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Brauer Paw Paw Ointment

Brauer Paw Paw Ointment

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jule61Western Australia, 6157

  • 20 reviews

Tossed it, waste of money


It was thin and greasy going on. Does not layer and build on the lips. It tastes awful - petroleum jelly flavour. I tried it for a few days in spite of the off taste hoping it would work to plump and moisturise my lips, but it failed to do so and I ended up tossing it. The last straw was a shot of thin oil squirting on lip then running down to my chin when I squeezed to apply it. It tasted like baby oil!
The only thing I liked about it was that it comes in a small tube that fits easily in my handbag. Oh and I liked the idea of pawpaw

Purchased in November 2019.

Value for Money

Captain Snooze

Captain SnoozeMurwillumbah

  • 2 reviews

Great remedy for skin infections! But hard to find.


I have used that other Aussie Paw Paw ointment for years. Works great, but Brauer's works much better, having twice the concentration of fermented paw paw. Better still it has all natural ingredients; NO petroleum jelly. It smells great, feels wonderful on the skin and works BETTER on my skin infections than prescription antibiotics. I love this product. When you look for this product you will be unable to read the BRAUER name on the label, it is so small. Look for the words PAW PAW (large) with PETROCHEMICAL FREE and NATURAL OINTMENT above and below PAW PAW in medium size letters.


nayNewcastle, NSW

  • 12 reviews

Love this Paw Paw


I had used another Paw Paw ointment for uears until I discovered this. I love the smell, my partner didnt at first and now loves it. I love the feel of it. I purchased the tub and it wasn't too hard or too soft. My son gets a really red and itchy nose around Spring, the skin starts flaking off and scabbing as he's scratching it constantly. This Paw Paw ointment he has told me fixes it straight away. It soothes and eases redness. We use it on nappy rash, sores when the kids hurt themselves, dry lips, even on our dogs leg as he constantly bites a sore on there. We could not be without it now. I do understand some people may not like the smell, but I guess you can smell before you purchase :)


E.SharmanMid North Coast, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Have tried them all.


I had to use Steroid cream for years, for a rash (side-effect of my medication). the rash went away after a few days of using this ointment& it continues to keep the rash in check.


stueyVictoria, Australia

  • 10 reviews

Great for eczema


I've been trying to avoid using cortisone creams as much as I can with my 2 kids. I randomly selected this product to use on my son's upper lip area which was red and chaffed. I was amazed after one application as the skin started to improve. My son likes the smell and it doesn't sting. I bought a tube originally and the oil does seperate which is very messy. I now just buy the tub and haven't had this problem. I mainly use it overnight and it does calm the eczema down with regular application.

Quite disappointing when using this product


I purchased this because Lucas Paw Paw ointment was not available.
Upon using this, the ointment has the oil is not mixed in consistently. You get the paw paw in the middle, and then a layer of runny oil. I've tried shaking & mixing the ointment, but still very oily.

Only reason for 2 stars, is I quite like the smell of it.



  • 273 reviews

reasonable product


I think I have bought this product before it a little tube form / it's easy to put on though very greasy and takes a few days to work properly / I would recommend it though

Amazing stuff

Nanna To 2

Nanna To 2Brisbane

  • 3 reviews
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Very disappointed


After reading rave reviews about this product I purchased a tub to use as a barrier cream at nappy change.It was rock hard and smelled disgusting.Impossible to spread on baby's bottom or use as a lip balm.unless I got a bad batch I cannot understand what all the hype is about,

Rock hard and disgusting smell.



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Best Paw Paw ointment out there


I got given a tube of this as a gift last year on my birthday and I've been hooked ever since. The ingredients are heaps better than with any other brands of paw paw. As my friend pointed out to me when she offered it to me, paw paw is not at the bottom of the ingredients list! This ointment heals quickly most skin problems, the whole family uses it.
Works great, smells divine, very good ingredients.
so popular that the shelf is often empty, have to really stock up when they are available for sale at the pharmacy

Amazing - actually contains Paw Paw and no nasty petrochemicals.....not like Lucas


I have been trying to find a Paw Paw lip balm without all those petrochemicals. I cant believe Lucas is basically Vaseline, but a friend in the know told me. when I checked I found it also has pretty much no Paw Paw

So when I came across this in Chemist Warehouse I thought great. It smells great, feels great and goes on beautifully - it even has Shea butter and honey.

Smells amazing, great packaging
Nothing - just hard to find - I found it in Chemist Warehouse, but I have since found it in other chemists



It's God sent!




  • 3 reviews

Great baby stocking stuffer or baby shower gift


I have been including this in my my baby showers gifts and the reaction is always 'OH WOW'. My friends love using a natural formulation that works and smells great.

Nice ingredients: Paw paw of course, honey, shea butter & vitamin e

The packaging looks pretty cute on their nappy change stations too!
Nice smell, effective results, no petrochemicals, nice packaging
Sometime a little difficult to find stores that stock it

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Questions & Answers



Where do i buy this product from please as I have dermatitis? - cheers

2 answers

A lot of chemist seem to have them otherwise you can order direct from the Brauer website.


Howdy - I asked this question then remembered that I bought some before though I couldn't remember which chemist I bought it from / I will look out for the product to possibly buy it that's if I can afford it at the time - anyway thanks again - cheers



Can I use this product on my dog who has itchy skin

2 answers

I'd certainly try - it worked a treat on my niece who had bad ecemea


Yeah you could probably try putting the cream on your dog though be prepared to have very greasy fingers



I have just purchased your pawpaw ointment but. When i try to squeeze it out a clear liquid pours out and a dry ointment. Is this how it is supposed to be? Robyn

1 answer

Howdy - probably not / when I bought my packard it was totally just a paste / there is probably something wrong with it / either call up the manufacturer or go back to the shop you bought it from - cheers

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