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Bose Acoustimass 5

Bose Acoustimass 5

3.5 from 2 reviews

Sounds underwhelming

I have nothing against bose, in fact I currently own 2 pairs of the bose freestyle speaker system as my height effects in my dolby atmos dts-x system.

Now I had the bose am5 for a while and I thought that they would be good as my bose freestyle speakers, however when I took and heard the sound, I was underwhelmed. The cubes sounded a bit thin and lacked mids and the bass module had a lack of low bass and mid bass altogether. It sounded to different from my other speakers in the set up and sounds out of place. In the end I sold the bose am5 and went to a pair of Krix speakers and they blow bose away by miles.

Purchased in November 2018.


Bose has always amazed me in terms of quality especially in digital sound. I really feel like i am in my own cinema at home. The sound is so loud and the surround sound is very detailed. It has been years since I bought it and I do not have any problems at all. I use it all the time when watching movies and music video. My friends are also amazed by how small the speakers are with an enormous sound.
This is a great speaker system at home. The sound is so amazing especially when it is digital in blu ray disc.
Absolutely none. I have had this speaker system for years!

Small speakers with enormous sound??? What about the big fat ugly subwoofer - did you somehow miss that bit? Bose is great if what you want to buy is a brand that has more dollars spent on marketing than on product development - way more. What you are buying is a cheap set of plastic speakers that don't sound particularly good, sold as a premium product. Oh, one other point - did you know that Bose prohibits retailers from allowing customers to directly compare the sound of Bose products to other products? You didn't? Well, they don't mention it in the fancy glossy marketing brochures - I wonder why! Stay away from Bose - total waste of money. There are much better products out there.So what are these "better products" please ?Bob_k, I disagree about your somewhat extreme views on Bose. I own their Sounddock (the one where you have to plug in your older model iPhone) and I think that its sound is simply amazing for such a small unit. I own some expensive high-end speakers and at low volumes this tiny Sounddock wins hands down. The clarity and precision of the base and surround-like sound stage is just a real pleasure to my ears.

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Acoustimass 5
Price (RRP)$649
Release dateJan 2008

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