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Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport

4.3 from 123 reviews

Bass is the best thing about these ear buds

I listen to the music (blues, techno, metal) and podcasts. Tried various apps: Podcast Addict, Player FM, Pi Music Player.

The biggest problem is frequent and regular dropouts, up to 2-3 sec. My Samsung is in the pocket, so distance is not a problem.

I use it while exercising (cycling, pullups, pushups and the like), the earbuds sit in Ok. The fit/ the holding bit though could be better as the buds are quite bulky and heavy and feel wobbly in the ear for my liking, so I need to be mindful they don't fall out.

The clip to secure the phones to your garment is flimsy and got lost within a a couple of weeks. And no, I am not careless! Without the clip, the volume control bit on the side tends to pull the cable to one side and tends to pull on the right earbud and dislodge it from the ear, whereas the opposite half becomes shorter and as you turn your head to the right, it tends to pull the earbud out of the other ear. Quite a nuisance.

The last whinge is the voice in the phones. In 21 century with plenty of free options I feel Bose could pick a better voice software. The voice sounds like amateur exploits into computer voice.

The best thing about Bose wireless is the bass. Very nice and heavy with good mid- and high-range.

Battery life is Ok for me. I also feel it does not take long to recharge it. Within 20-30 minutes you can get 20-30% back, I feel, which is quite pleasing.

Volume is great as far as my needs concerned.

So the upshot:
- the sound, with great bass
- satisfactory battery life

- frequent dropouts
- garment clip poor design, easy to looose
- relatively heavy and bulky driver units (could be the payoff for great bass)
- "soft" holding mechanism in the ear
- retarded voice

I am yet to see other peoples grievances about cheap rubber by 12 months

Worth the money?...
Carefully look for other competitors options before you buy these.

Purchased in April 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Sound Quality
Battery Life

Awesome headphones

Overall great set of headphones.
Sound quality is fantastic and the battery life is more than adequate.
An issue did arise with the headphones after around two months of use, where the turn off button stopped working and the volume/skip buttons were not responding.
I took the faulty set to the Bose store where they were purchased and they replaced the headphones with a brand new pair on the spot without any issues.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Bose Sound Sport Head phone

Above Head phone features and service simply great. Excellent performance and sound and clarity is too good. Frankly very safe to use without harming to our ears in any manner.

Purchased in August 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Sound Quality
Battery Life

Very good sound quality

I have B&O, Apple, sennheiser and sony earphones and i always go back to bose. I have this particular one for long time. Used it for gym, travelling, at home or on the go. Sound quality is really great. It fits well into my ear. Choose Bose if you want a top quality of earphones

Purchased in February 2018.

Doesn't stay in my ears

I really wanted a good pair of wireless headphones for the gym. I'm quite disappointed. I find they fall out of my ear constantly (especially if i lean down to pick up weights). I've tried the different sized ear pieces but to no avail. Sound quality is good. Battery doesn't last.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Great for exercising

The range of these earphone is great, they have never failed when l have been exercing in the gym.
They are comfortable to wear and don't fall out even after heavy exercises
The sound from them is very clear as usually is the case with Bose products.
I cannot fault these.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Nice earphone

It's Bose so no doubt the sound quality is really good. They are comfortable and great to use while exercising. Have used sony's earphone but it's easy to fall from out ear, so I keep coming back to Bose. Highly recommended for people work out a lot since it is super comfortable and easy to clean.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Bose sport headphones

It's Bose so the sound quality is second to none. They are comfortable and great to use while exercising. Have used other brands but keep coming back to Bose. Highly recommended for people walking, running or bike riding as they are super comfortable and easy to clean should the need arise.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

The comfort level is great!The sound quality is great!

As a sports headset, I think this headset is already pretty good.The main thing is that it's really comfortable to run and ride a bike.And the sound quality is great!At least the dynamic type.It takes three hours and a grid doesn't go away, nothing happens, and it's really, really good to brag about the bass.This headset is totally fine.Use different headphones and players according to different needs. This is the way to ensure sound quality.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

The sound quality is excellent

The sound quality is excellent, and so far in my experience the best available in this price point. If you're not planning on using them during physical activity, they are a great buy.
I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from classical piano, rock, pop, oldies, to heavy metal and the sound quality is superb. I Highly recommend these headphones.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Best headphones!

I use this for running as well as daily non-sport related activities. The noisy cancelling ability is amazing, making the sound effects surround-system like! Although slightly pricey, they are totally worth the investment, what you pay is what you get and in this case, amazing sound system! This is my all time fav headphones for sure

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Favourite headphones

These headphones are amazing! The sound quality is awesome and the design is very cute. Normal earphones keep falling out of my ears but those stay in even during exercise. Very happy with the mic too. This is the only set I own that is suitable to listening to music, phone conversations and working out.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great wireless headphones for the gym

After much research and help from friends I purchased these as my first wireless headphones for the sole purpose of exercising. So far they've been great, the battery life is awesome on them (considering I don't use them for hours upon hours each day), as well as the sound quality and build (they sit in your ear and don't move, also they are quite comfortable). I also like the app which makes connecting to your phone super easy, provides you with updates and the battery life. They are also easy to answer calls through and provides a clear connection. Although they are a little more costly, you're paying for a good, high quality product that is meant to last. Would highly recommend.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great headphone and awesome sound

I’ve worn these headphone many times for running and they’ve worked great! Really clear and crisp sound quality what you’d expect from bose. The battery life is pretty good. Maybe could be better. I like the little compact case with charging cable. The headphones do stick out a bit from your ear which isn’t ideal but still doesn’t look too bad.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

snore be gone

These are great headphones. they have amazing sound quality and i love the noise cancelling function. its great that you dont have to have the noise cancelling on all the time. i had to share a room with someone who snores so i wore the headphone and turned them on and has a blissful sleep without the sound of snoring. would recommend. anything bose is great.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Do not buy as a bluetooth headset for phone calls

Fantastic sound quality when listening to music and going for a run, but horrible when used as a headset for talking on the phone. The other party hears every background noise, to the point that you are almost inaudible. This is the first issue I have ever had with a Bose product.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

SoundSport not delivered

I would like to say that it is good product, but I can't. It was not delivered! Thinking to get best service, I have specifically purchased it from Bose on line. Now I discovered that whole system of Bose logistic is questionable!
I received no notification of dispatch, no tracking details.
It is 7 days since I paid for my order. After inquiry at Bose office yesterday, I'm being advised that my order was delivered. So what now? I rang them today again, supposedly now, my order is escalated and I my receive it within 5 days.
Very disappointing, such a large company and such a fuzzy handling of order and customers.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Very impressed with the quality

They have a very aesthetically pleasing design, which is backed up by a surprisingly comfortable feeling whilst wearing these, particularly over long periods of time (I recently enjoyed a 6 hour flight with no discomfort). The sound level is on the medium to high level, they offer a full bass sound, however they do let a decent amount of outside noise in. There's the positive of an integrated microphone (very acceptable peformance) and remote, but there are better sounding headphones out there at the same price point.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Really Enjoy These

I run with these every day and they make my life better! They have a superb dynamic range for sports headphones. They replaced some truly awful Panasonic's and the difference was so much it is almost silly. They have survived some pretty rough treatment and always some up good. I would replace them with the same if I lost them

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love them

Brilliant eat buds. Small, convenient, you don't lose them easily. The sound quality is exceptional, never any crackling or distortion. I own the soundsport for when I'm out and the quietcomfort for when I'm home and require for different use. Background noise is acceptable. I love Bose, best sound quality on the market currently in my experience. Customer service for difficulties and faults is exemplary.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

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