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Propovir Coldsore Ointment

Propovir Coldsore Ointment

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Truly a speed healer!

For me this is the best product to use once the blister is present. Ive had cold sores all my life and have tried EVERYTHING! I fear them less knowing this will heal the ugly sore within a few days with minimal cracking and bleeding. THANKYOU!

Life saver I can't live without it

I've been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember and this cream is the ONLY ONE the works. I've literally tried everything from tablets to prescription meds propovire is the best if I feel a tingle and put this on I wake up with nothing if I have one and apply for a day it's gone. Absolutely magic and I'm obsessed just wish more stores sold it then just woolworths!! Best cold sore cream ever

Thank god for Propovir!!

I have struggled with cold sore anxiety since I was 8 years old. I fear getting them, they make me feel so self conscious and I have never had any success with reducing their outbreak until now!

I bought this product from Woolworths because it was on sale, and I hadn’t tried it before. It is the first and only product that has ever had a positive effect on my outbreak!

I usually use Zovirax and have never seen results this quickly- my cold sores usually last for around 10 days sometimes the scarring is for weeks after.

I Felt a tingle so decided to open up my propovir, I applied it once and the following day I had a sore. But the major difference between life before propvir and after is that my cold sores used to have around 8-10 little blisters in one area. This time around I only had one major blister!!! I had a warm shower, burst the blister and cleansed the area with toner and ear buds, then applied the propovir and woke up in the morning with no more blisters and a minor cold sore scab that was red, but no wear near as ugly as what it usually is!

I am so relieved and thankful to have come across this product and I had to share my experience because I have never felt so positive about having cold sores! I usually have 5-7 days off of work because I don’t want to be seen with it on my face, I’ve also tried the little round sticker patches and they are useless for me because I sweat easily and they peel up at the sides. I have complete confidence in this product and will gladly share my experience! The formula leaves the area looking a little glossy but to any observers it probably just looks like pawpaw ointment on a zit or some lipgloss! Thank God I found this product and gave it a go


I have always had Cold Sores, and tried every trick in the book.
I developed one after a stressful weekend and the only place I could go to was the supermarket. I chose this on because it was on special because I didn't want to pat full price for 'useless supermarket medicines'.

I am converted and when i lost my tube somewhere, I went right back and got another, it stopped the spread, the pain and no nasty scab.

I keep this in my fridge at all times

I was sceptical of this ointment but thought it was worth a try. I had not noticed a cold sore develop until it was to late to use oral antiviral. Started with vectovir but it kept getting bigger. Switched to propovir and my cold sore was healed in 4 days with no nasty scab. it was very soothing and took the sting out of it.

Like any other cold sore cream

Creams are great and Propovir is as good as any of the others on the market. As a cold sore sufferer since my teens I have used most and found that the cream suppresses the cold sore from one part of my face only to appear in another place. I have since discovered Elovax which I now use as soon as I feel the tingle. It works better then any other treatment I have tried. I have been told it is best to use when the tingle fist starts but I have found even after an outbreak Elovax still helps eleviate continuation inflamation.

The one and only (TIP cut open the empty tube to get the last bits out)

i keep multiple tubes handy and at the first sign (tingle) i let it rip. non toxic (unless you are allergic to bees - So test it on a small part of your body like the back of your hand.) most of the cold sores never get to a blister stage but if they do then keep using this at every stage because its waxy it keeps the sore moist and it doesn't taste bad when you lick the spot. which happens sometimes without thinking. wont use anything else. I have an old tube of zovirax in the drawer that i refuse to use after finding this product. it looks like you don't get much but its heaps. TIP cut open the tube with some scissors to scavenge the remnants. i have done this on several occasions thinking it has run out and i get another full treatment out of the inside of the tube. poor design.

Amazing. It's my new go to ointment for coldsores.

Having had coldsores since I was a kid, I thought Zovirax was a revelation. Until I found Propovir. Shrinks the viability & more importantly the throbbing pain goes away quickly. I think it heals faster too.

I've tried everything and this works

I have suffered from cold sores for years and have tried everything available over the counter creams, patches, vitamins. I just wish I had found this sooner, as it really works! I've only been using it since April but already It's stop a few nasty cold sores right in their tracks. I can't live without it, hope it's always available to me!

Highly recommended - very impressed

When I get coldsores I get them with a vengeance.
I've tried most of the creams - they work, but for me it takes at least a whole week before the coldsore itself is gone, then begins the healing of the skin.
This product, when used in conjunction with taking Lysine and plenty of vitamin C, achieved these results in no more than half that time. There was also less discomfort while waiting for it to work its magic.
Thank you to the creators, and God bless the bees.

Brilliant stuff! BEE-rilliant!

Had an unexpected Cold Sore breakout. Chemist recommended this over Zovirax. I cannot rave about this enough! From what threatened to be a massive breakout calmed down to a mere slight inconvenience! This will be my go-to cold sore treatment.

Best ointment for cold sores

I love this product. I used Propovir about 2 years ago and have not had a cold sore since. I highly recommend this ointment and always recommend to friends an family.

Read reviews, tried it, it did not work for me.

Read all the reviews on Propovir and thought I will try this product instead of zovirax as it claims to work at all stages of cold sore cycle. My cold sores have now taken way longer to heal (16 days) and it has been an ineffective sollution for me and a waste of money. I do not have any bee allergies, but do have allergies to some grass pollens.

I will never use another cold sore cream

I have had cold sores on and off at times of stress and when sick. I struggled on with creams and tried lots of different types. Finally I found propovir and my life literally changed. This stuff is incredible. I never write reviews but I had to for this.

If allergic to bees don't use this product

I have been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember. I seen this new product propovir and thought I would give it a go. As other creams haven't worked that well. Little did I know that I would have an allergic reaction to this. The reason is bees propovir is used from an ingredient called propolis which comes from the bees hive which is like a kind of bee glue. I ended up going to doctor as I started to feel like my airways were closing. I now have a 3 day course of medication
DO NOT use if you know you have allergies to bees.

I'll never go to another product again

This is a really quick remedy and with a great price. It's Easy to find in the local supermarket. I highly recommend this.
i won't use any other product for cold sores

Life changing for cold sore sufferers

Cold sores suck and come at the worst time always.
This is miracle cream. Can apply it up to 5 times a day when you notice you have one and it stops it turning gross. And shrinks back down and goes away, doesn't get past the blind stage.
Or if you already have a bad one it'll shrink it down within 2 days which is awesome as cold sores can stay for weeks at their worst !!


Instantly feels better after applying and coldsores heal so much faster then with any other product i have used. Also a great price! This is the only cram i would ever recommend

Magic cold sore cream

I have cold sore for almost 5 years, it often recur at least once a year, and i would suffer from it for 2 weeks till healed by itself, even with any medicine. There are blister and swelling on the lips, making ugly looks. By chance, i used the Propovir onto my ugly lip recommended by pharmist last year, and it totally healed in the next two days. I can regard it as a lucky time because it could be not the cream, just should be done by itself. However, I got another cold sore today. it became swelling and burning on my lips with Virasolve, since no pripovir was in that pharmacy. it turned out that my condition was much worse than before.

finally, I switched back to Propovir next day. Amazingly, the lips got better in the 18 hours, and almost healed. Thanks to Propovir! Love you so much!

Questions & Answers

Oh dear the tube was about third full, after trying to squeeze it out, bought today and you say use 5 times a day barley any left for tomorrow. Are they always about a third full? very disappointed. Heather Gibbie
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The tube doesn’t seem very full but you don’t need very much on each application. I also squeeze up from the bottom of the tube to get all the last bits out. I only used it a couple of weeks ago on a cold sore that popped up overnight. The cold sore remained small , did not spread and was gone in 3 days.Lucky you. I’m not having much luck. Went to a different Pharmacy today both Pharmacists thought it was pretty much the same as a good lip gloss. Makes you wonder!My tube was reasonably full, and as a long term Cold Sore sufferer, this was the best thing I have used in a long time!

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