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Bose Solo TV Sound System

Bose Solo TV Sound System

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Works for minimum amount of time.

Good audio, does it’s job, but only lasts a couple years at best. Coming from a company like Bose I assumed I’d be getting a great quality product. I was wrong. I won’t buy Bose again. Called technical support and they offered me $149 to repair it. Why? I already purchased it and it absolutely should last longer than a couple years. I took very good care of the unit as it just sits there. From my correspondence on the phone I got the inclination that they are fully aware of this problem and failed to make it right. DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM!

Date PurchasedApr 2016


So I can confirm that they do sound good. They produce great sound for the price. However, I returned mine and bought a LG sound bar that came with a small sub. Reason being, there was no HDMI connection, only optical or aux. This meant I could not use my tv remote to operate it. It comes with a gigantic universal remote bigger than the tv remote. Since my tv remote is a magic remote and I love it, I would never want to use the remote the system came with. $400 for a sound bar that has no HDMI, shame on you

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Bose Solo 15 Series 2

This is a fantastic and simple system.
The sound quality is excellent and is a "Must Have" to appreciate your TV.
The sound quality is more than adequate for the average house unless you want to have a man cave with lots of speakers.
It looks good.
We did not want the look and sound of a separate "Boom" Box" Subwoofer as most systems have.
The only downside is that there is no indication light of your volume level.
Totally recommend at this level of cost.

Bose Solo TV Sound System

Great little unit if you aren't that savy with tech set up and are looking for a boost to your TV sound.

Out of the box it is a two cable job which couldn't be any easier.

The unit does somewhat enhance and provides a nice crisp sound. It does lack base so don't expect high performance in that area.

A few points to note which are more a personal issue for me, when the TV sits on this unit it looks a little out of place. The TV is wider than the unit and it now sits higher than the manufacturers stand intendedand which takes a little getting used to.

You will need to make a good job concealing your cables behind the TV as again the TV sits high and leaves a fair amount of open space.

May be a better choice to put the unit on a seperate shelf.

Clear sound, easy to set up and use

Oozes Bose quality. Unpacked it from the box, moved the TV back on the stand leaving just enough room for the unit. Plugged in the power cable and then plugged in the supplied optical digital cable. Turned everything back on and the sound instantly came out, clear, crisp and superb. I have trouble hearing mid frequency sounds but I can hear the sound very clear.

To achieve the same level of sound pressure from the TV speakers would make the noise too loud. The unit has a subtle bass that sneaks out of the unit when needed and then goes away.

Music from a music disk sounds incredible as well. This is not a surround sound unit or surround sound simulator. It is an upgrade in tv sound quality.

The unit physically is dull (not a bad thing), it is just a large (like an oversized DVD player), flat, black box with no controls or buttons on it at all. The on/off light is behind a grill. All adjustments are made via the small remote (on/off; volume up/down; mute). So if you like to fiddle this may not be for you. The TV speaks need to be turned off as they compete with the unit output. This was easy to do on my Samsung TV. If its not easy on your TV just reduce the volume to nothing on the TV and only use the unit.

My wife has said she would like the unit moved to the shelf under the TV rather than in front. This will happen after a few days trialling it where it is.

The unit connects to the output device (the TV) via either an optical cable (supplied) or a standard analogue cable (also supplied).

I bought mine from the Bose shop and it came with a 21 day return-if-you-don't-like guarantee. I suspect it will not be going back.
Took all of 5 minutes and it was working - just as advertised and it was working well. Nothing to fiddle with for me or the lads to mess up. No knowledge of sound systems is needed.
Fairly big footprint that will not fit under TV's over 40". No extra outputs at all (earphones etc). No indication of the sound output level, so repeated volume is not easy to get to. Comes with just about every country power cable you could think of. Most will hit the rubbish before long.

The Bose solo works great for your tv and music . For tv just turn on your tv and the Bose system enjoying a nice sound while watching tv . To play music use the left and right RCA jacks and hook that up to a apple router with air play . now you can listien to music from your I tunes account or radio . Sounds like a full home theater systemUpdate 12 months or so later. I moved the unit to the bottom shelf of the TV stand and it has been there working flawlesly ever since. SO happy with it that we don't even notice it any more, we just turn it on with the TV and thats that. If I were to have a gripe it is that it turns off automatically a little while after the TV is turned off but it will not automatically turn on and I cannot find either an online or common remote that works it, so it remains manual turn on.

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The universal remote does not have any codes for Bauhn tv model ATV5OUHD-0419 .I contacted the Australian Bose office and they gave me two codes to try 3881 and 3611 they did not work my registration no is 070021Z82150659AE
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My Hearing is a bit poor for dialogue. 1 Would this be one of the best available soundbar / soundbase for this? 2 Are there others?
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I am unqualified to answer either of your questions. I can tell you that I have hearing issues (wear hearing aids for both ears) and connecting this device made a huge difference. The sound is clear and rich with a little too much bass that my wife and I no longer notice. Yes, there are other brands and types of sound devices for TV's. I have no experience with them so would be unable to help with any advice related to them. I continue to like the unit and what it does. If you can, go to a Bose store, they should demonstrate the system in a simulated listening environment. This is what finally carried me over the edge to buy one.Hi Brian, I am no acoustics engineer and will agree with the previous response on the whole. My experience with the base on the unit was that it was underwhelming but I think that was more to do with a with a good inbuilt sound system on my TV. That fact probably undersold the base capability to me. The mid range and higher tones are extreamly clear so you may find that lack of base (all my personal sound preferance only) is an advantage. Also note the unit has no notable sound preferance adjustment so you pretty much 'get what you get with this unit. Hearing loss often reduces individual capability to hear different frequencies and if this is the case for you I would also suggest going along to a Bose store and trying the unit. If you buy from a reputable retailer with a no fuss return policy it's generally no big deal if it's not what you are expecting in your own home setting. It's a simple and easy unit to set up with little in the way of connectivity so trying at home would only take a short amount of time. Hope this helps. CheersThank you both for the courtesies shown in answering. There must be a lot of people who have some difficulty in hearing clearly dialogues on TV and there is very little information on the net.

I have a LG 55 inch tv and would like to know if I can fit the Bose Solo on the shelf below the tv ? Thank you. DK
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The Bose website has some installation limitations. Basically it can sit under any TV that is less then 18Kg and the base or foot of the TV cannot be wider than 508mm and no deeper than 260mm. Mine cannot sit under my 46" TV so it sits on the bottom shelf of the TV stand and works fine there. I did have it on the same level and in front of the TV but my wife found it a bit too boomy. It took only a little time to not notice that the sound was below the TV, we don't notice at all any more. Still very happy with it. Mike