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Lavazza Milk Up

Lavazza Milk Up

4.9 from 8 reviews

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Very happy with produvy

Generates good froth every time (we use almond milk) and super easy to clean - just rinse under tap straight after.

It doesn't take a lot of milk but big enough for a large cappuccino

Purchased in August 2018.

Excellent but a bit noisy

Great little machine - froths well and very easy to clean. My only complaint is that it is a bit noisy - the lid rattles unless you hold it down. But I'm still very happy - I had to return 2 Dualit milk frothers because they both stopped working within the first 3 months!

Purchased in April 2019 at The Good Guys Physical store for $79.00.

Fantastic little machine

The Lavazza Milk Up frother is very easy to use and froths up milk beautifully. The instructions are simple and in many languages. I always read reviews before purchasing anything and the Lavazza had easily the best reviews of all the milk frothers that I read. The price is reasonable and well worth it, a great machine I would highly recommend.

Purchased in February 2019 at Officeworks Online store.

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The machine had to be returned as it was not frothing properly!

Very Happy

Easy to clean; great results; good temperature; not too noisy; 2 types of milk for latte or cappuccino.
Use it sometime to make hot chocolate too by throwing choco powder into the milk.
Love that its so easy to use with just a click of the button.
No problems so far

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Completes the at home coffee experience

I bought this milk frother partly because of the name but more because it was small making one or two servings at a time. The bench space was also a consideration in my small kitchen. It allows the coffee to be hot and stays hotter for longer so I think the perfect addition for the home coffee. The frother is thick and stays right to the last drop! So glad I purchased it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great little unit

After our Aeroccino 3 died, we bought this great little milk frother.

It uses induction heating and a stainless steel jug so it is very easy to clean and doesn’t burn to the bottom like the aeroccino did.

It can make frothed milk or non-frothy milk but instead of two different whisks, it has one whisk (for frothing) and a cover that attaches to the underside of the whisk (thus hiding half of the fins) to make the non-frothy milk.

We mainly make non-frothy heated milk but I have also used it to make frothy heated milk. The milk seems slightly smoother and creamier than what the Aeroccino produced, so a big tick there.

The capacity is on the small side, but for our needs it’s perfect. My wife has soy coffee so we make a separate batch each morning for each coffee. Min is 60ml with a max of 120ml (frothy) and 180ml (non-frothy) which is perfect for our needs. You could get 2 small coffees out of one batch. If you want, you can overfill by just a little, but you do need to keep an eye on it as it whisks the milk into a vortex that creeps up the sides.

I looked at the Breville milk cafe while researching but it was almost twice the price plus it had a huge capacity. If you’re making multiple coffees at once this is great but for single coffees, I think the min is 200ml which for us probably would have resulted in milk wastage.

Heating time for the Lavazza is a little longer than the Aeroccino 3 but not by much. Like any frother, the more milk to heat, the longer it takes. For a single cup, it takes about as long as making the espresso part which is great.

It also makes great hot chocolates - frothed or non-frothed.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very happy

We bought this milk frothier after our Nespresso one died. We’ve been using it daily and it’s been fantastic so far. It froths the milk nicely and jug is easier to clean than the Nespresso, IMO. The jug doesn’t hold a lot of milk, but it’s fine for making individual coffees or two small coffees.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Delighted with this little machine!

This little milk frother is fantastic. It's inexpensive, made of stainless steel, fast and simple to use and easy to clean by rinsing under the tap. You can make hot or cold froth and can choose between really frothy or less frothy for lattes. So far I've tried lactose-free full cream milk and almond milk and it has worked for both.The cow's milk frothed so well it formed peaks. You can also add cocoa during the process to make hot chocolate but I haven't tried that yet.
The only downsize is the small capacity, however it is more than adequate for one drink and perhaps even two, and anyway it is so fast that you can easily make more batches.
A few reviews I read elsewhere have commented that it didn't froth well, however I have found the opposite to be true. I suspect that the frothing rings were used wrongly, ie if you want a lot of froth you need to separate them and just use the coiled ring, whereas using the 2 combined will give you less froth.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Questions & Answers

Is the inside of this milk frother full stainless steel? I do not want one with any antistick coating.
2 answers
The inside is stainless steel - there is no nonstick coating and it's very easy to clean (can even be put in dishwasher). We are still very happy with it - the only negative is that it's a bit more noisy than we expected. I prefer the look of the Dualit but it stopped working after a month and the replacement stopped working after a few weeks also so a dead loss. Happy to recommend the Lavazza milk up.Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate your time!

I have just purchased a Lazazza milk frother. I am happy with the way it froths however it is noisy as though the lid or something else is rattling. Is this normal or is there a fault with the frothier.
1 answer
Yes it is a bit noisy but it helps if you make sure the frother bit is pushed all the way down. It is still the best one I've used - simple to use and easy to clean.

Why are we getting heating of milk but not frothing? (Yes, the disk is in place)
3 answers
I found it froths a lot better if not too much milk.Tried again this am with less milk (below max level) Did not froth, tho the disk is going round. The milk is whirling up. Used the same milk as usual. The disk is clean and not broken. The frothing has worked well for months. The heating is working.I have just returned mine, it was good to start with but after a couple of months all milk and very little froth!


Lavazza Milk Up
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