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Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

4.8 from 51 reviews

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Love it!

Love this product. Love the fact that is it Australian made, it is light with no big granules and it works so well. Never have any residue left in my machine. Highly recommend it.

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $9.00.

Causes Irritation No
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Thankyou so much for the wonderful review! Kind Regards, Bosisto's

The best

I am allergic to many washing powders and I found the Bosistos to be fine for sensitive skin, but also the eucalyptus is really good for getting out stains and such as well as being a disinfectant.
This is my number 1 washing powder. Although I don't always buy it because I have housemates who I share products with so I prefer to buy whatever Hypoallergenic powder is on sale when I shop.
Doesn't leave a eucalyptus smell, just clean.

Purchased in June 2019 at IGA for $8.50.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Great for eczema sufferers

I bought this on the recommendations of this forum. I get eczema on various parts of my body and this washing powder definitely helps with lessening my itching due to my clothes being pretty much chemical free. Great product and I'll continue buying it.

Purchased in May 2019.

What a revelation

I have always used well know brand recommended by washing machine manufacturer and had become increasingly dissatisfied with the clogging of my machine. Wow Bosisto was on special so I tried it. What a revelation. No more clogged up left over powder in dispenser, no more scratchy feel to my sheets and clothes, no more sneezing and now clothes come out clean first time. Even my husbands dirty overalls now don’t need to be on the long cycle just short cycle now. Reading the product statement it said Australian made AND Owned. Great news. Then it said no fillers yes that’s why it fits neatly in my cupboard(package smaller) and eco friendly. I went on line and purchased a bulk lot which saved me me money and time as I did find the product a little expensive when buying it not on special.
I am a convert for life now.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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What fantastic feedback! Thankyou so much for stopping by to add your review. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Great for sensitive skin

Found this on recommendation from a friend.
Always cleans well and have not had any skin reactions at all.
(And its safe for septic systems, even better!)

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Thankyou for your great review, Andrew! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Keeps my clothes clean and it's non irritating

I've had many challenges trying to find a washing powder that cleans well, is reasonably priced and doesn't irritate my skin or sinuses. Hooray for Bosisto's! It meets all of my criteria and it's by far the best washing powder I've ever used. I wash all my clothes (the ones that can go in the machine), including woollens using this product and it does a great job every time. Of course stains still need treatment or soaking. I usually buy it in Woolworths when it's on special but if you subscribe to Bosisto's newsletter they also have some good deals and useful cleaning tips. They don't bombard your inbox with their emails. The eucalyptus scent is pleasant without being overpowering which is a bonus as I am very sensitive to fragrances. This product is excellent.

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Hi Mondayitis Thankyou so much for your wonderful review and feedback! That's great news that our Sensitive Laundry Powder has proved non-irritating and best of all, performs well. We really appreciate you stopping by to let others know about our brand. People can join our email newsletter at www.bosistos.com.au. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

All Australian washing powder!!

Please. Take time to hunt this product down. Bosisto's Ecalyptus Washing Powder. It is brilliant!! Dead set!! But annoyingly they don't do anything to promote themselves. I have rung them up and tried to suggest that they do more marketing, but nothing happens. I have asked store managers in supermarkets to put it back on their shelves.
No, get nothing from Bosisto's at all, just the pleasure of buying and using it. The company is all Australian (made and owned) since 1852!

The powder is all natural and is very low allergy.

You might need to check a few different supermarkets in your area to see if it is stocked. But be diligent in your search because, if they do have it, Bosisto's will be given only one box width of space on the shelves. At around $10 per kg box, it is great value.... Much cheaper than the $5 boxes imported from overseas.

Because when you buy Bosisto's, you buy excellent quality, very safe on skin - low allergy and low chemical product... AND you help keep some of our Aussie heritage alive.

Please help me to keep this Aussie silent legend alive.

Enjoy! ☺️

Hi Happy Chap Thankyou so much for your lovely review! We don't have the marketing budgets of the Omo's of the world, but do the best we can! If you go to Bosisto's Facebook page and click on "Videos" - there's a 6 short animated video we run across social media, You Tube and Foxtel. We also participate in trade activity - catalogues & sales, and full page print ads in Woolworths & Coles magazines. And we obviously very much appreciate word of mouth from loyal supporters such as yourselves. It's so important. Thankyou again & Kindest Regards, The Bosisto's TeamDear Bostistos Official, Wonderful to hear from you!!! I didn't know Bostistos had people on staff to sell the product. It seems that the market share is shrinking rapidly as less supermarkets seem to be stocking Bostistos. I just replied to a fellow who has been looking for it in Wollworths. While your company may not be able to afford marketing budgets, it would be an advantage to Bostistos it it is st least on the shelf in every supermarket in Australia. Even if it only has the one unit width of shelf space. Kindest regards,Should have added that we have been using Bostistos for around 20 years.

So fresh! So clean!

I made the switch to Bosisto's Laundry Powder a couple of months ago, and could not be happier!

We have a grey-water system that directs to absorption trenches outside, so we have to be very careful about what household products are used and what goes down the drain. After not having much success with a couple of other eco-friendly laundry products, I gave Bosisto's a whirl after reading all the great reviews... and they're true!

It is super gentle on clothes, but they also come out so clean! And the eucalyptus scent is to die for. What is this witchcraft?

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Hahaha no witchcraft Emily, just a good Aussie made product! Glad you have had such success using our laundry powder, and thankyou very much for stopping by to add your feedback here. Kindest Regards, Bosisto's.

Ticks every box - outstanding results

I tried this laundry powder because I was looking for something that would get the stains out of my boys’ clothes but would be gentle enough to use on my baby’s clothes too. Well this product actually delivers! No longer do I have to buy two different detergents for baby’s clothes and for everyone else. No longer do I have to a-bomb the laundry with the better-known highly perfumed brands to get the laundry clean and irritate my sinuses with the smell. This powder smells very subtly fresh, rinses out well without leaving residue on the clothes and most importantly cleans everything consistently well. Also very happy to be reducing nasty chemicals in our home with a cruelty free Australian product. Just tried the bathroom spray and again very impressed. I never write reviews but this product really does tick all the boxes and people should know about it. Purchased at Woolworths but this week grabbed three kilos on special at Coles.

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Hi TommiCat, thankyou so much for your wonderful review! We are very pleased you're getting the results you're after from our laundry powder and thankyou for helping us spread the word :) Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Not bad at all

I bought the bositos clothes washing powder as I sometimes buy and use the liquid variant. I got the pack open and found a resealable bag so opened it up put the powder in with the clothes though, didn't remember to look inside for suds action. Got the clothes out then smelled the clothes like I usually do when trying a different laundry and was good - including the wearing of the clothes however, I didn't try on dirty clothes

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I would also like to add - dig the handy, green scoop

Practically perfect.

Great for / from us folks that have sensitive skin. Also for removing stains from workwear. Leaves a pleasant (not too 'soapy') smell to your wash. Consider worth the dollars. (We're pensioners now so watch out for (regular) specials at Woolworths. +we're buying Aussie

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Wonderful review! Thankyou so much for sharing :) Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Fabulous products

I use all the Bosistos products and find them to do an excellent job. and clean healthy smell . I am a big fan thankyou Bosistos ..and Australian made and owned.

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Thankyou for the wonderful review! Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Can’t go wrong

I have been using this product for over a year! It’s fabulous!! My partner is a heavy diesel mechanic and his work clothes are covered in grease, diesel and who knows what else!!! I was his clothes on a hot setting and use 2 scoops of this powder and it cleans like no other washing powder. Washing machine doesn’t have any leftover gunk that I need to clean. It’s also working wonderfully with my cloth nappies.
I use all of bosisto products and have throw out all the other chemicals. Finally a product that works and is Aussie.

These must be the best laundry products available in Australia

Felton Grimwade's Bosisto range must be the best laundry products available in Australia.

My wife and I have had excellent results from the Eucofresh laundry powder. It delivers. I bought it from Woolworths.

Unfortunately Woolworths no longer appear to stock the eucalyptus stain remover with applicator, but I'll hunt around and see if IGA (or if I must go there, downmarket Coles) stocks it.

This is an example of a quality Australian owned company that hasn't been bought out by the multinationals such as Unilever, Johnson and Johnson or Proctor and Gamble, so where I can I'll be continuing to buy these Bosisto products.

Hi Sandringham10, Thankyou so much for your wonderful review of Bosisto's Laundry range! We are very proud to be Australian made & owned, and put a lot of work into ensuring our products are not only natural, kind to skin and good for the environment, but they deliver results, too. Now, some bad news about the Pre-Wash. Unfortunately this has been deleted from Woolworths range and, as yet, we do not have an alternative retail stockist. We still hope to keep this product in our range long term, but in the meantime it is only available direct at our online store - www.bosistos.com.au (currently out of stock but coming soon). Apologies for any inconvenience, and fingers crossed this excellent product can remain in production permanently. Thankyou again for your support, your review has been passed on to the team. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.This sort of informative response is why this company ought be supported. Too often, companies give 'plastic' replies that don't address any issues raised. Obviously not so with this company. Presumably they refused to pay sufficient shelf fees to have the stain remover continuing to be stocked, not that I'm criticising Woolworths, which like Felton Grimwade is also Australian owned.


Recently I bought Bosisto's laundry powder to try; Only to find out when l placed it in the soap dispenser it turned into hard claggy particles. I had to remove it and flush the soap dispenser with hot water. Very disappointed with this product. Never buying it again. the company should be reported for false advertising.

Never buy OMO again!

Finding this wonderful Australian product has changed my laundry habits (with this product and many others by Bosisto) forever. No more of that (and you won't know that it's there until you stop using it!) overpowering "pong" from OMO/Cold Power and the like. Fresh eucalyptus ... just fresh really ... better still if you order online (and there are so many products you want - handwash, spray'n wipe, eucalyptus oil, pre-wash stain remover etc.,) they deliver to your door (free if you reach the minimum threshold).

Great all round.

It uses Eucalyptus, is biodegradable, good for sensitive skin, is Australian made & owned, & above all does a great job on cleaning my clothes. I love this stuff! No going back to anything else.

Hi Egg95, Thankyou so much for your wonderful review! We are very proud of our Bosisto's Laundry Powder, and glad that you love it too. Thankyou for supporting our Aussie company. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.I forgot to mention that i only wish it came in larger sizes. At the moment i can only find 1kg only in stores.

Hands down, the best product!

I've tried a lot of products in the past however this has been the best laundry product for us!
It completely dissolves in our front loader, has a pleasant smell, cleans amazingly (especially tough on stains), is excellent for my allergies, biodegradable (safe for our garden & septic system) & does not test on animals (woo-hoo!), can't get better than this!
I couldn't recommend this product (as well as other Bosistos products) enough!

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That's great to hear, Lisa! Thanks so much for adding your review & for supporting Bosisto's :) Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Excellent laundry products

Bought Bosistos washing powder a few years ago on my sisters recommendation and have been using it ever since. Excellent product. Cleans washing well, no residue, and leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean. I'm not keen on highly perfumed products. Gets delivered to door, so no more dragging heavy boxes of laundry powder home. Use the stain remover and wool wash also, and have found them to be excellent too.

Good find

After being advised to use a "hypoallergenic laundry detergent" by the chemist because of my son's skin, so glad I finally found this! There were so many products which said "sensitive, or "no added" this and "no added" that, making me question what they were and the neccessity of them, and whether some of them were really designed for sensitive skin. This all led me on a trail to find Bosistos.

I love putting my face into my clean laundry and breathing it in! Cleans very well in my front loader on the Eco wash (4 hrs). The fact that this product doesn't add extra unnecessary ingredients means I now freely wash my baby's clothes with the rest of ours. No more separate loads, since it's more to do with the detergent than my soiled clothes.

Happy :)

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Hi Grace, thankyou for your fantastic review! We're so glad you found Bosisto's and that it's helping your family cut down on harmful chemicals in the laundry. Thankyou for your review and for your support. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

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Questions & Answers

why no ingredients listed I know you say you don't have to but I feel customers need to know. also is this able to be used as grey water post laundry thanks
1 answer
Hi ellep We're more than happy to email you a list of ingredients, no problem. Contact cservice@fgb.com.au to request. We're currently developing a new website and our full ingredients list for our laundry and cleaning products will be published on that, too. And yes, the formula is suitable for grey water use. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

I have lichen scerllosis and contact dementitus from a possible product either bossitos sensitive or aware washing powder , also an allergy to lime stone is there a risk
1 answer
Hi Helen Bosisto's Senstive Laundry powder would not cause or exacerbate either condition you mention. It is independently dermatologically tested and proven non irritating to sensitive skin. The product also does not contain lime stone. If you have any other specific questions our R&D team would be happy to answer if you'd like to email or call us? Freecall 1800 655 841 or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Bosisto's.

Hi I'm on the hunt looking for a new powder to use to replace my last batch of old stock biozet. Is this product frangrance free? Does it clump at all and leave any small reaidue on clothes
4 answers
Hi Rudolph, This powder has always just left my clothes with a fresh smell, maybe a faint hint of eucoliptus, but not noticeable. And no clumping or residue (although this would/could be caused by overloading your medicine). Def recommend it.Thankyou I'll definitely give this a go. I tried omo sensitive which had no fragrance but leaves bit of residue.Hi Rudolph, when dispensing bosisto sensitive laundry powder there is a refreshing smell of eucalyptus but when washing completed a very slight aroma and I mean very slight aroma on items washed. There is definitely no clogging of powder in dispenser and no residue on clothing (which has always been a problem with all other laundry product I have used). I have found that on heavy stain I have had to use a small amount of bosisto laundry powder to help the removal of the stains. I have found bosisto a little expensive when not on special but the benefits for out way the extra cost. AND it is Australian owned!!!!


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