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Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

4.5 from 434 reviews

A good and Gentle product

I have been recommended by the GP to apply this for my daughter's lip.
It really works well on her dry lips and fully recommended it to friends who would like to have a natural/ organic based of ointment.

Purchased for $3.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

Can't live without this!

I've been using Lucas' Papaw Ointment for many years now. My three adult daughters have also been using it since their teen years. It's great for dry chaffed lips, is convenient to carry around, and helps manage my, mild but irritating, dermatitis on my fingers. It's also great on dry skin patches on the body and insect bites and irritation. It helps soothe and heal better than any other product I've tried. Years ago, Vaseline was the go to product for these issues, but I much prefer Lucas' Papaw Ointment. I often have dry bits of skin around my nails, as do my daughters, and I find this help with that issue. I have about 7 tubes of this amazing product all over the house; in my handbag, on my computer desk, and in every room in the house. The price of this ointment is very affordable and I can't praise it enough - it is worth every cent!

Purchased at Target for $5.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

Spotlight on Lucas

Attention attention spotlight spotlight on lucas . The smartest brand around that has reaped the awards and glory the last 8 years. Great cream 4 any skin condition the mother jar too reaps all its rewards from its teacher . Isnt it just perfect to be loved by everyone . Sweet ingedients while the rest of us are bad tempered apparently

Purchased for $6.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application

A handy product

It's a handy product to keep in your bag or take on holiday, but I don't see what the hype is about it as a lip balm. Great for cuts, but I didn't enjoy it as a lip balm.

Purchased .

Soothing & wonderful, but not good if hoping will fight infection

I love this for soothing and helping heal scratches/minor wounds, skin irritation, and bites/stings. From my experience don't use this if the area is starting to get a little infected - I've found on more than one occasion not at all effective in fighting the infection (tip: colloidal silver cream is excellent for that - a natural antibiotic & works great on say a scratch or cactus spine puncture that's red & inflamed). I also found Papaw did not soothe minor burns (& with the high petroleum jelly component prob isn't a good idea to use it on burns) but I would still always have some on hand - for eg best thing I've found for fresh cat scratches. :)

This stuff is great. Best for cracked and raspberry lips.

I was recommended this for my son who licks his lips as a stress thing at school causing them to go red and crack. This has been the best thing for it.

can't live without it

Been using Lucas pawpaw ointment for really dry skin its great I love it I put it on everyday skin is a lot smoother and not itchy I Weill continue using it

Its the BEST

Lucas' Papaw is the greatest multi-use product i own. I have a tube of it in my work desk, handbag and nightstand. I find it great for dry lips, insect bites, grazes and nail cuticles.

Love it. Helps with dry lips and even cuts

I can use this for literally anything and it's so useful. I love it so much. Had cuts on my thigh when I tripped and fell over in a bush, used this and my cuts were healed the next day.

Best ointment for rashes and skin hydration without a doubt

I cannot praise this ointment enough. It has the best healing and hydration properties I have come across. For nappy rash or sweat rash this clears it up and heals the skin. Also, to keep your skin plump and hydrated, after your shower, put an amount about the size of a pea in your hands, blend it through your hands and rub it all over you face and neck. Over a period of an hour or so it will soak into your dry area's of skin and sit on top where it is lest needed. keep rubbing back into you whole face and neck until it all absorbs. This helps keeps your skin soft, hydrated and I believe helps prevent fine lines. I use this ever day and everyone always complements me on my skin. Give it a try you will love it. Don't spend a fortune on expensive creams, this works and also prevents chapped lips, I love it !!!


Nothing better then being able to pull out my paw paw ointment and the best part is it's versatile i use it for everything and when my baby has nappy rash aswell.

Introduced when I was breastfeeding

My sister gave me a pot of Lucas Pawpaw Ointment almost 20 years ago when I was still in hospital after the birth of my daughter.

She suggested I use it on my sore nipples. It worked a treat and I’ve used it ever since for itches, dry skin and lips.

Would recommend to anyone and especially like having a handy tube in my handbag.


Excellent stuff, I use it for many things so does like everyone else in my family. Always carry one in my bag when I can, excellent to have on for small things.

Perfect product,,

Excellent product. We use it for our lips and elbows. It is great for itchy skin and minor cuts. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is affordable and available at most grocery stores and chemists.

Cost Effective Product that Works!

Have used this product for years.
Great all rounder for itchy skin, burns, scratches, mozzie bites, lips & even for kids & pets.
Have one in my bag, bathroom & car. Very affordable.

A must have in my cupboard

I've been using Lucas paw paw ointment for many years for itchy skin, as soon as I apply it the itching stops. It is just so reliable to have handy, is cheap and natural, I wouldn't be without it. So many other products claim to do this or that and nearly always fail I find, but not this ointment. I love it.

Loved this

I have been through 3 tubes now, it is always in my handbag. Perfect for my lips and dry elbows but i also use it for so many other reasons as well. The kids also like it and we use for first aid as well. The scent and feel of it are great.

First aid

I use Lucas' Papaw Ointment as a first aid for all the family, even for pats. The texture is really thick and oily but it's OK. It works really well on rash, burns, scratches. Happy with results. Must have one!

Two or Three Tubes (or Tubs) On The Go At Any Time

I have been using Lucas' Papaw Ointment for years and on anything from dry skin to burns to cuts. I currently have a tube in my bag and one in the car, and a small tub on my bedhead. I love the smell and texture and I believe this natural fruit derivative has magic healing properties for all manner of skin irritations and injuries - although I've never tried it on a bruise. The tube size is good and is reasonably priced. It also lasts a long time. The only downside is that it is very oily and takes a while to soak in, so I always make a mess of the steering wheel! But my skin feels super soft and moisturised after. Highly recommended.

Perfect for cracked lips

Everyone I know recommends this and I can see why! Handy for those with cracked lips, and for minor cuts and scraps. Product is a bit thick, sticky and oily hence probably not best for face use except on the lips. Very affordable and handy to carry around. What I like most about it is that it contains papaya and is an Australia company/product

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Questions & Answers

Can paw paw be used for thrush?
2 answers
Nope only Canesten. Dont always assume itchiness is thrush. Sometimes its the PH level 1 has in ones system . To reassure yourself always have a urine sample taken at your local GP before u self diagnose.I'd see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment If it is Thrush, a Canesten prescription should do the trick, as Vanessa stated. I wouldn't be using any kind of Papaw ointment for this condition on myself.

Does papaw ointment can heal or treat ringworm?....
No answers

Can I use Lucas ointment to reduce my old acne scars? Also keep skin smooth?
2 answers
As scars are permanent, you will need to see a dermatologist to reduce them. Depending on the scaring, they may be able to reduce or get rid of them through either laser surgery and possibly through filler. However, the ointment will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.Thank you ..all the way from Qatar


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