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Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A

Latest review: Easy to clean and use. Love the versatility of a food processor and a thermal cooker. Cooks tender chunks of meat. Can become unbalanced with large volumes at high speeds.

Magimix 4200 XL

Latest review: best machine, so well made, got it from minimax great price and thanks to saleswoman Zena who showed how this baby worked and it's features, she got the black one in, my wife's chose. One thing that

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro BFP800

Latest review: This seemed like a reasonable replacement for the AMAZING second hand processor we got from someone chucking it out at my husband's work. The lid kept getting stuck so we had to get rid of it. My

Philips Viva Collection Food Processor

Latest review: I cannot describe the quality, performance or my satisfaction with the Philips 7762/90 Food Processor I purchased because after 4 weeks I am none the wiser on how to effectively utilize the product,

Magimix 5200 / 5200 XL

Latest review: Excellent build quality and effortlessly processes lots of foods consistently and quickly. On the counter, the unit stands out a premium piece of kit and as you'd expect is pretty heavy. My only

Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive KFP400

Latest review: This machine is quite capable for cooking for our family and saves a lot of time slicing vegetables. It is fairly easy to clean and it has quite a large capacity. We did have trouble with the slicing

Philips HR7778/03

Latest review: The smoothie attachment is rubbish. I have had this blender for almost 4 years and barely used the smoothie function because the blade attachment always detaches from the smoothie bowl. I bought a

Magimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL

Latest review: My original Magimix eventually gave its last gasp after over 30 years of use, so with great confidence, I downsized models and replaced it with a new Magimix. I was absolutely thrilled with it for

Philips Jamie Oliver HR7782/00

Latest review: The Philips Jamie Oliver HR7782/00A is a fantastic food processor. Don't know how I ever did without it. Have used mine weekly for ten years or so. The only weakness is the handle which got brittle

Kenwood MultiPro Home 1000W FDP642BK

Latest review: its a good processor and does it job ..but keeping it arranged without a case is a task.. unfortunately they do not give it for multi pro home models when ppl at home would require more arranging and

Kenwood Multipro Sense FPM810

Latest review: I received this food processor as a Xmas gift. The first time I used it, it was fine. Made pastry which turned out great. Went to use it again today and it wouldn’t turn on. Only had it for 6 weeks a

Sunbeam MultiProcessor Compact LC6000

Latest review: I was very happy with the processor its very well made and high quality and I am extremely happy it has the grating attachments , very easy to use and because of the size bulk prep has never been an

Philips HR7776/93

Latest review: I can’t even imagine my life without it. From makin* salad, cake, dough, soup, juice and smoothies, nut butter and sauces,.... do I say enough. It is light for moving from pantry to benchtop.

Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

Latest review: Really happy with my purchase. Great product with so many attachments. Got a discount over a discounted price so great value for money and it has made my cooking really easy and quick. Very easy to

Breville Mini Wizz BFP100

Latest review: I needed a small processor for those times when I only want to make small quantities or chop a half an onion. First I made a salad dressing which this unit did very fast and very well. Today I

Breville All In One BSB530

Latest review: It was great until the motor died out . All the attachments were practical but two weeks back it just made a weird sound and stopped working . I tried contacting customer support to order just the

Sunbeam Cafe Series LC9000

Latest review: Bought this with high hopes, but early on when i used the Julienne attachment it wouldn't push down on the spindle far enough and ended up chopping all the little grey plastic dots off on the plastic

Russell Hobbs Multi Processor

KitchenAid KFC3511

Latest review: This was a great little appliance - I did not use it often as I don't do much cooking, maybe only 8 times over the year since i bought it. Tonight I was putting my soft plastic recycle bags in the

Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820

Latest review: Breville have put together a masterpiece here with multiple functions and a very VERY powerful motor. I have used most of the parts for different needs and what I like most is how perfectly the

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