. Makes plenty of noise, can plug the iPhone in with right plug. I got mine in a fabulous shade of purple.

Monitor Audio MR4

Latest review: Beautiful well balanced speaker with a big heart. Natural mid range and decent low bass. Careful placement will pay dividends. Not too close to a wall or corner or the bass becomes too much. Ports

Panasonic SC-HC295GN-K

Latest review: There aren’t a lot of choices out there for a stereo but Panasonic’s ones definitely look the best and are really well priced. I used to have a panasonic that was about 14years old and still looked gr

Sony MHC-V77DW

Latest review: Great home Hi-Fi system, clear sound; nice and loud with plenty of bass. Not often I let me kids choose electronics, but they did well on this one (I think the party lights and karaoke may have had

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