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Krix Neuphonix

Krix Neuphonix

Mk1, Mk2
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Awesome Speakers for Home Theatre


I have these as part of my 7.1 Home Theatre setup.

They are awesome. I probably didnt even need my Seismix 5 sub since the Neuphonix pumps up very decent bass.

I feel that these speakers look great too - I have the Jarrah option.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these speakers are power hungry. Make sure you get a powerful amp!!!



Awesome Speakers!


I have had these speakers now for about five years and have been happy with them ever since buying them. They are great for music and movies, I have them with an Epicentrix centre channel and Equinox surround speakers all of which are great. The only channel I have that doesn't stack up is the sub (not Krix) which is turned off until I can replace it with a Volcanix.If you want a great high end speaker set at an affordable price buy Krix!


Troy71South East Queensland, QLD

Amazing neuphonix


These speakers love power-they truly satisfy when driven with quality components-curently using a nad t754 av amp as a pre into c370 nad... man the sound is sweet.Massive sound stage,tight imaging,and a bass that blends and impacts,crystal clear highs that blend with a wide smooth and detailed midrange and a bass extension that you never get use to.
way way under the price they are worth for their musicality
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Awesome neuphonix


Nice well made speakers, excellent sound.Make sure you use a quality amp or you will fry it. Can handle very hi power so use something with about 200 w per channel. I fryed a denon amp with 100 w per channel. Salesman said it would be ok to use but he was wrong. Stuffed it . Speakers don't sound loud when you crank them until someone starts to talk, when you can't hear them you realize how loud they are. Very clear sound.
Sound and quality.
Make sure you get an amp that can handle them or they will fry it.

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Is a musical fidelity a5 CD power amp to powerful for these speakers

4 answers

No not even close


Hi Troy,
Thanks for the response.
I actually have a pair of these speakers and have killed the tweeters in them.
They were returned to Krix for replacement and now when I up the volume the tweeters drop out, but return when the volume is turned down, it’s like a self protection?
Can you shed any light as to why this occurs.
Regards Brian


They probably installed poly switches when they were returned- my neighbor blew the first set of tweeters out of his as well and returned for repair- he was running a digital rotel amp that put out over 500w/a Chanel , he’s seen the light since then and runs NAD gear - nad’s soft clipping works a treat when you need to really turn it up.
Don’t know if you’ve read my other post but I’m still running the same old amp to power the neuphonix’s - Musicality/ volume hard to beat.
I’d ring Krix and ask them directly

hendo the man

hendo the manasked

Neuphonix Mk1

Hi there my name damien im looking at purchasing a set of Krix neuphonix main speaker.im currently own krix lyrix which are amazing speakers however have been offered a great price for the old neuphonix .
I own a marantz sr7007 which is currently doing the job however im unsure if it will be suitable to drive these new speakers?if someone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it.

5 answers

Hi Damien your amp will definitely handle these speakers just depends on how your amp handles current at higher volumes..the neuphonix are amazing when fed well.

hendo the man
hendo the man

Hi troy! First of all thanks for the advise. I have not brought them yet however the price I've been offered is too good to refuse. I spoke with krix directly they think it should be ok however neuphonix require large amounts of power. Apparently I can always add a pre amplifier to drive them directly, the sr7007 can drive the remaining speakers. Does that sound correct to you?


That's exactly how I set mine up to start with - had a middle of the range nad AV amp and used pre outs to a 150 watt nad 2 Chanel

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