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Breville the Compact Kettle Clear BKE395CLR

Breville the Compact Kettle Clear BKE395CLR

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Best kettle ever!

Best purchase I have made in a long time. Love the soft opening lid and the switch on the top of the handle is very user friendly for my 87 year old mum. The design of clear glass and stainless steel is a good look in my kitchen. This kettle boils fast! Lightweight and easy to use. Thank you Breville!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

A good kettle, but...

Was looking for a good quality small (not > 1 litre) stainless kettle and there weren't too many in the market. Bought the BKLE395CLR in June 2018 based on feedback here as well as the consumer magazine Choice's review. The BKLE395CLR had figured in their recommended list (low down the order)

Have been using it to boil about two or three cups (max), twice or thrice in the last three weeks. While, I am happy with the kettle's compactness, overall performance and practical features (slow opening lid, transparent glass jar), the auto shut off after boiling takes an annoying ten odd seconds.

A small negative thing about the kettle is that the bottom (inside) has already developed light brown patches within just a few weeks and is visible through the glass. Initially, I was of the view that it was not due to limescale residue from the water but due to the quality (poor) metal used in the construction of the jar.

I was expecting a Breville customer representative to clarify the above problem. Since no one responded from Breville, I raised a separate support case on their website and got a prompt response. The customer representative provided the cleaning instructions (also available in the user instructions booklet which comes with the product) using white vinegar. Breville was right on the money. The cleaning has helped clear the brown batch.

Thanks, Breville. I certainly recommend this kettle for anyone looking for a good quality moderate volume kettle.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Best kettle ever

Moved into small unit and not much bench space. Hesitantly, bought this little kettle. It is the best, boils my cup of water by the time I get out the mug and tea bag. Easily fits on the cradle and so far, hasn't marked internally. Quiet and clean. Love and an perhaps the best kettle Ive owned.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Perfect For My Needs

After my R.Hobbs 1.7 L Stainless Steel joined kettle heaven I was in the market for a new one. But which one? Looking online theres hundreds of all sorts, which to go for? Looking through many I came across 1 on H.Norman site that had 20 reviews, oh this must be popular. So looking into it I liked the idea of glass see through with metered levels of up to 4 cups. On my previous SS even with a guage I could never tell just how much water was in it and sometimes boiled only to discover there only was half a cup after making my coffee. I checked some Youtube vids showing the benefits of this glass kettle and I have no need for 1.7L, 1L is enough for my sole use and expect its enough for a couple's use. But where can I buy one HN had no stock. Some had for $79 but not close enough. I rang Myer after checking their website if they had stock, they had 2 left, I reserved one immediately and picked it up within the hour. It was on sale for $63.95.

After trying it out a few days now, I just love it. It is perfect for my needs. Legible levels, quick boil, soft open top, comfortable handle and switches. Perfect for single or couple use. For family perhaps look into similar 1.7L. 5 Stars all the way for this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Excellent companion kettle in the kitchen

Just new, 1 litre size and made of glass and metal. The only thing plastic is the handle. Boils rapidly without wastage and appears to have much better workmanship than other kettles I looked at. Not the cheapest, but I like the design and trust it will last. I like that the on/off button is on the handle and not at the base which are lot are, and looked too flimsy. Has a large opening at the top for easy filling and cleaning.

Works nicely!

When I first bought it, it worked great just like any other kettle, but it turned a little brown in the inside after a few more uses. It makes it look old, in my kitchen that looks fairly clean and modern. But other than the looks of it, it's overall a great product.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Just what I wanted.

It is much better than the Sunbeam glass kettle it replaced, which malfunctioned spasmodically, and had too many unnecessary temperature settings. I can't fault this one. The soft close lid is excellent and there is no chance steam can burn your hand, as is the case when pouring with some kettles.

Great kettle, more product info on website needed

I bought this kettle because it's one of the few small kettles on the market, and it's advertised as BPA-free. So far I'm very happy with it.

- Solidly built, but not too heavy (800 grams)
- Body of kettle is made of metal, glass and silicone seals - no plastic
- 2 year warranty
- Low 250ml minimum for boiling, saves energy
- Boils fast, 2400W very good
- Easy to pour
- Easy to clean
- 1L water capacity, perfect size
- Low profile means it's less likely to be tipped over or dropped
- Filter is stainless steel and part of lid; will not need to be replaced
- Easy to see water level

- Takes about 10s after boiling to switch off (energy waster?)
- Takes up as much space as a regular kettle
- Plastic window in the lid. This is completely unnecessary in a kettle made of clear glass, since you can see through the side how much water is in the kettle. Regardless, the window is useless, because condensation gathers on it very quickly and makes it impossible to see through. It seems to be a hangover from the similar BKE390 kettle, which has an all-metal body. (The lid is all metal apart from this window).
- On their website, Breville says testing found less than 1 part per million of BPA in water boiled in this kettle. Great! But there is no info about how this study was done (what happens to water left in the kettle for a long time and then re-boiled?), and BPA is usually measured in billionths, not millionths.
- No info about what chemical replaces BPA in their plastics. To be fair, no company does this, but often the chemicals used to replace BPA are as bad as BPA. And it's important in a kettle, which is subject to a lot of heat.

Other Features:
- Average noisiness (slightly noisier than my last kettle, a Sunbeam KE6300, but quieter than most kettles)
- Slow opening lid to prevent scalding - seems pointless to me as no one would open a just-boiled kettle, but may be handy if you have young kids

Overall, this is an excellent kettle. I am hoping it will last many years. If you're looking for a 1L kettle, this one is sturdy, quick to boil, and elegant-looking on the bench. If you are looking for a BPA-free kettle, this one has the least amount of plastic of any kettle I could find, and the small amount of plastic it does have is BPA-free.

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Hi ecoliving - thanks for your comprehensive review. Thanks, the Breville team

Disguised plastic

Bought this kettle to replace a 7 year old Breville BKE260. I was looking only at the kettles that did not have plastic parts touching the water, as there is no proven long-term health safety of plastics that are constantly in contact with food/drinks under high temperatures. At first, I was very happy to discover Compact Kettle Pure: it looked like it was designed that there was only Schott glass and metal in contact with water, nice size, wide lid opening (easy to clean), solid metal mesh at the spout (the plastic mesh in our old BKE260 was the problem: it disintegrated over time and after that the kettle would only turn off after excessivly long boiling, and that was the only reason why the whole kettle had to be replaced as it was impossible to find the replacement filter mesh).

However, at fist use I was very disappointed to discover that the wide rim along the top of the glass body was all plastic, cunningly coloured in metal colour. Obviously Breville knew that people prefer metal and glass and made a good effort to disguise plastic as metal so that it was hard to spot the trick in the shop. There are also some sort of glue or silicone smudges all over the plastic rim that gradually come off and end up in the tea. The rim is bent inwards, catches water and the kettle cannot be emtied completely unless you use a towel. The silicone seal at the base of the kettle is also much wider than in the old kettle (which means more contact with water).

Such a pity that Breville doesn't make BKE260 anymore. We will be looking for a healthier replacement for this new Compact Kettle.

Wow... Fabulous Kettle!!

This Breville Glass 1 Litre Kettle BKE395 is quiet, boils quick, light, comfortable handle & easy to clean with the wide opening. Stylish modern design & made from quality stainless steel looks great on the countertop. Excellent for couples, singles & elderly people. If you want a small kettle without compromising style, look no further.

Questions & Answers

We are getting a metallic taste from the water in this kettle. Have had it for about two weeks. A residue gathers in the bottom of the kettle. Please advise, it is disappointing
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Hi Libby, try boiling some vinegar in the kettle.

Glass section of lid has developed numerous fairly large cracks. Can a replacement lid be obtained and fitted to this otherwise excellent product.
1 answer
Hi Eileen, Try this link. https://www.breville.com/au/en/products/tea/parts-accessories.html

Has anyone else bought this kettle and after a few weeks finding that tea now has a funny taste ? I use bottle water so this shouldn't be the cause an have tried different brands of bottled water too.I have tried white vinegar and bicarb to clean it with and whilst it removed the small amount of scale from the base plate the taste returned after two boils. I note many people complaining about this issue with earlier model Brevilles and other kettles a couple of years ago but it doesn't seem to have been solved as far as my kettle is concerned.
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I use Adelaide water, not known for its quality, and have not had problems. We do scrub the inner base every month or so with Gumption Multi Purpose Cleanser. I let the tap water stand for a day or so in empty 2 litre milk containers to let the chlorine and other smells dissipate. We have had no problems at all. It is very possibly the water you are using, notwithstanding you use bottled water. I never use bottled water. I want the fluoride and trust the tap water to be hygienic more than bottled water. Hope this helps.


Breville the Compact Kettle Clear BKE395CLR
CategoryElectric Kettles
Price (RRP) $84.95
Capacity1 L
Features360° Swivel Base, BPA Free and Water Gauge
Variable Temperatures No
Construction Material Glass and Stainless Steel
Colour / Finish Clear
Power2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 9312432021692
  • MPN: BKE395

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