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Breaks down just out of warranty - suggest you put aside $10 every time you use it for the inevitabl

I purchaed EXH210 6 years ago and have used it about 20 days / year. It worked pretty well to keep the whole house (180 sq m) to around 25 degrees when up to 40 degrees outside.
A few days ago it stopped working. 1 year out of warranty and the control board needed replacing costing $900. Incredibly the control board only comes with 12 months warranty even though I originally got 5 years warranty for the whole unit.
After talking to the repair guy and reading the reviews on this site I can see that many others have similar issues and am now fearful of when it wil fail again.
My decision to buy this unit was based on advice from friends that Breezair products had a reputation for good quality and there are enough comments on this site about older Breezair product to back this up. However, I guess Breezair have recently sacrificed quality and I find it amazing that they think it is OK for me to have to put aside $10 every time I use it to pay for the inevitable repair bill. How a basic control board can cost this much and why they cant last longer perplexes me.
I certainly don't recommend Breezair products and suggest you look around for other options.

Date PurchasedNov 2012
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Hello Matt. Thank you for your feedback. We are disappointed that the unit has not met your expectations and would like to review what has happened. Can you please send an email to seeleysocial@seeleyinternational.com providing the unit's serial number, your address and the service agents' details. From there we can work through what has happened. ~ Craig

excellent machine

purchased in march 2010 it has been working every summer without fail for 9 years I will be renewing it with another.
My father had one on his roof for 14 years and never missed a beet. just remember to get it cleaned every winter ready for the heat and you wont have a problem.

Date PurchasedMar 2010
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Thanks for the five star review Roughie - we really do appreciate the feedback - and thank you and your father for being long time customers. Enjoy your summer! ~ Craig

Ok for a few years , then breaks down all the time

I have had one for 9 years now, and every year during hot weather it breaks down, from pumps to sensors, to floats its something different every time, and costs $500.00 to fix it, I should have put in an air conditioning system, its too unreliable, and too costly to keep getting fixed. NEVER BUYING ONE AGAIN !

Date PurchasedOct 2010
Hello Jane. Its very disappointing to hear that you have had problems with your Breezair Icon. Seeley International expects to delight customers with our innovative products. When we get feedback to say we haven't met expectations, we like to find out why. Can you email us at seeleysocial@Seeleyinternational.com and we will look into what went wrong. Please include a phone number that we can contact you on if this will be easier than discussing by email. ~ CraigI have sent you an email , looking forward to hearing your response.Thank you for your time talking to our Service managers and working through the service history of the unit - we really appreciate it. Obviously there are factors beyond the unit itself that effect its performance, so we have talked to the local service agent to go onsite this week to review the setup. Thanks again for providing us with feedback ~ Craig

Don’t buy

It’s not a sound investment for your home. It will give up as soon as the warranty ends. In speaking with the technician. He has see many many units stop working because of a mother board issue just after the warranty ends. It’s a 1000 dollar replacement. Get another brand. Something that has a better lifespan.

Date PurchasedOct 2011
Hello Conrad Thanks for your review of our Breezair Icon. Here at Seeley International our goal is to delight our customers but it looks like we have fallen short of your expectations here. When we get feedback like this, we like to find out why. Can you please email us at seeleysocial@seeleyinternational.com so we can start the conversation about your experience with the Breezair Icon. Please include a phone number if that would be easier. Thanks again for your time. ~ CraigHi Craig Thanks for your message. Well I’m glad that you would like some feedback. Well do u know that since submitting this, I have received messages from others advising that they have experienced the same thing and one is even taking coldflow to vicat because of this exact reason. I think spending such a large amount of money for an evaporative cooling unit and then having it break down as soon as your warranty ends is absolutely poor. And then finding out from the technician fixing it, that this happens to everyone, tells me that the evap cooling unit is built very poorly. What’s more, to repair it costs over 1300. 250 for a call out and 1000 plus to replace the part. Which is the mother board. I had originally asked many people to buy your evaporative coolers. Not anymore. And I will also never buy anything from cold flow as well. Conrad 0424354748Thanks Conrad. Our priority is looking at the performance of the unit and working through what has gone wrong. To do that we need some information from you to allow us to review the products service history. Can you please send an email to seeleysocial@seeleyinternational.com. In the email can you give the serial number of the unit, your name and address with a contact phone number. This allows us to look up the service history of the unit and have your issue reviewed by our local Service Manager. ~ Craig

not as good as the old one

this new one won't turn on most of the time and we have to turn the power off to reset the capacitor ? what a joke, takes about 4 hrs sometimes, we all get hot and grumpy, 40 odd degrees and no air cooler,fans ans portable air coolers going,waiting for the installer to come for over 2 weeks ?

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


Purchase through Ford & Doonan here in WA they arranged installation with all new ducting and new dropper. We were replacing an older model Breezair. The older model worked well just old and costly to repair. With new Breezair had a Magic controller fitted. Since we had it installed in October 2017 it has stopped several times. The first time for approx 2 weeks just after installation which happened to be through the Christmas period. At which time no repairs could be scheduled. After many attempts to reboot system as instructed by Ford & Doonan WA it just started again so no service from any company either Ford & Doonan or Seely Breezair. Since then it has done it again. The service is through an agent third party organised through Food & Doonan WA. When technician came as soon as he touch Magic controller pad it started to work. He then up on roof to check out unit and found pump had been installed wrong and as he said was trying to pump up hill not down. He noted it on service documents. Now they say as unit did not show fault I need to pay call out service fee. I have been in talks with Ford & Doonan WA and they say will call back in few minutes. What a joke unless you follow up they don"t want to know about it. If they have no intention of giving good customer service just tell you to ???off.
It is becoming so frustrating I would certainly say avoid Ford & Doonan and posibly Breezair as it takes to much effort. My next steps are to go to consumer affairs or possibly through the courts as this piece of equipment is not fit for purpose. Think twice before you spend as much as $5937.00 for a head ache.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Happy with it

This unit gave me a lot of problems for the first few weeks because the timer would not operate the on/off times as set. It took a few days of phone calls, emails and sms to get this unit running correctly. Apart from that, the unit runs very well and so quiet it cannot be heard in the stillness of very late at night unless the fan is turned to a high setting. I run at a setting of 1, 2 or 3 from an available range up to 8 but have not needed higher than the 3. Even on a day of 40 degree heat.
Very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this unit for anyone looking for an evaporative cooling system.
The expected newness smell took a few days to go away.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Toxic smell

Had this for a few weeks, it is seriously toxic. The smell coming out of it gives headaches and swollen glands reaction. Smelled like the worst chemical smell. Burning tyres or burning chemical smells.
We’ve complained and had the new pads flushed, several times and the installers came out and washed them as well. Now it smells like a male urinal when it is on.
Can only have on for 5 minutes and then the house smells of it for ages. Was told it’s the normal smell of new pads, how any company would think it is acceptable for any air cooling device to smell like this for any amount of time is beyond comprehensible.
Taking it up with Seeley now as installer just wants to get paid. But won’t be until it stops smelling.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Breezair EXQ210 Well priced, working well.

We had the Breezair installed 2 weeks ago, the installers had it installed and working in a day, 8 outlets.
The following 3 days were in excess of 28 degrees and the unit kept the whole house to a desired 21 degrees.
Easy to use Magic touch controller.
Very happy with the service from Simplyair in Ringwood and the unit itself.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Considered the best in market of domestic roof coolers

Got it installed last month. Very happy with its performance. Drum fan is super silent. Only thing we hear is sound of smooth air. Downside is its price. But the equivalent cheaper coolers were just $1000 cheaper and that also with propeller fan. So I will say quality is worth price. These things pay off in long term specially in the country like Australia where labor costs are more than appliances price.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Very pleased so far

Only had it a week but so far it is very satisfactory all round. Quiet, good temperature and fan controls via a very nice touch screen controller. We wanted a unit that would be very gentle at night, yet strong enough for rapid cooling, and this one seems ideal.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Questions & Answers

All, have anyone been successful with repairs done outside of warranty under the Australian Consumer Law?
1 answer
Not me, not yet anyway, still running ok.

how do I set air cooler to run fan only and does it have a reset on it to reset the settings ?
1 answer
I do not habe this model so I don't know. If you cannot find the answer in your manual, ring the agent who sold you the unit. I have found the agent to be helpful when I had a problem.

Hi Do you know how much per hour it costs to run? Kind regards Hayley
2 answers
You would need to find the KW rating on it, and then ask your service provider. Or just ring and ask for their best guess.Cheers for the reply


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