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Braun Multiquick 7

Braun Multiquick 7

MQ777, MQ735, MQ745, MQ775 and MR730CC
3.9 from 32 reviews

Love this!

Came with many more accessories than I expected! Love the power of this hand blender! Would recommend this hand blender to anyone searching for a new unit. Excellent value for money

Purchased in May 2019.

Great Stick Mixer

This stick mixer is easy to use and delivers consistently good results. It comes with a variety of attachments for all types of food preparation. It is very simple to clean.

Purchased in January 2016.

Not like the old Brauns!

The bowl seem too big for the blade. The foods are not smooth like my old one which has a smaller blade and faster blade.
The button on the top is annoying if your trying to pulse and check, having to constantly re-push it to then have to push another button to start is not user friendly. Not sure why they thought it was necessary.???? The top latch/catch button has stopped working and I have only had it for a month, hence, the lids comes undone while processing foods!
Food gets caught on the oversized inner lid preventing an overall good consistency.
To top it all off the to lid of the blade attachment (the little white bit that connects to the lid) now comes off every time I use it and falls into bowl I'm pouring the food into getting lost amongst all the sauce/dip/ puree/ etc, which I need to then fish around for. Once I didn't know at the time and was so perplexed where it went until I dished it up to the family dinner table and my husband spooned it on to his plate!
Dont buy this one, so many bits to store and nothing to keep them in, not user- friendly and has broken parts within weeks of purchasing!

Purchased in January 2019.


The previous model had a smaller bowl and worked very well but the larger mixing bowl doesn't circulate the foods you're trying to dice very well. You need to bang it on its side to get the contents to move around. Not happy from the day I bought it and still not happy 2 years later. I feel sooo ripped off every time I use it!

Purchased in March 2017 for $149.00.

This is a repeated epic fail! Motor is too weak.

I bought a small Braun hand mixer in 1998 which lasted for approximately 19-20 years. Brillliant. When it finally stopped working I was keen to get another. I bought one with the smaller bowl apparatus. This one lasted about 5 years & I loved it.
I proceeded to buy the larger capacity Multiquick, with all the accompanying attachments, in 2015 which unfortunately stopped working very soon after purchase. As we could not find the receipt we had no luck with returning or replacing it. I was so disappointed at being left with a huge number of wasted components I was reluctant to get another. My family kindly bought me the new 7 series in March 2016. Alas this motor lasted until December only. We moved countries and have therefore been unable to return it.
These products it seems are no longer made with any longevity. The motor is far too weak for it's advertised purpose.
Braun you have lost my previously loyal custom.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

A pleasure to use every day

Was looking around for a mid-range stick mixer and it came down to Braun - made sure got the stainless steel shaft for ease of cleaning and no discoloration. I love being able to control speed just by squeezing the trigger. It feels of solid construction and have not overheated it yet. The stick mixer attachment is awesome for blending smoothies or soups and the like, small processor is fantastic so convenient and easy to clean, the whisk is pretty much useless, the larger processor is ok as long as you dont load it up to much and is easier to clean my big processor. All in all Braun produce a good easy to handle unit that is cleverly designed for its price point - does everything I expect - easy to clean - been using it every day for the past year no probs - highly recommend if you are in the market for a mid-range stick mixer.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Makes light work of kitchen duty

I wasn't sure about spending the extra $ to buy the Braun with all of its added attachments but once I started using it, I was sure glad I did.
It blends, chops and mixes with ease - I love the whisk attachment for mixing batter or any sort and the chopper part is great and blends up veg in no time at all.
So very handy - I would definitely recommend one of these for any one who is otherwise time poor in the kitchen

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not for me

This seems to have all the bells and whistles you would need. BUT ...
- For my wife and I, the bowl is too large. If you have children and so are making larger quantities, it is probably very good.
- I am not at all impressed with the blender speed.
- I absolutely loathe the fact that you have to push the button on the top before being able to press the trigger to make the blades spin.

I wouldn't buy this again.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Didn't blend won't chop and the whisk looms like its going to fall off at any moment. had one years ago and it was great theses new models are flimsy and total rubbish. Buy something else.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great until it broke -

I thought it was doing a great job, until it just stopped. I probably overworked the little thing. Now have a Bamix which is coming along well as I am getting to know how to use it to perfection. The Braun was more comfortable to hold.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Have now had the Bamix for exactly 2 years and still going strong - wonderful piece of equipment.

Blend it all

I brought this blender just to use for baby puree's but you use it for anything, sauces and anything else you want a smooth texture for. Best kitchen tool ever., it has many features even to blend up potatos. My last one never had this many parts. This little tool is so handy, i will be purchasing another in the future.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Can't imagine living without it anymore!

Got it for my birthday, sat in a cupvboard for couple of months, but when I finally start using it, I literally can't stop! I use it every day.
It makes cooking so much easier. Chopping, grating, mixing, everything's ease for this machine. You can choose speeds with pressing the button down, the further you press the faster it will work.
Cleaning it is easy as.
I have no bad words for it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Good all round kitchen tool

We needed a new blender for smoothies but found this instead... It blends smoothies a littler better than our old cheap blender, it never gets stuck but it takes awhile. However the value in this tool is its versatility, its so easy to clean and all the different attachments mean we now have a grinder or a wisk or a stick blender etc. So overall it's been a much better purchase than a stand alone blender

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Not as good as previous Braun

It's meant to very powerful and to some degree it is, but it needs a lot of 'pressing down' to achieve this. Not as effortless as what it should be for its kw. I loved the old Braun where the mixer bowl was the perfect size. This one offers a small bowl which is really too small for anything and a large full size mixer bowl. I really need one in between. Lots of attachments which is good. The safety feature to 'activate' the engine is annoying as it times out so you need to press it to go from red to green and then press again to actually blitz.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great Blender/Chopper

This 4 piece appliance is just the right size for average kitchen jobs. The comfort grip handle is a one hand operation, the more you press, the higher the speed. Well made and easy to clean. After reading reviews on different brands, this was a stand out. An excellent purchase.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Powerful, easy to use, well-designed.

This blender works brilliantly for all three available functions - as a hand-held blender (extremely well designed to prevent splashing, and blend effectively), with the chopper attachment (perfect for very finely chopping nuts in seconds), and for whisking (very quick, and giving loft and lightness). It is very powerful and easy to use. It feels durable and well-constructed (without being heavy), and hope it will last as well as our other Braun appliances.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

It really does chop

After 20 years the bowl of our Braun broke forcing us to buy a new one. After much deliberation we chose a Kenwood which, although stated it did chop, only mashed everything. Staff at Good guys were great and swapped it for the Braun, which, although only 1 week old is doing what we wanted - chopping carrots etc for soup. Have yet to try all attachments but have no doubt it will be OK.
Has two sized bowls which is a big plus and at $99 is good value. Let's hope it matches its predecessor and lasts us another 20years. Well done Braun!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

it was perfect until it broke

This was the second Braun hand blender that I purchased (the first one lasted a number of years and I loved it). Much less of a performance to use than a table mixer. I bought multiple extra attachments with the new version but after just 1 year and quite a limited amount of use, the motor broke. Sadly I couldn't find the receipt and have found that it is £60 just for a replacement motor only so I won't be bothering.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Great stick blender.

Bought it recently from David Jones after reading a lot of reviews about other makes and models.

I have not been disappointed. The unit is incredibly quiet for a stick blender. I have never had it overheat like other reviewers. The overheat issue is probably due to lack of fluid content. You have to have some sort of fluid to be able to blend. I have used my unit continuously for 2-3 mins without issue.

The other attachments are also equally brilliant. However, the plastics used are soft and after 1 use and clean, the plastic of the food processor attachment clearly showed scratches that made the sides look cloudy.

A brilliant piece of equipment that I thoroughly enjoy using.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Overheats after 1min

The manual states that it will overheat after only 1min! This added at least 30mins of cooking time while I was trying to make hummus! It overheated 3 times and then took about 5-7mins to cool down!
I paid more than $170 (AUD) and you would think that something for that price would not overheat after 1min!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

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Questions & Answers

The chopper does not chop anymore; is perhaps the knife too dull (the machine is two years old) or could it be something else? The motor works fine.
1 answer
My blade in this model definitely does not chop like the smaller model I had before, and it is brand new. In my old model it stop chopping because the shaft part stopped spinning the blade, even though the motor still worked. Sorry this is all the information I have to offer.

The pilot light keeps flashing red can't open to green. Any ideas?
1 answer
Did you manage to fix? I'm having the same issue.

The pilot light keeps flashing red and doesn’t turn green even after pressing the lock button. Can anyone please help me with it?
2 answers
Hi I have the same problem, did you figure out how to start it?Having same issue? Did anyone resolve?


Multiquick 7 MQ777Multiquick 7 MR730CCMultiquick 7 MQ745Multiquick 7 MQ735Multiquick 7 MQ775
Speed Settings11111
Price (RRP) $199$129$129$199$199
ExtrasChopping Tool, Kneading Hook, Shredding Insert (Fine, Extra Coarse), Slicing Insert, 1.5L Food Processor AttatchmentStainless Steel WhiskChopping Tool, Kneading Hook, Shredding Insert (Fine, Extra Coarse), Slicing Insert
Release dateOct 2011

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