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Braun Multiquick 5

Braun Multiquick 5

MR 530, MR 550, MQ 5037, etc...
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19 reviews

JaySydney, NSW

  • 16 reviews

Excellent Product


Has served me for 5 years of moderate use. It is made in Europe. I like the hand held blender and food processor function a lot. If you are buying then make sure it says 'Made in Portugal or something'...That will ensure quality

Purchased in October 2016 at The Good Guys for A$119.00.

N Nguyen

N NguyenSydney

  • 9 reviews

Decent motor, easy-to-break plastic accessories


Purchased in January 2020 at Amazon for A$88.00.

Customer 0

Customer 0Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Freeze pod’s colour transferred onto baby food


Everything else is fine but to my horror the colour of the freeze pod appeared in the frozen breast milk. We have cooked food and frozen them in the pods but only noticed it when the content to be frozen is white. So worried about food safety because the colour would transfer and my baby eating chemicals :( the pod lid is also hard to apply, too soft and always opens up elsewhere when I tried to seal it. No good, will try to return the item.

Purchased in December 2019 at Myers.

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  • 28 reviews

Motor failed twice, got a refund


This product is not designed to last and the motor is very weak. We rarely used the unit, and one day it failed on us during use. I took it back for a replacement thinking it might have been bad luck, but that too has now failed whilst kneading dough just over a year later. It is a good thing it comes with a two year warranty. I took it back to The Good Guys and got a full refund. Disappointing from Braun, I would have expected better. I notice that it has now been discontinued, so hopefully this issue has been rectified in the newer model. I don't think I will buy Braun again though.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


  • 5 reviews

Awful build quality, incomplete inventory.


We bought this via GoodGuys click and collect via eBay.

We'd had it a few days when I went to make some mayonnaise and unpacked the box. Discovered that it had been sold to us without the whisk attachment.

Two months ago, I went to use the hand blender to blend some pumpkin soup. It should be an easy task for a 750w motor. The plastic fitting snapped so that stopped working.

Last week I went to blend Basil with Olive Oil in the contained chopper. Again the plastic warped. I have owned a number of blenders and I am experienced in the kitchen so it is not user error.

I will never guy anything from Braun again and also not from the amusingly named GoodGuys.

Date PurchasedSep 2016


  • 11 reviews

Very reliable and easy to use


It appears that Braun is changing naming of different almost identical models. The one I bought at JBHiFi is "MQ5137BK", but it looks the same as what is reviewed on this site as "series 7. My previous $25 mixer died after many years of faithfull service, and what difference Braun makes! Adjustable speed (with thumb while operating), feels solid and heavy in my hand, does not vibrate. Good engineering, good assembly (EU, not China!) - highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Motor broke down


After about six years of very little usage the blender broke down: the motor runs, but nothing moves. Funny enough exactly the same thing happened to my girlfriend's blender which was the same model. Seems like planned obsolescence... I really have seen much cheaper blenders handle much more work before breaking...


LesleySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Earlier Model Good But The Gearbox In The Large Food Processor Bowl Failed


Generally a very good comprehensive and flexible food processing system and the dough maker is a great idea. Unfortunately this model uses a gearbox in the large food processor instead of a direct drive system and it failed while making hummus which was very annoying. Fortunately, it was replaced under the two year warranty so hopefully this one will last.

Maggot Breeder

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Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

  • 128 reviews

Great multi-purpose kitchen appliance


I've had this product for a few years and it's fantastic. You can change from a small mixing bowl to a much larger one depending on the quantity of food you are processing. There is a whisk attachment and you can also turn it into a stick blender. It has become one of the most useful appliances in my kitchen. Easy to clean and assemble too.

Jeanie Sansom

Jeanie SansomMuswellbrook

Fantastic, long lasting product


I bought mine 11 years ago, initially for baby food and it is still going strong. I have also used it for smoothies (including crushing ice), whipping, hiding many many vegetables ;-), and even have made small batches of gingerbread in it (probably not supposed to!). It is amazing how finely it can process food. I have loved it, and will definitely buy another when it finally dies.



Broke twice in less two years


Jazzyg1234South East Queensland, QLD

  • 19 reviews

Lasted 12 yrs

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  • 3 reviews
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Poor quality motor, unfortunate for what is known as good brand!



  • 3 reviews

Broke down twice


After less than a year of use my Braun Multiquick broke down. The engine lost it's power and the blades stopped turning. I sent it away to be repaired and was sent a new one promptly. About six months later the same thing happened. I was very disappointed and though my blender is still under warranty I am in the market for a new blender, one that will last.
When it was working it blended really well and easily. Was easy to clean. Great customer service.
The motor didn't last with constant use. It lost power after less than a year.

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  • 10 reviews

Although primarily user only uses for mashing potato pumpkin


Identical multiquick "sunbeam" 5 function for price[under $90.00 & snap coupling features: whisk, blend, cut fruit veges, smoothies, mashing [pumpkin for soup] large pot 6l [although cord appliance]
Not cordless like a "braun model".
Still service friendly, multiple speed control, ease cleaning no "nasty bacteria" collecting areas left uncleaned, mentioned in some other model.

Food preparation cannot be left to "ecoli" & other forms bacteria,
Due to design "blender attachments" not being hygienically clean.

We dont use "dish washer" [old school] but hot water/soap,good personal scrub, and "inspection for bits pumpkin etc".
Reliable inexpensive[compared to our "swiss ba-mix"]


k2atzaNSW, 2068

  • 46 reviews

Long-lasting and very useful



Although German - poor quality


psinauSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews
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Perfect Blender for all quantity needs


I was looking for a good hand blender for many months, even tried Magic Bullet which broke pretty soon.
I had heard the quality n life of Braun products are good so I kept looking for the perfect kitchen companion.
I needed something to handle quantities as well as large when needed, n can make milkshakes, handle frozen berries.

So I finalized to buy Braun MR550 Aperitive since it has large and small jars, crush ice for summers n make purie, soups n milkshakes. It's been 6 months n I'm very apply with it.
Chopping wasn't as perfect as I thought

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Multiquick 5

Does Multiquick 5 contains juicer?

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No, and the build quality is so bad I wouldn’t expect it to burst an overripe tomato.


The Multiquick 5 is no longer available according to the Braun website:


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