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Earth Choice Woolwash

Earth Choice Woolwash

4.8 from 26 reviews

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Its earth safe, it's super economical, vegan approved and BONUS - IT WORKS!

How good is this product, made right here in Australia, and one cap full, job done! I've used this product now for a few years in my front loader and in the hand wash bucket for delicate lace woolens. It's plant based, no animal testing, no phosphorus (safe for our natural water ways) and uses Eucalyptus Oil that cleans like a dream. One thing I've noticed is anything washed in this product seems to repel moths, and stays super soft, I put that down to the Eucalyptus Oil and vegetable glycerin? Also I live on acreage with a grey water Biosystem (sewerage) - not a problem, biodegradable wetting agent, so good. I have 3 VEGANS who live at home and IT'S VEGAN accredited, phew! Yes it comes in a plastic bottle but it's 100% post consumer recycled.

Purchased in July 2015 at Chemist Warehouse for $2.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Cheap, Effective & Has a Lovely, Fresh Scent

Earthchoice W'Wash is all I have used for years regardless of the fabric. It's gentle, leave no marks on darks & smells fresh. I add a little Earthchoice softener to my towel load, but that's it. I also only use Earthchoice D'Wash liquid. Earthchoice is cheap, effective & good for the environment too.

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles for $2.30.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


It is very soft detergent that does not spoil the clothes and maintain the colour of the clothes too. It has nice smell and keeps clothes very tidy and clean

I use this for practically everything.

Gives soft sheets and clean towels, etc. doesn't need excessive rinsing. Excellent for delicate personal items. I have recently given some of this product to my son who was having a problem with another product.

Worked as Promised

Was not intending to buy this product but was forced into it when Pental Softly wool wash failed miserably (see my separate review)

This was only $2.20 for 1 litre at Coles Directions state 30ml for front loading washing machines, thus you could wash your wool scarves every 6 months for 16 years!

Washed very well and rinsed completely. Initially a very faint eucalyptus smell when my scarves were damp but gone completely when they dried.

By the way I couldn't care less about it being 'environmentally friendly' It just works better.

As has already been said, an awesome product that's 1/3 the price of the others and actually works

Absolutely The Best

My wife did a pre-winter wool wash on the weekend and it was the first time with Earth Choice.
Really happy with the results !.
Everything clean, soft, smells ok, so no complaints here.
Reasonable price, better for the environment, cant ask for more than that.


I have found ALL Australian Earth products both excellent and economical. I do not rinse when using Woolwash and it leaves the towels and many other products soft and cuddly. Their mantra of using only natural ingredients has won me over and I now buy all products from Earth, the window wash is wonderful as it does not leave streaks on the window pane as so many others do.

The ultimate wash for woolens and everything else too

I have been using Earth Choice Woolwash for over 15 years and absolutely love it. I have a front loader machine and it cleans my wooolens, delicates, even a 'normal' load perfectly. Before my husband met me, he used to get allergies from the chemicals in his big brand washing detergent. The problem has gone now that I'm using this product. Why would anyone pay upwards of $8 for a chemical cocktail on your clothes when you can purchase something gentle and using a plant based formula for under $2.50? I really hope this product remains on supermarket shelves as I simply couldn't live without it.

Excellent product.

We bought a number of delicate clothing items in China - woolens and silks - and, as we had previously had superb results at a more than competitive price with Earth Choice products we decided to try E.C. Woolwash. Again, delighted with the result, environmentally friendly, and usually way cheaper than the 'big name' brands. Earth Choice gets our vote for laundry, kitchen, household cleaning, and personal care products.

Economical and effective

I use this for all my wool and delicate cycles, also good for hand washing and I use it for doonas and sleeping bags. washes well, rinses out well. you don't need a lot. Economical and effective

I use this for all laundry

A super cheap bottle of brilliance in the laundry! I use this for all washing, even hubby's work clothes, The eucalyptus works wonders on everything, a little goes a long way. No need to spend big dollars on expensive powders and liquid detergents when this little gem does it all.

lovely item

I only have one or two items that i have to hand wash that are wool and i used to hate having to pay a fortune for a product to use to wash them in. I really like the natures organics earth choice wash as it has a lovely smell to it its easy to use cheap in price and the really big bonus is that its environmentally friendly which is a key thing i look for in my products nowadays. Lovely modern packaging and is available in all the big named supermarkets and the small ones too. Great product, highly recommended!!
kind to the earth, smells lovely and ccheap too

worth the buy

It is great on woolens and delicate items. Leaves the clothes smelling clean and fresh. Great for the environment and on our skin.
It is affordable and works really well.
Nothing as yet

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is it necessary to rinse clothing afetr washing in the wool & delicate wash?

effective product for cleaning woolens

This is a really effective product for cleaning woolens and delicates. It is not expensive, and I always find that it works well. I use it to wash my delicate hand wash items and it provides a softly scented wash.
I don't have any negative experiences from using this product.
Overall, this is a excellent delicates wash made by Earth Choice. The product is environment friendly, which is a big plus. It is also very much on the lower end of the pricing scale, which makes it even better for the household budget. I really like the fact that its lightly scented and not too strong.
The product is environment friendly
Nothing at all.


Great cheap product for wool wash. I find it works and does the job like it says on the packaging. Its available at most supermarkets and its under $2.50 a bottle which is great value for money. I recommend to give it a go.
No residue. Cheap.
Bottle shape isn't ideal, it's too easy to accidentally put too much in!


This is a lightly scented woolen and delicates wash by Earth Choice. They are environment friendly and that is an added bonus. It is also very much on the lower end of the pricing scale, which makes it even better. I really like the fact that its lightly scented and not too strong.
This is a really effective product for woolens and delicates by Earth Choice. It is not expensive, but still works well. I use it to wash my delicate hand wash items too and it provides a softly scented result.
I don't have anything negative that I have experienced from this product.


A lower priced "wool" mix that does a great job. We have household members who are sensitive to detergents on their skin. This product doesn't cause any issues for us. I use this if I want to lightly wash sports gear that is smelly rather than dirty (mud).
No residue and great for woolens and delicates. Nice smell. Not too strong.
I would like more detail to support their green claims.


Love anything made by Earth Choice. As with every other product it smells great, is cheap, works well and is good for the environment. If you haven't tried this one, you'll be very happy!
Smells nice and is great for use on woollens and delicate fabrics. It's very cheap and economical as well as being good for our waterways!! More importantly is actually works. Makes a huge difference to the clothes. I use this for my babies lambie and it cleans it well while leaving it soft and smelling nice.
I sometimes find I use too much as its hard to pour out of the bottle with control.


I bought this on the recommendation of the reviews here and have not looked back. I have been so dumb in previous years using normal everyday detergent for delicates and wools i handwashed. Not anymore. I did not know a change in detergent would make such a huge difference. Now the woolens and delicats i wash are so much softer and has a nice fresh smell to it. The best thing is you only need a small amount and it really does go very far, making it very economical. The fact that it's environmentally friendly is also good.
Washes well, leaves a nice clean smell on clothes, cheap, environmentally friendly
Nothing at all!


It is nice to have a washing product that you can solely use for washing woollen clothing which tends to be a bit more tricky to wash. I really like the Earth Choice brand and this product does not disappoint. It does everything it says it will and does a nice gentle wash. I always see this product at the supermarket and it is very cheap compared to others like it.
A great product that is gentle on woollen clothing and very competitively priced. A brand that you know when you are using it it is helping the environment.
There are none.

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Can this product be used for sheep skin seat covers
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You can't use woolwash, only Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo - you'll have to use Google to find where to buy it.

Do you have to rinse your clothes after washing in woolwash
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Do you rinse after use
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I asked the question, do not know the answer

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