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The constant drone.

We replaced the old cooler about three years ago. ( Which had a drum type fan and was near silent.) I wanted to replace it with the same type but was told I would be wasting my money by the installer.
The constant drone from the motor on the new cooler has driven us crazy from day one.
They sent out their head Tech who agreed it must be a motor fault.
Two motors later and he said there is nothing they can do about it.
I spoke to the installer afterwards and he said their head tech told him he should have installed it over the laundry or a back room where we wouldn't hear it so much.
I would advise anyone to steer clear.
It's as noisy outside as in and we can't enjoy time in our patio area with it turned on.
I am genuinely surprised we haven't had complaints from the neighbours.

Purchased in November 2015 for $3,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Average
Room Type Whole House
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Hello xorstid, We are sorry to hear that the product has not met your expectations. Can you please email us at seeleysocial@seeleyinternational.com and provide your serial number, name and any details you have for the service technician. Once we have those we can work through what has happened here. Thank you ~ Craig

Almost useless during the day. Effective at night only

I was recommended by installer to get this brand and model to replace my 20 year old unit. The new unit is meant to provide relief to three upstairs bedrooms and hallway - four outlets in total. This will now be the third summer of using the unit.

Since day one, the unit has only really been effective during the warm nights - obviously as it is not exposed to the sun during this time. Daytime, however, is a different matter as the unit only provides cool-ish air. I feel that four $20 fans placed where the outlets are would be just as effective during the day.

Everything is in working order re: water, pumps, flushing, windows are open appropriately, etc. I have also been told by a number of installers that a 10.2kW unit should be sufficient for the four rooms it has to cool.

I am disappointed in my purchase. I would have only given the unit one star if not for the fact it seems to do its job on warm nights.

It would be good if Braemar would respond to my review.

Thanks for reading

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hello Bos Thank you for your review. We are disappointed that the unit has not met your needs or expectations, although it appears that it is working appropriately. Obviously there are many environmental reasons, beyond the unit, why it is not performing as expected. To allow us to look into this can you please send an email to seeleysocial@seeleyinternational.com. In the email can you give the serial number of the unit, your name and address with a contact phone number - as well as the installers detail if you have it. This allows us to look up the service history of the unit and have your issue reviewed by our local Service Manager. ~ Craig

This Unit Is Excellent.

The Evaporitive unit was installed in November 2017 and has been faultless.. Last week outside temperature 41 degrees and the unit kept the house around 26-27 degrees. I did run the unit from the morning before things got really hot. Highly recommend this unit. Installed by All Points Airconditioning Wagga Wagga.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hello Brew Thanks for taking the time to review the Braemar Paradigm, which is a fantastic product for those hot days. You'll have plenty of opportunities to test it out this week in Wagga Wagga, including a 45C on Wednesday! Always nice to get a five star review. ~ Craig

Quality Units

I have been working on and installing evap air cons for more than a decade. I have no deal happening with any company and are happy to put on any brand a customer wants. I believe the Braemar is the best value for money. Just compare the control board and pump to the other brands. Many of the complaints here relate to poor installs or the wrong size unit being chosen. I live in Perth and can say the five year warranty is upheld in a very professional manor. Seely International, who manufacture these units, has spent alot of time and money ironing out problems which have existed within their air cons. Unlike many other companies. I have never had a customer say they aren't happy with them. In fact some customers have called months later thanking me for my advice. I can only speak from a Perth perspective.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


I having lcq450 unit for 3 mouth now. First was very good very cool but had problem with dumping water. Water was going out dumping pipe even when it is off. Notice our water bill got double. They came and fix water leak problem now unit doesn't cool like before. Can't believe how much problem we keep get with new breamer.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

After one season it seems superior to the previous one

In 1999, finding I had some time and money free, we decided to buy ducted evaporative air conditioning. As I was a Plumber in the UK, many years ago, I put it in with help from my Son for the heavy lifting. The Roof Unit was an Air Group Australia, Cool Breeze CO, which was then the largest domestic unit available. Except for two lots of replacement pads and two replacement electronic controls within the unit, it performed magnificently. Then in July, 2016, we decided to replace it with the Seeley LCQ 550. Being retired for several years, I employed a private firm, run by Darren Piwen, of Premium Air. The installation went amazingly well, and the electrical was completed a couple of days later. The wall control seems so much easier, although it took some time to get used to it. Last season, although we had some very hot days the unit maintained the house temperature constantly.
I would definitely recommend this unit, it's made locally less than 50 km from where we live and Seeley make and ship units Worldwide, so they must be good after considering what completion there is from 3rd World manufacturers. It's good to know that the funds stay in Australia.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Very disappointed

I bought what was suppose to be the best unit with low maintenance and all I get is problems.
I used it for the third time 4 months after installation as it has not been very hot in Adelaide and it is faulty again, two out of three! I am not happy.
The first time the fault was due to a faulty solenoid unit. How much water was wasted I do not know, all I know is that it has been dumping water CONTINUOUSLY for up to two months. The installer said that I can claim the difference in water bill from Seeley but I doubt it very much.

Last night, my third usage of the unit, I left it on cool, vs fan, all night. At 6am, I woke thinking it must have been a very hot night since my house did not cool down much at 23.5 degrees. However, I checked the outside temperature and it was 24 degrees, I ended putting the bedroom fan on because it felt cooler. I have used evaporative systems before and my old unit of 60 years began to age, I should have tried to save that instead of getting this expensive and useless modern technology for over $5500!!!

If Australian industry does not make quality products and listen to it's customers when things go wrong, then why should we buy Australian goods?

Not happy.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Cool but a little noisy

installed last summer, feel Cool enough. 6 outlet to all rooms.
The controller looks great, color lcd touch screen.

but a little bit too noisy, can be hear in main bedroom. Even the water pump noise can be hear.
Maybe it is the problem with the installation job I think, will check next year when using.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Excellent Evaporative Unit

This unit works more effectively than our previous unit. The handy timer setting makes it convenient to set it to start cooling our house before we get home and we use the timer to switch it off too. The unit is quiet and efficient. We love it and highly recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Replaced an old unit

We replaced the old Coolair unit due to a controller fire.
We used to have to turn it down, even on the most humid (100%) of high 30s days.
This new one uses just as much power, yet it in no way copes with a 420m3 house.
Luckily, it's an insurance job, so we're going to get them to replace it with a unit of the same capacity as the old one.
Most unimpressed.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Many problems and expensive.

We built a new house and installed the Braemar, both heater and cooling system, at the same time. The LCB 550 has many problems, the water pump died in 5 years, the water valve did not automatically shut automatically.

The heater which went with this installation had 3 services under warranty period, the first two times were problems with the sensors, the third time was problem with the burner.

The service for the LCB 550 is VERY expensive! I called Braemar today (22/11/16) to replace the water pump, $140 for calling out a technician for 15 minutes, with the double story house I have to pay additional $90 for second technician (call-out charge, of-course for per 15 minutes). Cost per 15 minutes after that is $30. Part's price is going to advise on the date of inspection.

I can't find my invoice for up loading here but I still keep the warranty card with serial numbers.


Date PurchasedFeb 2011

Cold winter

Braemer is the worst brand of air conditioning you could ever buy too many faults in both heating and cooling. After 2 attempts to resolve issues with both heating and cooling and after very expensive pay out with still no success we are freezing this winter! I will never but Braemar again and suggest no one else does!

15 + years and still working GREAT.

Update - 02/11/2018. Had Seeley Service in today to service the unit, replace solenoid and all 4 Pads - At $570 or 15 1/2 years usage translates to less than $38 per year service costs - very good outcome IMHO.
Original Review unchanged.
Mine is the original LCB 450-G Paradigm model, ducted to 6 rooms, hard wired cable from Evap. unit to inside wall mounted controller. It is still the same simple propellor fan mounted directly on top of the motor output shaft blowing down. Later it become the Braemar LCQ 450 but with upgraded drive controls and remote, but almost exactly the same.
The motor buzzes a little at low speed (typical of old style motor controllers) and on fast speed the fan/air flow is a little noisy but acceptable. It's still giving the maximum 14 deg-C temperature reduction. Got up on the roof recently for the annual check and clean out - the original pads look a little weather effected (grey and starting to flake a little) but still working very effectively. Won't need to be changed soon unless I notice a drop in efficiency. The only problem I had in over 13 years was the hard wiring connection at the control box to the inside remote, it was a loose wire inside the connector plug at the control box in the Evap unit. I initially thought I would have to wait a couple of weeks for a service guy (in mid summer they are hard to call in) but the next day I found the problem, so he was not needed. On the few very humid nights I just turn the unit to fan only and that usually gives enough comfort. Hope the fantastic run continues. I will not hesitate to buy a similar model again, if this unit ever dies. A friend has one of the later BreezeAir models (motor in fan with updated controls) and it is super quiet but I still like the simplicity of the LCB/Q drive. Either way - Well done Seeley International on a great product range.

Date PurchasedFeb 2003

Lack off performance

I replaced a cool breeze unit which was great would cool 5 rooms & auto cut off when temperature reached. Now new unit will only cool when the weather changes to cool.
The result now is on a hot day I have to revert to refrigeration unit enabling quick cooling of house.
Not happy.

old v new

i have just replaced a 13 year old aqua breeze evap. and replaced with a model 350 braemar .we are very disappointed with the performance in comparison to the old unit. We would have to turn the old unit down but this one has to be on max. to receive any benefit.The installer has been out and checked the unit for any faults and is happy with the operation. I also compared cooling with next door who have a breeze air unit which is better running at half than our unit running at maximum. Rated three stars for quiet running probably should be less than that but i am not a critic and am trying to be fair. We as pensioners are very disappointed with our new purchase in fact in the instruction book there is reference to if it gets to cold, well i can assure you that will never happen with this unit.
quietness of running
doesnt cool as well as old unit

Brilliant Evaporative Cooler! (model: LCB450)

We have just installed a Breamar ducted evaporative cooler (model: LCB450) 6 to points in our home. The unit's cooling power is simply amazing and we are very impressed how it performs, even on more moderately humid days where traditionally evaporative coolers have not been so useful. The unit is very well built and the installer was fastidious with fitting it perfectly into our home. The features on the remote are great with timer on and off settings and a smart little auto setting that allows us to set just the right amount of cooling. Love the fact this is maintenance free and I don't have to get up and empty the unit at the end of summer. The auto weather seal is great also.
Cools our entire home with fresh cool air
The original fan unit was faulty. The faulty part was replaced under warranty.

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Questions & Answers

my fan has stopped working, no alarms or faults are shown....control panel is normal. any ideas ?
1 answer
Hello Paul You can use the online Service Agent finder to get help for the issue you are having. You can also use the link to book a service. See https://www.seeleyinternational.com/residential/find-a-service-agent/ Thanks ~ Craig

Technician has recommended replacing our old Breeze air with a Braemar. We live in a timber constructed house with iron roof and no ceiling insulation. I thought the Breeze air was noisy and the Braemar is noisier from what I’ve read. I’m concerned that I will find the Braemar too loud. Can you advice on the difference in operating noise levels of the two systems please?
No answers

Is it reasonable for 7outlet of single home to install Braemar LCQ 550 (14.1W) ? Dose LCQ 550 using a lots of power or not , compare with LCQ 450 ?
4 answers
I think 450 is enough . I have 450, 6 outlet and doing very good job. It's not using much power but i have notice our water usage increaseThanks to feed back your opinion...Really helpful VivI own the largest one, but have 9 outlets. My view has always been to buy the highest capacity of air conditioner, simply because you specifically don't get air conditioning to combat temperatures below 30oC, you get it so that when the temperature soars you can sit or move around in comfort. No point in sitting sweltering to save a couple of hundred up front and save on electricity and water costs if for a several weeks you are terribly, terribly uncomfortable and can't sleep due to being too hot. However, when the temperature drops to a comfortable level the cooler doesn't use significantly more because it's bigger, the thermostat regulates the fan and pump speed and thus the amount of power used. I guess at peak times some users may need to watch the power consumption, but I have no knowledge how they are going to do that.


Braemar Paradigm LCQ 250 (7.6kW)Braemar Paradigm LCQ 350 (10.2kW)Braemar Paradigm LCQ 450 (13.2kW)Braemar Paradigm LCQ 550 (14.1kW)Braemar Paradigm LCB 450 (14.0kW)
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Indoor Unit Width1150mm1150mm1150mm1150mm
Indoor Unit Depth1150mm1150mm1150mm1150mm
Reverse CycleNoNoNoNo
Cooling Capacity7.6kW10.2kW13.2kW14.1kW
Indoor Unit Height685mm685mm835mm835mm

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