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Breville the Kitchen Wizz 11 BFP660SIL

Breville the Kitchen Wizz 11 BFP660SIL

MPNs: 36034541 and BFP600SIL
3.3 from 7 reviews

Impressed with the performance

I have just bought this food processor after tge aldi one, and im quite impressed with the performance. The motor is really strong and i love the variable sized shute which makes sure if u r using a small size fruit/ vegetable it fits through properly and hence u get really good precise cutting. Although i mistakenly bought this one thinking it has got a smaller bowl too which is instead in the kitchen wizz 11 plus, but the by the time i found out i had ordered it., so i would have loved to have a smaller bowl too.

Purchased in February 2019 at Amazon for $112.00.

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Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Several times a week

Great so far but seems fragile

I think the newer model of this comes with a storage case for the blades, which is great and is definitely something missing from the model I bought. I am happy with this purchase so far - it's done a good job with everything we've used it for and is holding up well to occasional dishwasher cleaning (instructions say not to put it in the dishwasher too much). It seems brittle though, so I'm not 100% confident in its longevity, but will wait and see.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

So far so good

Bought this April 2,2017 and until now it's still good and never had any faults. My husband makes fresh pesto in this one and I love it. I purchased this is 48 mos extended warranty in Harvey just in case. It comes with a lot of slicers and also a french fries cutter.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great product with a MAJOR flaw!

Purchased a Kitchen Wizz in Feb 2017 and absolutely love it! Great for chopping bulk lots... sometimes need to be sure the machine is running before you put harder items in, as they can block up the blades if caught in the wrong position.
Unfortunately I have noticed there is now mould growing on the inside of the plastic handle. After reading the manual, I have discovered there is no way of removing the darker cap on the handle to remove the mould. There is a small gap at the top for where the locking mechanism clicks in, and obviously something has got in there.
Disappointed, I contacted customer service to be told that I have to take it to a certified service technician (who will charge me who knows!) and I'm on my own... NOT HAPPY!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

So far so good. Early days though

So far I'm pretty impressed with the processor. I have not made many things with it yet as I've been busy with other matters. I have made a basil pesto, couple of batches of chilli jam, Indonesian stir fry paste and used it to chop and grate vegetables and cheese.

The blades are super sharp, always worried about giving myself a slice on those, but they are necessary. I do find when it's grating, the last piece doesn't go through and just spins around on top of the blade, I guess this could be improved by design/manufacture. I like the adjustable slicer blade.

I found that the 3 different chutes are a little bit of a pain in the cleaning department but I might find those handy as I need to feed something long and thin into them like celery, carrots etc. So I can live with this also.

I've not used it enough to comment on the quality of the plastics but it does feel/look like good quality. Especially the motor base which is nicely styled but very heavy so not worrying about it tipping over while using.

All in all I'm very happy with this item.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

3rd time used it and it starts smoking

Purchased as a gift for me due to my 30 year old processor finally giving up. Today I tried to chop medjool dates up to mix with nuts and make some healthy snacking treats for kids and it starts smoking after less than a minute and everything is turning around but certainly not chopping them like my old processor! Purchased 1/2 price at over $300 from Briscoes - very disappointed!! Only purchased in June 2016 third time used :-(

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Customer Service a lot to be desired

In September 2016 I purchased a Breville Kitchen Whizz BFP660. Have not used it very much. This morning I whizzed a couple of boiled soft oranges without any problem. When drying the washed parts noticed a small spring lying beside the appliance. Took a photo and sent an email to Breville asking could they identify it and should I be worried. Answer: "Attached above is an excel document attached to this email with a list of all our available authorised service centres in Australia who may advise on technical issues and provide spare parts." The appliance is 3 months old and Breville now expect me to drive around the countryside seeking a Service Agent. I didn't want spare parts. My request to Breville was for someone within Breville to identify the spring and advise whether I should be concerned or not. I went back to Breville commenting in that vein, i.e. that someone within Breville should be able to identify and advise whether it was something to worry about. Since that email all is quiet with no further response. Very disappointed. I live in East Gippsland and do not relish the thought of driving xkms to find a service agent. The appliance is 3 months old and someone within Breville should be able to assist without sending me a list of spare parts and service agents.

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Hi Gordon - please monitor your emails for a private message. Thanks, the Breville team

Questions & Answers

Has this model got a small bowl How easy is it to get parts in New zealand
1 answer
I think the bowl is suitable - for memory I think it's least 1 litre. I have no idea about obtaining parts for it, it in New Zealand or Australia, perhaps this would be better asked from the manufacturer themselves, or maybe another reader can answer this question.


the Kitchen Wizz 11 BFP660SIL
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  • MPN: 36034541 and BFP600SIL
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