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Breville Milk Cafe BMF600

Breville Milk Cafe BMF600

MPNs: 35904060 and BMF600
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dripleyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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A very good unit.


I've had one of these for 3 or 4 years now, using it every day. It heats and froths the milk at one time and has proven to be ultra reliable. Occasionally the milk doesn't froth, or froths very little, and I have concluded that this most likely happens at times when the cows have been fed hay, as in times of drought or similar.
I bought mine from a Breville 'factory seconds' shop. As new with a full warranty for half the normal retail price. I'll probably never need another one.

Purchased in May 2015.

Brendon O.

Brendon O.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Worked well...until it caught fire....


It is a great frother if you use away from your house so you dont burn down your house. Breville dont give a toss about after sales service either so if it fails, AND catches fire, well hard luck.
Just out of warranty and they tell you to take a running jump. So much for the law requiring it to last a reasonable time. They only promised it would froth milk. I guess they consider it a bonus if it can also be used as a fire lighter. Why Breville exists as a company I cant understand.

Purchased at Harvey Norman for $149.00.


MelaniePerth, WA

  • 4 reviews

Exactly what I wanted


I have only had this for a few months but it's been exactly what I wanted. Great froth, adjustable temps, easy to wash and no heat spots/sticking milk like my old Aldi one. Hi Lo milk from IGA doesn't froth but I blame the milk as the Woolies one does.



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Results vary according to milk brands used



GeoffgPerth, WA

Works well but failed early


On the good side it has a large capacity, heats quickly and frothes well. But it only lasted a little over a year before it started beeping and operating erratically often shutting down prematurely leaving me with cold milk. Something as expensive as this with such a simple job to do should last for decades, not a year or two.

Purchased in July 2018 at Myers for $170.00.


DesperadoPerth, WA

  • 4 reviews

3 beeps of death - second one has failed


To summarise: A great product - apart from the suspense of not knowing when the 3 beeps will happen, rendering the unit as landfill.
I replaced our first BMF600 after 3 beeps of death - tried all the tips, but didn't help. So I decided to give the BMF600 another try. We've used the replacement for weekend morning coffees (on average 4 times a week, for 500ml of milk), for almost exactly 2 years and it has now 'caught' the 3 beeps of death. Breville don't seem to care, as there appears to be no design improvement by addressing the sensor issue. It's a shame, as the product is otherwise versatile, capacious and a pleasure to use. I proof of purchase but my phone camera is broken hence the poor photo.

Purchased in December 2017 at David Jones for $120.00.



  • 4 reviews

The inner wall is easy broken


The inner wall of the base is thin plastic, and it's hollow Behind the wall, it's very easy to get broken when you grab the base. Further more, the base is heavy, and you have to hold it firmly, then the plastic is doomed to be broken. Once the wall is broken, any bit of milk will surely dip into the sealed part and burn the motor, which had happened to me.

Purchased in December 2016 at Myer for $149.00.

Fire hazard


In the past sometimes it would not automatically turn off and would keep boiling until I turned it off resulting in extremely hot milk and boiling over. Yesterday it boiled over, could not be turned off and would have caused a fire if I had not come around at that moment. Today it completely stopped working. Unplug it each time - never leave it while you go to do something else. It froths beautifully which is why this is so frustrating. The automatic turn-off needs to be fixed. It's only 8 months old.

Purchased in April 2019 at Amazon for $169.49.

Anna Robertson

Anna RobertsonSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Great for making multiple cups at a time.


I've had mine now for over three years. I use it a few times a week, mainly on the weekends, and it is still going strong. it's most appealing feature is its large volume capacity. Most frothers will only let you froth enough milk for one coffee. This one has a huge capacity and depending on the size of your cups, you can maybe get 3 or 4 cups from one go. The quality of froth will depend on the type of milk you use. The higher the cream content, the better the froth is going to be My favourite to use is any pure jersey/guernsey milk (Norco or Maleny Dairy) or one of the new types of "old fashioned" milks being produced by Norco, Dairy Farmers and Pauls, to name a few).

Purchased at Harvey Norman for $150.00.


DonRSydney, NSW

Good frother but doesnt go the distance


The Breville milk cafe meets its design brief as far as heating and frothing milk goes. However, they dont last. My first machine lasted 2 years and now my second replacement one just stopped working after 2 1/2 years. Not much value in a 12 month warranty for this product. Id like to buy another but Im wary now about the reliability of the design unfortunately, so I will look for another brand this time.

Purchased in July 2017 at Bing Lee for $128.00.

big ugs

big ugsCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

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Milk frother easy & convenient


I love this milk frother b/c it can make enough frothed milk for 6 lattes at once which means more guests can enjoy their drink at the same time. It has quantity markings on the inside, reducing waste from "guessing" the amount needed ... and ...It's easy to clean.

Purchased in March 2019 at Myer Online Store for $143.65.

Ann D.

Ann D.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Best appliance in my kitchen


I’ve had this milk frother for almost a year now and I love it! It’s confirmed my coffee snobbery - won’t buy a coffee anymore as I can’t match what I make at home! It’s simple to use and clean - quiet and can froth milk for 2-4 coffees at a time. I have one at work too and have my in-laws hooked on one too.

Purchased in October 2018 at Myer Retail Stores for $80.00.

D L Parker

D L ParkerGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Love it love it.


Comes with two frother attachments is easy to use and even easier to clean. Heats quickly and quietl. Brought mine after continually singing the praises of my daughter's Breville milk frother.

Purchased in August 2019 at The Good Guys.


SylviabSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Best frother on the market


Fantastic way to froth milk and make hot chocolate. Very quiet and I love the two attachments- cappuccino and latte. Fast and easy with range of temperatures. Best brand on market and so easy to clean.

Purchased at Bing Lee.

Breville Milk Cafe BMF600


Got this as a gift, worked fine for a month. After that it started making loud noise. Few days later it blew up the fuse at my home and smoke started coming out of the machine.
Update : Customer Support issued me a replacement device

Purchased in January 2019.

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If you could send us an email to askus@breville.com.au , we would like to assist with this issue.

Judi C

Judi CHunter Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Without a doubt the best frother on the market


Most fantastic milk frother after having a couple of other brands. The Breville is amazing. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Can do several coffees at once. Can choose desired temperature. Is dishwasher safe if choose to do so but really no need to as it just wipes clean. The best milk frother on the market.



  • 27 reviews

Greatly Exceeds Expectations


My milk frothing journey began with Aldi’s machine which did a good job but having to clean after EVERY froth, to remove the burnt ‘scum’ from the bottom, was a pain.

Enter the Breville. Woohoo, I’m free!

Pour in the milk, press start, make your coffee, beep beep, milk’s ready, pour, rinse jug, turn upside down on dish rack - you’re done! Yeah, no scrubbing. I think that’s awesome.

So, we use ours daily, it’s approximately 6 months old, and so far, no issues. It continues to deliver excellent froth at an extra hot temperature which I like. You can select the temp you want on the dial. This machine is simple to use, isn’t terribly noisy and prepares the milk quite quickly.

Very happy with this purchase. 5 stars.

Purchased in November 2018.

Harry F.

Harry F.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Easy to use and easy to clean


The cappuccino froth is excellent. It be would nice if the latte attachment produced just a tad more froth but otherwise it is quite good. I like the way it comes in two parts so you can clean the jug without worrying about water getting into the electricals.

Purchased in April 2019 at David Jones Retail Stores for $139.00.


draxGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Worked well at first then...


Then failed as often on repeat usage with a triple beep error. Workaround was to unplug it from wall and leave disconnected for 6 plus hours. Swapped it out as still under warranty. Replacement worked better at first with what sounded like a fan inside which might have been a workaround for a design issue with the first iteration. Sadly it too failed after some months and I’ve moved on.

Purchased in January 2015 at Harvey Norman for $139.00.

Sally G

Sally GGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Life Expectancy? Fabulous Frother No More.


I love my machine and have used it daily but the froth is now poor. How long should it last? I have tried cleaning the both disks thoroughly. So sad. Don't know whether to replace the disks and wait ( latte one early used) or buy a new machine. Too expensive to have it last and fail.

Purchased in September 2017.

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My milk frother does not turn on again. I have checked different power outlets around the house. and apparently the power is not the problem but the machine itself. This is been happening randomly. I would appreciate if you could help me. Thanks

1 answer

Hi Maria, I sympathise. We are on our third Breville BMF600 frother. The first two refused to work after a year or so;, responding with 3 beeps when powered on. One possible explanation is the internal safety cutout being too sensitive, thinking it's got moisture inside. Not heard from Breville though. They seem to ignore product design faults and concentrate more on packaging.

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughesasked

Hi I have the 3 beep problem keeps shutting down, everything is clean.. is there anything else I can do, before throwing it in the bin, microwave is my milk heater, due to this product having a mind of its own

1 answer
big ugs
big ugs

I love this machine & highly recommend it, have never had any problems. With your issue, I'd contact Breville - give them the chance to remedy the situation before you blast their product. If they respond appropriately, that's good. They said in the past "Please give us the opportunity to correct the situation by contacting our dedicated customer care team at 1300 139 798 (M-F, 8am-5pm) or at askus@breville.com.au
PS. When not being used, I turn it off at the power, that might be an advantage.



My milk frother has been awesome for about 6 months but now it will not froth the milk, it only heats the milk and whisks it around a bit. Any idea what is wrong. Disc firmly in place There apperas to be a different motor noise when it is on

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Judi C
Judi C

Have you changed your brand of milk? Try storing your container in the frig and make sure the milk is nice and cold before adding it


Thanks milk the same straight out of fridge. I feel that something is wrong with the disc. But can’t see anything. Could there be an issue with how the jug sits on cradle??

Teanna M.
Teanna M.

Was there any solution for this I am now having the same problem after it working fine for a few years.

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