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Dynamiclear Rapid

Dynamiclear Rapid

4.5 from 25 reviews

Great Product

This product works so well for me but I have not been able to find the little canister anywhere. The outbreak can be gone within one or two days with this product. Have never found anything else that clears it up as quickly as this. The problem for me is that I do not like the little single application packs. I want the canister back!

ITs changed for the worse

I found this product in 2015 and had to order from Australia - I used it and it was simply amazing- so good that I quit getting my anit viral meds. Now that this stuff is out on amazon and other marketing and purchasing outlets, I feel that the formula has changed and is not as effective, and the cost has skyrocketed. So unfortunately this once great product is now making money over keeeping it’s efficacy and I’m so disappointed.

my cold sores have always been uncontrollable

AMAZING PRODUCT. (ONLY PRODUCT THAT STOPS COLD SORE RIGHT AWAY) since i was little I've suffered from cold sores, about three a year. Ive tried every medication on the shelves. I came to a conclusion that there was nothing to help stop the cold sore from taking its full course of turning into a huge bump on my lip. I came across Dynamiclear and couldn't believe that in one day my cold sore was hardly noticeable. Im not the type of person to write reviews but i couldn't resist myself. The price is a little higher than average but hey, you sure do get what you pay for.

Perfect,can't believe how good this product is

Fantastic product,have been using this on and off for about 10 years.
The only problem is getting DYNAMICLEAR in pharmacies.
I want to buy it in Melbourne but an unable to get it.
I buy in in Qld

I love Dynamiclear!

I've suffered with coldsores since I was a kid. No matter what I used to use they would still turn into huge, ugly sores that would take 2 weeks to go away. But I've used Dynamiclear about 4 times in the last couple of years and the coldsore doesn't even make it past a little bump and is gone in 24 hours. I don't feel a tingle when I'm getting a coldsore, but do feel a sore bump starting and I have had Dynamiclear on hand to get to it straight away. It just stops it in it's tracks and I feel like I haven't actually had a coldsore for a couple of years! I haven't tried using it when the sore is more than a few hours old so I can't comment on it's effectiveness for use on more advanced coldsores. I used my last vial last night and tried to buy some more this morning at my local chemist in Brisbane but they don't sell it, so I'm about to try and find some online.

It Works, and it's Back!

Dynamiclear Rapid is the only product that ever stopped Cold Sores in their tracks for me. Just like other sufferers of this herpes virus I have had a terrible time coping with these scabby sores, and my teenage years were the worst of all (Imagine a first date at the Drive-In with a lip full of scabs, Yuk!). Anyway enough of the horror stories, I tried every ointment, cream, lotion, etc with no real relief, you name it I have tried it. I sought medical help, but this little virus has the experts stumped, which is why it is still around today.
And then I saw Dynamiclear Rapid at my local Pharmacy, so I bought some and waited for the next attack on my lip by the dreaded herpes army. It came and I immediately applied the Dynamiclear as instructed, and lo and behold the itchy little lump shrank and disappeared! No scab, no pain, my lip just went back to normal!
This product may not work for everyone, but it certainly works for me.
There was some action taken against the product a short while ago in relation to some unsubstantiated claims made on the packaging, so it disappeared from the Pharmacy shelves for a while. But it is now back with new packaging. At the moment I find the best source for the product is on eBay, but I'm hoping that it finds it's way back into Pharmacies soon.
Be aware that the new Packaging makes no mention of Cold Sores, it merely describes itself as a Lip Care product, but the ingredients are exactly the same as the old product.

Bloody amazing

I been experiencing cold sores for 50 years best product I've used.have been using dynamo clear for 5 years. My biggest problem is purchasing it only seem to be able to get it on eBay .also is starting to become very expensive.i would use nothing else and find it difficult to believe some people say it is no good

Would not use anything else great product

I have suffered greatly with cold sores for 40 years, I have used Dynamiclear 6 times and has worked for me everytime. It stops the coldsore in its tracks, even if the coldsore is quite large it still reduces size and no more pain and irritation.
Any left over solution I put over my entire lip though just in case as the cold sore virus spreads to other areas of the lip so quickly. Still can not work out why this is so expensive for just a tiny vial. Liquid gold literally.

Fantastic product

I found this product years ago and worked quickly for both my son and husband. Spent year trying all the other brands and lysine tabs etc. I haven't been able to find it for a while on the Gold Coast but will order on line if I can. Definitely worth it.

Great! Finally something that works!

I like this product! It was a pharmacist in Manly, Queensland who suggested
it to me. And it works for me, where Zovirax doesn't work for me any longer.
I have occasional cold sores (especially after exhaustion, climbing a
mountain in the heat, going on a holiday with jetlag and outdoor

I have used it twice now. The first time the effect was not so clear as the
cold sore was already in its second day. The second time I applied the
product after two hours of the first signs and I hardly noticed the cold sore in the following
days. Really great! My advice: it may be more expensive than a cream, but hey, it actually works!
Probably best to apply as early as possible.

Dont waste your money

I could have taken a $20 bill and lit it on fire and would have the same result. $20 for small tiny and a tip.
Liquid does nothing. Buy the cheaper creams, they work better.

First time user - I'm sold

I bought a tiny little vile of Dynamiclear Rapid at our local pharmacy to keep on hand. It cost me $18, so I wasn't so sure if this was a cash cow or if it actually works. I developed a sore throughout the day and I put it on as directed in the evening. A few minutes later it began to sting - it actually felt like my lip was on fire. However, it only lasted about 10 minutes. The next morning, the area of my sore was blue from the liquid, but the swelling had gone down and it had dried up significantly. It is now 2 days later and it's more or less gone. Normally they last about 3 weeks, [swearing word removed]. I am going to buy it again and make sure I keep it on hand for the next one.

Jury is out

I used this at the beginning of a cold sore, and yes it stopped the cold sore BUT mere hours later I ended up with a cold sore just under the area and another one above the area! In other words I currently have 2 cold sores although they aren't big and one is nearly healed. I would try this product again but next time I'd also put it around the cold sore area not just on the cold sore itself like the directions specify.

bye bye to cold sores

For me Dynamiclear is the best thing discovered since sliced bread, I used to suffer terribly with cold sores
and nothing would help, till a Dr gave me a sample of dynamiclear and it stopped the cold sore in it's tracks.
Now when winter is around the corner I make sure I have some dynamiclear on hand as I refuse to suffer!!!!!!

Best cold sore product I have tried

This product works really well. You just put it on your cold sore once and within a day or so it heals. I think it also good to do other things such as taking Lysine and avoid arginine, chocolate, peanuts and sugar etc and also to take oregano oil, but for healing cold sores in the acute stage this stuff is great!

Long-term cold sore sufferer - this is the ONLY product that helps me!

I've had cold sores since I was 8y/o - I am now 30. Mine mostly come up during the night, so I usually don't feel 'the tingle'. I have tried almost every product on the market, some multiple times out of desperation. Creams, covering patches, tablets, lysine-rich diet, Vegemite, toothpaste, perfume, tea tree oil, alcohol swabs; all worked the first and occasionally a second time, then never again. I found Dynamiclear while on holidays in the USA back in 2011, when it was available over-the-counter (it's not anymore), and was over-the-moon when I found it in Austraia. It has continued to be effective for me since then. I am about to purchase the 100-application pack, from the USA! That's how much I like it!!

Actually Works!

I was skeptical, but I am very happy with how quickly this treatment works! I have always used creams & patches to treat cold sores but this product works so much faster! I had an 'under the skin' cold sore bump for about 2 days - kept at bay with the compeed patches until I could get to the pharmacy. Yesterday I found Dynamiclear Rapid & gave it a go. I first applied the treatment around 3pm yesterday (Wednesday) & now (9am next day) the bump has completely gone, it looks like it is almost completely healed! Just a tiny little dark spot which you can hardly notice - the stage a cold sore gets to almost 7 days after traditional treatment with creams. It says apply just once - I won't lie, I applied twice but the second time was only using a small drop from the vile left over from the initial application about 7 hours later. I am converted! amazing product. Give it a go!

Absolutely swear by it!!

This is amazing stuff! Started showing results in hrs and used it when the actual blister started showing! It stung a bit when applying it on, for an hr or so, but by the next day it was almost gone!

A total waste of money

I applied it within 12 hours of a coldsore appearing - nothing happened. It didn't relieve the pain, or the inflammation. The coldsore progressed as normal. This is the worst product I have ever tried on a coldsore.

Great product

Every now and then when I had a coldsore rise up I dreaded it, felt like I had to hide myself away, now due to this amazing product I no longer need to hide, I feel the tingle and I take apo-famciclovir and play the waiting game, once the blister starts to rise I open this product up and BAM the 'SOB' is stopped in it's tracks, I had a coldsore rise yesterday and today it's the smallest little bump that I am pretty certain will be gone by tomorrow, the best thing about this product is you can feel it killing off the coldsore and it may burn a little but you embrace that burn because that means that the little SOB is going bye bye :D will never look back to creams again BEST PRODUCT OUT ON THE MARKET! I would highly recommend this product and will stand by it 100%, it is beyond it's times and miles above the rest :)
Thank you so much to the scientist that developed it, you have made getting a coldsore a bearable situation :)) thank you so so so much :))
You literally feel this product killing the virus
Doubt it has any

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Questions & Answers

How long dose it take to hill the cold sore?
1 answer
For me it will normally heal up within a few days without a scab. If I don’t use this product my cold sores would take at least 2 weeks to heal, and have a big ugly scab as well. Everyone is different, so my experience may not be the same as other users.

What it the name on new packaging
1 answer
Hi, the name on the box is "Dynamiclear Rapid". The easiest way to find this product at the moment is on eBay, just type the name in the eBay search box to find the Sellers.

is this item still available to buy, or is off the market? I keep trying to go to their official website to buy it but it never even opens to their webpage.
3 answers
Hi! Where are you located? I'm in Canada and I just go to my pharmacy, who then orders it for me. It has been working like a charm, and I seem to be getting cold sores more often in the last year.The feedback email address on the package also returned a "non-deliverable". I think I bought mine at "Flannery's" in Wynnum, Queensland. But they don't have any anymore and they told me today that they also wouldn't be able to re-order it (the supplier is not in their system any longer). You can still order it online: www.healyourself.com.au www.myhealthwarehouse.com.au or www.naturalcity.com.auThere was some action taken against the product a short while ago in relation to some unsubstantiated claims made on the packaging, so it disappeared from the Pharmacy shelves for a while. But it is now back with new packaging. At the moment I find the best source for the product is on eBay, but I'm hoping that it finds it's way back into Pharmacies soon. Be aware that the new Packaging makes no mention of Cold Sores, it merely describes itself as a Lip Care product, but the ingredients are exactly the same as the old product

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