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Breville Milk Cafe BMF600
Latest review: I like that it can produce lots of froth for at least 2 cups although it is not good when you only want a cup of cappuccino. I tried the latte disc but it did not work for the almond milk I got so I

Expressi Milk Frother
Latest review: Can’t live without it!!!!!! The people that are saying it only warms milk and doesn’t froth aren’t using the product correctly. You have to click the black little spinner into the milk frother jug so

Caffitaly Induction Milk Frother SM9495
Latest review: I had my frother for about a month. Found it to be very effective and loved the concept of placing the jug into the dishwasher. But then the frother head was left sitting on the bench by mistake.

Sunbeam Cafe Creamy Automatic EM0180
Latest review: Had plenty of milk frothers, from the ones built on home coffee machines to the stand alone types. The safety aspect is that your not pressurising water to froth milk as in some stand alone 1990's

Jura Milk Frother
Latest review: The Jura Milk Frother is the best on the market. Our first one we had for six years (it was the model with the dark coating) so when it stopped workings it was replaced with a new one. This one is

Home & Co (Kmart) Milk Frother
Latest review: Bought the last one on the shelf, so no box and no instructions. Read and watched on-line instructions which suggested not leaving it un-rinsed immediately after using it. That advice appears to

Nespresso Aeroccino 3
Latest review: Use this for milk to go with coffee from an Aeropress. Temperature is good and milk texture is good. It is very easy to clean and requires a wipe from the soft side of the sponge. I have been

Lavazza Milk Up
Latest review: Easy to clean; great results; good temperature; not too noisy; 2 types of milk for latte or cappuccino. Use it sometime to make hot chocolate too by throwing choco powder into the milk. Love that

Adesso Milk Frother
Latest review: Bought this two weeks ago and it is by far the best milk frother I have owned. Frothing system is magnetic with spare discs under the base unit. The jug is clear sturdy plastic with a max of 230ml

Sedhoom Electric Milk Frother 003574
Latest review: I have been using the cheapo ($5 to $10) milk frothers, handhelp battery powered. Actually a few of them as they wear out or bend. They are OK, they work, but don't last long and after a while

Krups XL2000
Latest review: Works really well for a few years then some functions fail, warm milk button. Also spinning wheel sometimes does not froth. Need to tilt unit to get frothing to happen. They die a slow death over

Map LM150
Latest review: Worked great at the start then stopped working then started again! Have hardly used it and now its packed it in for good, very disappointed with it. Would have thought it was better quality for the

MAP Latte Perfecto Milk Frother MMF-234B
Latest review: The day I received delivery of my milk frother from an online store, I tried it out and was happy with it. The following day it would not work at all. Thankfully the retailer has agreed to refund my

Breville The Hot Choc & Froth BMF300

Sheffield Stainless Steel

Gaggia Turbo-Frother

Gaggia Lattemento

Jura 70608


Bodum Latte Milk Frother