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Braun Multiquick 5

Braun Multiquick 5

MQ 5137, MQ 5037, MQ 5077, MR 530, MR 540 and MR 550
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Motor failed twice, got a refund

This product is not designed to last and the motor is very weak. We rarely used the unit, and one day it failed on us during use. I took it back for a replacement thinking it might have been bad luck, but that too has now failed whilst kneading dough just over a year later. It is a good thing it comes with a two year warranty. I took it back to The Good Guys and got a full refund. Disappointing from Braun, I would have expected better. I notice that it has now been discontinued, so hopefully this issue has been rectified in the newer model. I don't think I will buy Braun again though.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Awful build quality, incomplete inventory.

We bought this via GoodGuys click and collect via eBay.

We'd had it a few days when I went to make some mayonnaise and unpacked the box. Discovered that it had been sold to us without the whisk attachment.

Two months ago, I went to use the hand blender to blend some pumpkin soup. It should be an easy task for a 750w motor. The plastic fitting snapped so that stopped working.

Last week I went to blend Basil with Olive Oil in the contained chopper. Again the plastic warped. I have owned a number of blenders and I am experienced in the kitchen so it is not user error.

I will never guy anything from Braun again and also not from the amusingly named GoodGuys.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Very reliable and easy to use

It appears that Braun is changing naming of different almost identical models. The one I bought at JBHiFi is "MQ5137BK", but it looks the same as what is reviewed on this site as "series 7. My previous $25 mixer died after many years of faithfull service, and what difference Braun makes! Adjustable speed (with thumb while operating), feels solid and heavy in my hand, does not vibrate. Good engineering, good assembly (EU, not China!) - highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Motor broke down

After about six years of very little usage the blender broke down: the motor runs, but nothing moves. Funny enough exactly the same thing happened to my girlfriend's blender which was the same model. Seems like planned obsolescence... I really have seen much cheaper blenders handle much more work before breaking...

Earlier Model Good But The Gearbox In The Large Food Processor Bowl Failed

Generally a very good comprehensive and flexible food processing system and the dough maker is a great idea. Unfortunately this model uses a gearbox in the large food processor instead of a direct drive system and it failed while making hummus which was very annoying. Fortunately, it was replaced under the two year warranty so hopefully this one will last.

Maggot Breeder

The stick blender shaft for the braun turbo cannot be cleaned inside and since there is a gap between the blade shaft and the head of the stick in this model, food can enter. Despite thorough washing the food collects, cannot be seen, and cannot be washed out. My son visits on his way to work every day to have a free range egg flip for which he used our new braun turbo stick blender. The routine was to stand it in water immediately to stop food drying on before washing it after he left. After a couple of weeks, to my horror when tracing down a foul smell in my appliance cupboard, i found maggots crawling out of the stick head!
I had used an older model braun since the late 1990s to prepare my invalid father's food and had no problems maintaining hygiene with that model. I could and did inspect the inside of the blender stick and reach to the bottom to clean it. This is impossible in the turbo model. After soaking all day in domestos on 4 separate occasions it still smells like a dead cow beside the road. We have lost months of use, and the wire whisk head is pretty useless and just sprays food everywhere.

Great multi-purpose kitchen appliance

I've had this product for a few years and it's fantastic. You can change from a small mixing bowl to a much larger one depending on the quantity of food you are processing. There is a whisk attachment and you can also turn it into a stick blender. It has become one of the most useful appliances in my kitchen. Easy to clean and assemble too.

Fantastic, long lasting product

I bought mine 11 years ago, initially for baby food and it is still going strong. I have also used it for smoothies (including crushing ice), whipping, hiding many many vegetables ;-), and even have made small batches of gingerbread in it (probably not supposed to!). It is amazing how finely it can process food. I have loved it, and will definitely buy another when it finally dies.

Broke twice in less two years

Last November 2012 we bought this Braun Multiquick 5 MR530. Despite its robust aspect, one year after buying it the motor stopped working. Technical service replaced the entire motor block. Now a little bit before the warranty is over the mixer part broke: the plastic piece in the upper part of the blending wand and that is attached by "click" system to the motor block cracked. No bad use, any accident, just normal use. Now technical service provided by Delonghi in Spain says that the blending wand is an accessory and not included in the warranty. A new one costs almost half of the price of the whole product. Very disappointed!
On the other hand my old Braun Vario 350 Watt bought about 15 years ago still working!!!
Conclusion: good example of programmed obsolescence...

Lasted 12 yrs

We were given this braun multi blender as a wedding present.
I am just looking to replace it and thought I'd write a review.
We're looking at getting the MQ775 Braun to replace this one, the only difference is that the new one will grate cheese and also slice fruit and vege in the 'food processor' part.
We've been very happy with Braun and the only parts that have let us down are the rubber seals and the plastic is starting to crack.
We have not been kind to this blender, using it to crush ice, putting it in the dishwasher and using it as a large quantity food mixer. The motor has withstood many years of abuse and use, as I only received a Kitchen aid stand mixer for my 10th wedding anniversary. Before then this baby did all the Birthday cakes and mixed many batches of pikelets.
A great product with longevity. Buying a Braun again... must be good.
Braun brand is reliable and middle range in price.
plastic cracked after many many years of dishwasher and incorrect usage by us. All in all a great product.

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We bought the Braun MQ775 but took it back to Myer after a few weeks as the design is poor for a food processor. The blades were pressing on the bowl and making a terrible noise constantly when just grating carrot? Myer refunded without question. I researched a new food processor/stick blender and bought the Breville "All in One" BSB530. It has been amazing so far, powerful and easy to use even to make peanut butter from scratch. The bowl is huge and feels like we have a 'real' food processor. Very happy

Poor quality motor, unfortunate for what is known as good brand!

we bought this because we thought this would last longer than 5 years (as with most electrical appliances these days you can get lucky if it stays intact after the 2years warranty period is gone!). One day, out of the blue, the motor makes whirring sounds but the blades is not moving at all. Tried to move it to the bigger container as I thought there was something wrong in the small one, but still not working, so I have to admit in the end that it gave way after using it daily for 1,5 years. Luckily it was still under warranty (just) and we just return it to Myer (great & easy customer service), then get a new one as replacement. I have been using it only for minor quantity since there is just the two of us, so for its price I thought it can easily handle small household cooking activities. The other reviewer said theirs were made in germany, mine said "made in Poland", either way doesn't make a difference in the quality doesn't it? If you thinking about the multiquick 5, might look at other brand if you're considering buying it.
when working it is very helpfull in cutting down time in kitchen!
poor quality motor for an expensive hand blender, blade design makes food can stuck in between the inner plastic tube

Broke down twice

After less than a year of use my Braun Multiquick broke down. The engine lost it's power and the blades stopped turning. I sent it away to be repaired and was sent a new one promptly. About six months later the same thing happened. I was very disappointed and though my blender is still under warranty I am in the market for a new blender, one that will last.
When it was working it blended really well and easily. Was easy to clean. Great customer service.
The motor didn't last with constant use. It lost power after less than a year.

Although primarily user only uses for mashing potato pumpkin

Identical multiquick "sunbeam" 5 function for price[under $90.00 & snap coupling features: whisk, blend, cut fruit veges, smoothies, mashing [pumpkin for soup] large pot 6l [although cord appliance]
Not cordless like a "braun model".
Still service friendly, multiple speed control, ease cleaning no "nasty bacteria" collecting areas left uncleaned, mentioned in some other model.

Food preparation cannot be left to "ecoli" & other forms bacteria,
Due to design "blender attachments" not being hygienically clean.

We dont use "dish washer" [old school] but hot water/soap,good personal scrub, and "inspection for bits pumpkin etc".
Reliable inexpensive[compared to our "swiss ba-mix"]

Long-lasting and very useful

There seem to be a couple of different models represented here. My Braun Multiquick is the one that comes with one small plastic blending container (no handle), one stainless steel blending wand and one whisking attachment.
I have owned the Multiquick for 8 years now and it still works perfectly. The only wear that shows is that the plastic on the blending container is not as transparent as when I bought it; it's a bit cloudy and knocked about from 8 years of blending. Being very fussy about plastics, I've stopped using the blending container now.
For the 6 or 7 years that I was using the blending container, I used it on an almost daily basis - to chop an onion or a carrot or a couple of cloves of garlic or a handful of herbs, to make hummous or a salsa or a pesto or dip or baby food puree. The Braun worked very well with these functions, chopping thoroughly and consistently and not leaving chunks. The container and its lid and its blade are also very light and really easy to wash - just a quick rinse for the most part.
I also used the stainless steel blending wand on a regular basis. It's great for blending a soup while it's still hot in the saucepan. I also used it for blending smoothies and milkshakes in a jug. It does all these things well and simply and then the wand just clicks off and washes pretty easily (although some sticky things are harder to remove from behind the blades).
I don't think I ever used the whisking attachment, because I always use my old, old Sunbeam handheld mixer for eggs and cream.
Overall, I was really impressed with how well the Braun Multiquick worked and with how often I used it. When the container started looking old, I began looking around at alternatives thinking it would be nice to have something that could actually handle large quantities as well. I first tried a Magimix and then a Thermomix. Since I bought the Thermomix, the Braun and the Magimix have lived in the cupboard - but I do still get the Braun out when I want to blend a soup on the stove, because then the wand is much easier to clean than the whole Thermomix.
Long-lasting, reliable, used constantly, relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, can blend hot food with stainless steel wand
Need another appliance to blend large quantities (other than liquids which can be blended with the wand)

Although German - poor quality

After comparing several blenders, we finally decided to go for the expensive Braun product which not only had the most and useful attachments but also made the best impression regarding durability and handling. Although the handling of the 'Turbo' button (for whipping cream) was weird, we weren't disappointed. The chopping, whipping and mashing went smooth as never before.
But after aa bit more than two years, it slowly stopped working. At first the 'Turbo' button showed no effect and after a while the whole motor stopped working - of course just after the extended warranty.
Because our satisfaction with the product so far, we purchased a new motor block - which again stopped working after a bit more than 6 months.

As the motor blocks are manufactured so that it's impossible to repair them, as whole new motor block - or a different brand is the only option.
Good results, if it's working

Perfect Blender for all quantity needs

I was looking for a good hand blender for many months, even tried Magic Bullet which broke pretty soon.
I had heard the quality n life of Braun products are good so I kept looking for the perfect kitchen companion.
I needed something to handle quantities as well as large when needed, n can make milkshakes, handle frozen berries.

So I finalized to buy Braun MR550 Aperitive since it has large and small jars, crush ice for summers n make purie, soups n milkshakes. It's been 6 months n I'm very apply with it.
Chopping wasn't as perfect as I thought

Questions & Answers

Does Multiquick 5 contains juicer?
2 answers
No, and the build quality is so bad I wouldn’t expect it to burst an overripe tomato.The Multiquick 5 is no longer available according to the Braun website: http://www.braunhousehold.com/en-au/all-products/food-preparation/hand-blenders/multiquick-5-hand-blender-mr540-aperitive-0x81247637-x


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Release dateOct 2011

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