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Magimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL

Magimix Compact 3200 / 3200 XL

3200 XL and 3200
3.5 from 22 reviews

Can't live without it! Excellent service

My original Magimix eventually gave its last gasp after over 30 years of use, so with great confidence, I downsized models and replaced it with a new Magimix. I was absolutely thrilled with it for over 3 years. It has a quiet powerful motor and I love it's compact size. I never doubted my decision to replace it with a smaller version of the same brand. My daughter also purchased the family size model (which I used to own) She loves it too and has not had any problems with it.
However, the black handle cracked recently while it was in the dishwasher. Nothing had fallen on it. I was very disappointed and found it hard to live without as I use it regularly! I emailed Magimix and despite the fact it was about 6 weeks out of warranty they honoured it and sent me a new one. I am very grateful for this and because of this great service I would purchase one again -so long as nothing else goes wrong! Their excellent service and prompt response sending me an e-parcel label was appreciated, especially as it was out of warranty.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

A $600 unit should not be so flimsy!

I purchased the 3200xl 2 years ago. I've now had to replace the lid twice from the plastic piece that clips into the base to engage it snapping off. It's cost me $99 each time and I'm just furious now.
A supposed "shatterproof" plastic bowl/lid is certainly not the case. It seems to be a major flaw in the manufacture of this machine.
Cambur (Magimix) are incredibly rude and unhelpful so DO NOT think that their claims of 30 years (motor) 3 years (parts) warranty are reassuring, it's like getting blood out of a stone. They just claim you must be using it inappropriately, even get you to send it back for "inspection" to tell you they won't replace it. Absolutely patronising, appalling after sales service and remember, you have to get past them to get a claim authorised... .
In addition I'm sick of blending dry ingredients and having it lodge in the space between the lid (when i have one that works) and the bowl, then when you take the lid off it all falls everywhere. Another manufacturing oversight by the company.
Overall, do not enter in to dealing with this company, after sales help is appalling and the unit itself is incredibly overpriced for bad design and craftsmanship.
How about that motto... "We care about our brand, and we care about our customers".

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Ok, except plastic blade cap can fall off and get "minced" together with food.

I was very happy with this food processor until the blade cap fell off while I was processing food...of course it was partially minced by the blade before I could stop the machine. What a dreadful racket and sound! Without the cap, when processing liquids, eg. soup, there can be leakage. I also feel like the blade is no longer as sharp as a result of processing hard blade cap! Bowral Cookshop are taking no role in this matter and are offering no after sales service. They have referred me to Cambur industries in Melbourne. All i want is another cap and advice on how to stop it happening again! No quick solution there...i have to now photograph blade with missing cap and together with proof of purchase put in writing what happened. Hmmm...to be continued.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Shocking attitude in regard to warranty and service

My original Magimix eventually gave its last gasp after over 40 years of use, so with great confidence, I replaced it with a new Magimix.. Within 6 months the motor makes a terrible grinding sound. I took the unit back to David Jones who rang the 'distributor" Cambur in Victoria. I spoke to them and found them extremely rude and also arrogant. Service is available from just one place in Sydney and DJ's said they can take months to do a repair. Magimix products will never be bought again by me or my family and friends. This an expensive mistake!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017


A solid machine that is actually quite large despite being the smallest model. The three bowls give lots of options however my only gripe would be that the larger bowls do get some food scraps when using the smaller bowls inside them. Other than that, a heavy, quiet but powerful machine that gets the job done. I have also purchased the dicing attachment which works well. It sits on the kitchen bench so I can use anytime.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

good, still works

Still good, will use it till it no longer works ..Processes well and makes things easier in the kitchen.Is big enough for the whole family. Often look at newer models but will keep using this one for now.
Quick easy to clean. Easy to pull apart, Great Quick Easy
New one next year

Date PurchasedDec 2004

Great product would recommend it to a friend!

Finally, the product that delivers every time! I am very happy with my purchase and looks stylish on my kitchen bench, it is easy to use and the manual is easy to navigate. All the attachments work as described in the manual. I would recommend this product to a friend. I should have bought this long time ago.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

It does the job well

I bought this for my kitchen needs and it did not dissapoint me. Everything works perfectly. I think this is the best investment I ever had. It enable me to be more creative with my cooking. It reduces my preparation time prior to cooking and baking. It has proved to be a time saving device.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

8 years and going strong

This machine has had a thorough workout and is still working perfectly, the only replacement part I've needed has been a pusher but that was my fault it had been dropped on the tiles one too many times. As with another review I've overheated it and worried that I'd broken it but it came back to life as good as new when it cooled down.

Date PurchasedApr 2009

Not worth the money

This machine worked ok until the plastic body snapped and now requires a $200+ repair. A 30yr warranty on the motor is totally useless if it's housed in a faulty plastic body! The attitude of the supplier was quite rude and lack of service agents disappointing. I'd recommend buying something else!

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Extremely disappointed with quality

I had had this processor for a little under 2 years when most of the small pieces of plastic from the rotator shaft chipped off (into our food). I don't use it every day, and have always taken a lot of care not to damage it when I clean/move it, etc. An authorised repairer is replacing the broken part (parts warranty is 3 years), but it will cost me around $70 for the workmanship in replacing those parts. You would think that if parts are to be replaced, the warranty should also cover their replacement inside the actual product... For the cost, I am amazed that it has broken so quickly with little use. Was considering buying other Magimix/Bamix products, but will now avoid in future.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

plastic bowl & lid cracked with occasional use only

I love the way this machine works, but the plastic bowl & lid have cracked with occasional use only. The crack on the large bowl is actually where the bowl was originally sealed, ie, exactly half-way around from the handle, running from the top to bottom. It sprays a fine mist when blitzing liquids. I'm not rough on my appliances, so this is a significant fault in workmanship. Quite disgusted as the cost of replacing these parts is ridiculous ($230). I likely bought it over 3 years ago so it's out of warranty of course.

Quiet and powerful

I recently bought this appliance and it has made my life so much easier. It's not loud like my mix master and extremely powerful. It makes biscuit dough or protein balls so easy. I have yet to try out all the attachments. It is rather bulky and requires significant bench space or cupboard storage.

Accessories Container

The machine its self is just fine for my current needs. I just gave away my old but still functioning "Cuisinie System Pro" away to have more counter space. However the container for the discs etc. is the ridiculous size of an old fashion bread box. Think about that for anyone living in small Paris Studio as I do.
Rge Magimix 3200 is just what what I wanted. My daughter bought the same model Two months ago.
The machine is fine but the "bread box" container for the accesspries is pretentious.


Glad I took the leap and purchased this machine. It has awesome performance and is really easy to clean. Have used it for egg whisking, shredding carrot, juliette carrot (with extra disk), slicing zucchini, all work fabulously fast and exceed expectations. I tried chopping rosemary in the mini bowl and was disappointed so bought the Le Micro and they compliment each other well. Definitely would recommend to others. Its a good size and does not take up too much room on the bench compared to other models.
Love everything about it, cleaning is far easier than expecting
Herbs aren't really suitable, the blade does not turn fast enough.

Little magic with Magimix Compact 3200

When the main bowl of my Sunbeam Food Processor showed fatigue cracks after 38yrs, I bought a Magimix Compact 3200. From the start, the 2 main cutting blades were blunt, wouldn't even cut fresh walnuts or bread into crumbs. The small blade had cracked and small pieces of plastic had chipped off the holding shaft into our food. Application for replacement under the 3 year Parts Warranty was refused by Distributors, reason being "I must have misused the product or didn't know how to use it". I was without my machine for months while the Distributor's Managers "tested'' it.....that is, did a visual inspection. Eventually I was given 2 replacement blades by a Distributors Sales rep, who agreed ''the blades were so blunt you could catch them and you wouldn't cut yourself''. Then with normal use, the small bowl cracked. Again the whole machine was sent in to be "tested'' by the Distributor: conclusion "there is nothing wrong with it". They refused to honour the warranty which was still valid.
I gave up. What seemed like such a good product, compact, well designed, and simple to use, had become a nightmare.
Its promise of a compact, sturdy and simple to use Food Processor.
Poor quality materials that mean its promise wasnt realised.

Good Wide Mouth & Time Saving

Saves me heaps of time when I have to prepare a soup and chop veges for stirfries. So quick now I have my Magimix. Being able to have such small chopped/sliced pieces means the food I'm cooking cooks faster so I'm saving money of electricity too - it really makes a big difference as I'm preparing meals for a family of five every day. At first I though three bowls was excessive but now I'm finding I use them all! I don't find a need a bigger sized machine but I haven't made bread yet. I made dough for an apple pie in four minutes flat! It was so quick & then I sliced the apples for the pie in seconds! I have mixed a biscuit dough too and the bikkies turned out beautiful - like real professional biscuits! The cake I made in it was very well mixed and it only took a minute or so. I love playing around with all the different blades. The french fry blade does only make french fries - not Aussie style chips but this is a French machine so what do I expect?! I can't wait to do a pesto in it with my basil in summer as that is what I bought it for. I used it almost every day. Amazed by this machine - great if you need to chop into small pieces and prep for larger groups like families and friends on a regular basis. A real time saver in more ways than one. A little expensive but I went with this one because of the 30 year warranty that came out with it this year. It used to be 12 years.
It saves me time. Easy to clean. Save electricity in cooking stuff.
It can leak liquidy 'foods' a bit - not watertight and the blades can fall out with the food when tipping the chopped stuff into a bowl. No biggies though.

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I bought Magimix 3200XL for this Christmas after checking all the reviews, videos and personally visiting the stores. I took such a lengthy process becoz I wanted to buy a good product and never worry about the functionality later. I decided on 3200 XL because it has a bigger chute than the 3150. 4200 and 5200 models have higher motor power like 950 watts and 1000 watts respectively but i was going to use it for domestic use and also the blades over a period of time lose their sharpness and u need to replace them. 3200 has the same functionality as the other models and have been using it almost every day. got the french fry and cubing kit as bonus so I am very happy as I am not missing on any functionality. Breville cafe series seem to be nice with higher power but it does not have few blade varieties that Magimix has. Overall, I am happy with it so far.

Terrible product

I bought it 15 months ago, only used it 5 times, and now the rotator stick is stuck and I can't pull it out to even clean my bowl.

Rang MagiMix, told I had to bring it to the authorised centre all the way at Bondi Junction during a work day. And that is the only one available in all of Sydney! Great for people who work who now needs to take a day off to go get this $600 piece of machine to be fixed.

Apart from that I was told that it most likely won't be covered by warranty, even though there is a 3 yrs parts warranty and a 30 yrs motor warranty! What kind of [censored word removed] warranty!
Easy to shred vegetables
Broke down so quickly despite it being so expensive. Terrible customer service. Bad warranty service


I purchased the Magimix because it had good reviews everywhere I looked. I do a lot of food prep, and with limited space in my kitchen I wanted something I could use for a wide variety of tasks. I have made bread dough with it, mixed cakes, made pesto, beaten egg whites, whipped cream, made french fries and sliced vegies. It does everything I want it to. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the larger model with larger capacity and XL feed tube. I am confident that this product will last as it seems very sturdy and has a good long warranty. I use this at least twice a day.
-three different bowl sizes
-good range of attachments, that store neatly
-powerful motor with long warranty
-quite compact for a full-size food processor
-wish I'd got a slightly bigger one to do the dough for a full-size loaf of bread!
-can be difficult to clean the bottom of the blades (I usually wash immediately or soak in a little warm soapy water)

So happy with our purchase

We read reviews about the Magimix and took the plunge. We are very happy with the product. It could be a little larger for bread but overall it is a good size. We have used it so much. It did overheat (when trying to make bread) but it cooled down and came back to life. It has been a real help in the kitchen and easy to clean.
reliable, easy to clean and mixes beautifully
A little expensive but you get what you pay for

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Questions & Answers

Hello. Do the blades go to the edge of the bowl? Ive heard that if they dont its not a good machine.
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Hello. Does the 3200xl have a small feeding chute as well, or just the one wide feed chute,?
5 answers
Hi Claire, it has just the one shoot. Thanks K6730Thankyou. Is there a magimix food processor that has a wide chute and a smaller option on it as well please? I dont want a huge machine though...Hi Claire, the XL food processors have 2 chutes. The large one needs to be used to activate the safety mechanism, there is a smaller one inside the large one so you don't need to use the larger section all the time. There is also a small chute only model : https://www.magimixau.com.au/product.php?itemno=18393A Hope this helps.

How many mixing blades are in the box? I got one only... small one. And two shredding blades. Thanks
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Hi Nitsan, please advise which model you have purchased, the 3200 or 3200XL? Thanks.


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