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Misleading BA information on baggage using Qatar Airlines

Beware using the British Airways code share with Qatar. We purchased an economy British Airways ticket from Melbourne to London via Flight Centre. The flight is a code share using Qatar airlines. The BA website and Flight Centre said there was a 32Kg checked baggage allowance. In a subsequent call to Flight Centre on another matter, the rude call centre operator said, "By the way you only have 23Kg checked baggage allowance on Qatar". It was a huge challenge getting a straight answer about the allowable baggage weight. Finally the check-in page was suggesting you could take 23Kg checked and 23Kg cabin (really? A flight attendant handling 23Kg overhead???). But the check-in link sent via SMS did not work. Seats were selected the week before the flight. Tried to check-in by calling airlines and check-in could not be done via BA because of the Qatar flight and could not be done via Qatar because it was a BA arranged flight. Check-in at the airport was a nightmare because the seats selected were no longer assigned to our ticket. We will never use British Airways or Flight Centre again and we are showing screen shots of the misleading information to as many people as we can. I have had exceptional service with Air NZ and Emirates for many other flights. Just a pity we couldn't get the flights on the days needed with a customer focussed airline.

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In-Flight Service
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DestinationLondon, UK
BookingThird Party

If wouldn't fly with them again

If I could give 0 stars I would! Not that my review would make a great impact, seeing how many negative reviews they have, but I would still want to share my story.
I booked a flight from Bucharest to London and return and it was a total disaster. When were were at the airport, they informed us that the flight will be delayed for 5 hours (from 8 am to 1 pm), then another 1 hour and a half ( until 2:30 pm). We lost 3 buses and the money we paid for the bus tickets and now they would not refund. Returning to Bucharest our flight was delayed for 1 hour and a half and they did not even inform us about it.
I understand that unforeseen situation can happen, but I have never seen such a poorly prepared company in my life.
The flight delays are a standard of British Airways, as I can see. Stay away!

UPDATE: After reaching out to the management they have agreed to refund me the extra costs. I have already received the amount.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationLondon, UK
BookingThrough Airline

Not a good experience

I was flying from Melbourne to London with Quantas than booked British Airways ticket from London to Berlin. Not recommend travel with BA they are overbooking seats cannot guarantee the seats. Terrible especially when you pay premium price.

British Airways Flight 17/6/18

Fantastic experience on my flight home. It was my birthday yesterday and given an upgrade to 1st class. Service was outstanding food and beverages in abundance complete with birthday cake. Will certainly be flying BA again and recommending them to friends and colleagues

Not Recommended To Fly With

We purchased 2 business class tickets to London, Dublin Ireland, Split Croatia, back to London, and then onto Singapore.
The flight from Sydney to London was on aircraft type Boeing 777. Cabin configuration is somewhat confusing with the seat next to you facing the other way. As my wife didn’t like the fact she had to travel ‘going backwards’ I volunteered. I found the seating quite narrow and as I am 6’2” the bed, when fully flat, was not as long as I had hoped for (hence one of the reasons paying extra for business class) Apart from a small draw, presumably for shoes, there is nowhere to put anything, and I mean anything, not even a bottle of water. During the night’s sleep I woke up disoriented and somewhat claustrophobic, and having to step over the persons feet in front of me seemed quite weird. With poor food and food choices we didn’t enjoy the trip to London.
London to Dublin: Boarding passes for this flight was given to us in Sydney and we were separated. Ground staff in Sydney told us we would have to take it up with British Airways in London to be put together. We were told the flight was full and we couldn’t change our seats. It seems British Airways are more intent on selling seat numbers for extra revenue than putting families together.
When we boarded the Airbus 320 to Dublin, we thought the whole configuration was economy. In fact, all the seating i.e. seat cover, seat size and leg room are all the same. The only difference is there is a fixed tray in the middle seat (only 2 passengers per row) and the position of the dividing curtain. If they sell 8 10 or 12 business seats, they simply move the curtain up or down on its tracks as sales dictate. You also get a slightly better meal (free of course) whereas economy has to buy their meals/snacks. On this leg (London Dublin-Dublin London) we would have saved a lot of money and travelled economy.
Dublin to London: The only part of our journey in economy class. We received our boarding passes for the Airbus 320 to London and were seated near the rear galley where we could hear one of the cabin crew talks about his false teeth to the delight of his fellow crew who were laughing all the way to takeoff. It was like an episode from “Come Fly With Me” quite frankly. disgusting behaviour.
London to Split-Croatia: Now I would have thought that business class would be better, not so, and I shouldn’t have been optimistic. Same aircraft, same seating, same not so good food. Very disappointing. Once again, we should have travelled economy and saved hundreds of dollars.
Split to London: We decided, as it was an afternoon flight, to spend a couple of hours in the business class lounge. After Customs we made our way to the lounge only to be told British Airways doesn’t have a lounge at Split, nor do they have any contract with Split Airport to use the lounge. It would have been good if somebody had told us beforehand. So, what are we getting for our dollars? We get the same seats as economy; we all fight for a seat at the boarding gate because there are hundreds of people, but wait, we don’t pay for our meal on the plane!! Further to this to make the story complicated, the flight was delayed ‘seven hours’. It was caused by a lightning strike out of London. British Airways do not have any ground staff at Split and called on another airlines engineer (one person) to look over the aircraft. This caused us to miss our connection to Singapore that night. Cabin Staff, who by now are just as frustrated and angry are becoming very rude when asked what is going on, they, and the Captain informed all passengers with onward bookings to go to the desk was ‘unmanned’ it was by fluke that I asked a passing airport staff member if there were any British Airways desks open, she said to try sales desk in departures. As luck would have it, there were two BA staff there who duly put us up at the airport hotel ‘without’ our luggage as it was in transit, with three, yes three food vouchers. One of the vouchers, 15 pounds each, was for Marks & Spencer, I thought good, at least we can get some clean underwear. Not so, they were for food only! So, here we are with a breakfast voucher, a lunch voucher and a food voucher for M & S....great....bad....
I would have thought that of all the 7 hours on the ground in Split, somebody, somewhere would have known what passengers had onward journeys and have it all organised when we landed in London and have a staff member at the gate to give us information and maybe an apology, instead of looking for a manned desk and waiting there for an hour to get to a hotel. By the time we got to the hotel at 1am and checking out at 11am, it doesn’t leave much time to rest, does it?

London to Singapore: As you can imagine, when we got on this evening flight we were exhausted and looking forward to a good sleep. The A380 was the same front /back seat configuration, again no storage points and awkwardly looking at a stranger looking at you.
The evening meal was served, very miss-matched meat balls or fish. My wife had the meatballs and I had the fish. If it wasn’t for our state of tiredness and hunger we would have left both on the plate.
The next surprise was 2 hours out of Singapore at 3pm local time, what did they serve? BREAKFAST” Presumably, not to bring out the drink cart to save more money!!
Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be flying British Airways again. I would not recommend them.

Long time Gold/Emerald Card holders shocked by prison guard type staff on flight from LHR to SIN

Yesterday (September 2017), we flew from London Heathrow to Singapore in World Traveller Plus (premium economy). Over recent years we have seen the British Airways product deteriorate more and more but this flight topped it all. The staff reminded us of prison guards and were more interested in telling you what not to do instead of providing an actual service. We mentioned our issues to the cabin services director (who was very nice and tried to be helpful!), but they seemed to ignore any direct orders from her. For example she put aside some wine for us and they should have kept us topped up but no one ever came.

The staff also simply turn off the call button without ever showing up. This is very neglectful as there could be someone ill or in need of help.

The only time the 2 cabin crew members dealing with our part of the cabin addressed us was to bark safety orders such as "are you wearing your seatbelt" and, "sit down" when I went to retrieve an item from my laptop bag when the captain announced we would not be moving for a further 25 minutes. They were not really interested in safety or they would not have turned off the call bell without checking who required what. One poor elderly lady who had her blanket taken off her by one of the crew prior to take off (for safety reasons) quietly asked me if I would mind retrieving it for her from the overhead locker. She had sat there, cold, for hours scared to even ask! On one of the longest flights on BA's network (we were on board a total of nearly 14 hours) we never once saw staff make a water-run during the night.

At one point I walked to the back of the cabin and on my way down there, there were two gentlemen talking to each other in the aisle. They made space for me to pass by and suddenly one of the cabin crew walked up from the back and stormed in between us. This was out of place and aggressive behaviour which is totally unacceptable on a basic manners level even less acceptable when that person is a paid employee in a service industry.

British Airways had a lot of restructuring recently and the newer staff went on strike because of unfair payment schemes....their anger is understandable but their behaviour e.g. talking to passengers like they are naughty children is unacceptable. The food was also bad. One tiny main meal which was overcooked into oblivion and a further reduced size breakfast that was insulting. Nevertheless, we are used to the food being bad, but the only reason why we still flew with BA was their staff. They now seem to have lost most of the good ones. The only good thing about the flight were our premium economy seats and the aircraft layout (777-300).

If you want to fly direct from London to Singapore then Singapore airline's economy service is streets ahead of BA's premium economy. Their staff care, their management care, they give you water regularly and treat you with respect, not as an inconvenience. If you want to stick to Oneworld then do yourself a favour and fly Qatar via Doha or Cathay via Hong Kong. The extra time and inconvenience will be worth it. A very sad state of affairs.

Damaged buggy/car seat and noone in customer service care

I was told at the airport that buggy and car seat will be taken to the plane and given me at destination at the plane. At arrival noone knew what happened and finally buggy and car seat were with all luggages. Both damaged: strached, wheels not going straight.

I went to customer service and for te lady there it is still functional and no refund offered. So I raised claim on the website - it is over a month and noone reverted back to me.

I understand that things may happen but In the past when my lugagge was damaged other airlines offered me some refund, Here noone care. It was last time I use BA.

Booking Process

Airlines and many hotel chains employ dynamic booking software that "games" the customer by raising and sometimes lowering the price as demand for the particular service fluctuates as the date of use draws ever closer. I have just experienced this with a booking with BA where after I had signed up and later realised that what I had received as a booking (economy instead of Premium Economy) was different to what had been shown on the booking system when I booked. However as no screen shot, no proof, and that even when no one at BA could replicate the price paid on the date booked. Complaints go direct to their CEO at http://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=b-9664 wonderful site and free!!! I have used it in the past and yes about BA!!

These people are crooks

Flight from Heathrow to Prague May 14, 2016, I got to the airport more than an hour before my flight and stood in line to check in once my turn they said it is 42 minutes before the flight and the cut off time is 45 minutes so I need to rebook for the next flight and will cost me an extra 550 dollars for the original 100 dollars ticket. I said I can get a ticket from another airline for 100 and they said if I don't pay them the money they will cancel my return flight also which they did. This is absolute highway robbery. I will never ever fly with them nor ever go to UK. They are rude and prejudice. Avoid them as much as you can, they will screw you anyways possible.

Good international airline.

When I end up on any airline flight list, it is through a booking agent, so I do not know their online booking procedure. My mother comes from England, so I fly from Australia to Britain frequently to visit her family there.
I have never had any problems with flight delays - probably due to booking connecting flights so the next flight probably knows of the delay when they occur.
The food isn't the best, I have to admit; however I do have appetite problems when I fly long distances so, that may also be me. The staff in my experience are always very friendly and helpful - however flying all about the place, I have learned airport staff differ greatly with which airport one uses, no matter the company. I actually have a mental list of airports I avoid when possible due to staff.
BA have a good selection of movies, TV and music options for the long flights.
Never had any flight, service or luggage issues with BA when flying with them.

BA Shocking Customer Service And Exploitative Pricing

I had travelled to Turkey for a 10hr operation on my head (date 20/04/16) and was scheduled to depart Istanbul on 21/04/16 (flight BA0679 @ 13:50).

As you can imagine with bandages and a lot of drugs all I wanted was to have a peaceful journey home. I arrived at the airport at 10:30 so had plenty of time to kill so wandered around the shops and restaurants. Made my way to the gate (502), arrived with 50 minutes to spare to find around 100 people all sitting at the gate. I found a seat and waited for the tannoy announcement to let us know when the gate was open/last boarding/closing. With no mention of gate closing time on my E-Boarding pass (don't understand why this has been omitted?) and no tannoy announcements, with 20 minutes until departure I went and queried this with the Havas staff (supposedly BA representatives) who informed me (and another 2 couples who had made the same assumption) that the gate was now closed and the people in gate 502 were overflow from another gate.

They informed me there was nothing they could do and just left giving us no direction as to where we should go or how we could go about resolving this. I then spent the next hour trying to get back through security and find a BA ticket office only to find out that this does not exist within Istanbul Airport. I eventually found the BA checkin desk and spoke to the same Havas staff who were rude, unhelpful and could not careless about my situation.

As BA does not have a ticket office they said there was nothing they could do and I would have to buy a ticket on my phone as they were unable to book a ticket through their system? How can a company operate like this? They also informed me that I would be unable to use my air-miles which I now know not to be the case - however BA have now informed that it is too late!

Looking for flights on my phone a single came out at $300 which is ridiculously exploitive and profiteering of the situation. I tried a return which weirdly came out at $268! Why that is cheaper I do not understand but goes to show the exploitive and immoral nature of BA's pricing system.

My original ticket only cost £119.25 return (£60 each way)! Meaning, even if I went for the cheaper option of $268 it would be 3/4 times the original price - this is ludicrously unfair given the flight was basically empty - so empty in fact there was a sign promoting the purchase of second seats!

With no other option and still recovering from the affects of the surgery I was FORCED to pay this EXPLOITATIVE sum. When originally purchasing this flight I was torn between a number of other airlines who were significantly cheaper however I made the decision to go with BA as they supposedly have fantastic customer service and are meant to be more flexible should issues such as this arise - this was definitely not the case. Since arriving back in the UK I have spoken with a number of BA call staff who all understand and agree with my situation but state that the BA system is so archaic it won't even let their supervisor give refunds when he/she feels it is appropriate and therefore there is nothing they can do. They suggest the best way to deal with this issue is through the complaint form - then what is the point of a useless Customer Relations team who can't even process a refund.

I am not asking for a full refund I just feel that the exploitative and profiteering prices are very unjustified in this situation - I would be prepared to pay the original price of £60 as this is morally reasonable. I also feel there staff are very rude and unhelpful and I do not understand why they never used the tannoy announcements which they do in every other airport.

I feel BA are totally exploiting the situation and profiteering from the desperate situation I found myself in. I will NEVER be flying with them again as the difference in price between them and other airlines is not justified any more - there customer service both in Istanbul and back here in the UK has been nothing short of DISGUSTING.

What makes matters worse is the BA flight I eventually got was 30 minutes delayed however there are obviously no repercussions for BA! One rule for them and another for everyone else.

Business Melb-London rtrn A380 & 777-300

Never again will i fly ba as long as that rediculous seating arrangement exist!! Window seat facing backwards!! When you need to go to bathroom if the seats on front of you ie the isle seat is extended in the sleeping posistion you have to climb all over them to get out!! It would be extremly difficult for an older person, for business class its so cramped, Sing - Syd 777-300 same set up and even more cramped, the best flight was Melbourne - Singapore Qantas A330-300 great new refit and so much room, so never again Ba.

British Airways - Bait Advertising

The following relates to a proposed trip from Sydney to Singapore and return, on British Airways, on 9th July.

On Wednesday 27 April Flight Centre advised my wife of a fare of $796, on British Airways saying that it would be necessary to book and pay by Friday 29 April.

On Thursday 28 April Flight Centre (a different branch) was unable to find any such fare but advised of a fare of approx. \$915, also saying that it would be necessary to book and pay by Friday 29 April.

The discrepancy in amounts was not due to changing availability of seats - the above information relates to what I was told before we looked at which dates. Had the required number of seats available. (*)

Whether British Airways operates in this way with the intention of tricking customers is unclear but it certainly succeeded in doing so.

While I understand that fares can change at short notice and that sale fares are often only available for sale during a particular period, this the first time that I have encountered a fare advertised on Wednesday as for sale until Friday but actually no longer for sale on the Thursday. (**)

This seems very much like the sort of conduct described by the ACCC as "Bait advertising" (see
A person I spoke to at the ACCC seemed to agree with this but said they only investigate matters on which there are several complaints.

I phoned their Australian number and spoke to a gentleman who told me that the only ways to make a complaint were (1) a form on their website (if I found what he was referring to it doesn't seem to offer an option to
attach a letter) and (2) to telephone a number in the United Kingdom.

He was adamant that British Airways does not have an address in Australia.

I then wasted considerable time looking on their website to find an email address or a local postal address to this letter.
I found neither.

What sort of business makes it so difficult to contact them with a complaint?

So I wrote to their Customer Relations in the UK - got a nice reply which totally ignored the points (*) and (**) above.

Not Worth The Money To Fly Business Class

We booked to fly Sydney-London and return via travel agent, not knowing the configuration of the seating arrangements.
To my shock was confronted with having to deal with a 2-4-2 seating plan. Normal business class is 2-2-2. We were allocated 2 middle seats in the set of 4, so was flying backwards. Although the cabin crew were excellent, the seating plan is awful for what you have to pay to travel business class. Seats are small and space between is cramped, no storage area apart from a small draw to store a laptop, when other passengers on my row had flatbed down I had to step over them to use bathroom, etc. You can pay an extra 75 pounds to book an aisle seat - what a rip off.
Having previously used other airlines for Business Travel. I would not recommend British Airways to fly business class.

No customer service at all

I flew between Sydney - London via Singapore. I asked for a bottle of water to the same girl 3 times but she never brought it so I went to the kitchen to get it, she was there but didn't even apologise. They only have tiny bottles of water and water bottles run out when I asked for next time. How could they not have enough water for passengers for long haul flight!? Funny seating of business class was not impressive either. I'm very disappointed with overall experience and will never ever fly with them again.

Paid for seats not available

Traveled from Sydney to Bangkok, Dubai and Vienna and onto Amsterdam with other airlines no problem. In Amsterdam for travel onto UK BA informed us flight was overbooked and no seats available. Wait listed for another flight which does not connect without ongoing arrangements is unfair and wrong. Our travel for 2017 will be changed to ensure we will never use British Airways again.

Terrible Customer Relations

On September 3rd 2014 I flew with BA from Tel Aviv to Heathrow. The flight was listed as leaving on time up until the time of boarding, when we were told there would be a delay. We boarded about 40 minutes late and only after we were all seated were we told by the captain that there had been some problem with air conditioning on the incoming flight and they would not be able to leave without fixing it. About an hour later he informed us that the good news was that it had been fixed, but unfortunately in the course of doing the repairs someone had "broken a bracket", which would now have to be mended. 90 minutes later the same captain said he was happy to inform us that the bracket had been fixed but now we would have to wait for an engineer in London to "sign off" on the work and that would take another 90 minutes. In the end we sat on the ground in the plane for FIVE HOURS during which time we were given 2 cold drinks. We arrived in Heathrow at around midnight instead of 8pm. I was spending the night with friends an hour from the airport and had to be back at Heathrow for the continuation of my flight to New York. I told them not to wait to collect me and took a taxi which cost me 30 GBP. I was so upset by then that I forgot to get a receipt from the driver. I wrote a letter of complaint to BA and only got a reply 6 weeks later. I had asked for a refund of the taxi fare (without the receipt) and some financial compensation for the inconvenience caused me. The letter informed me that "your flight was delayed due to operational circumstances beyond our control which prevented the aircraft operating as scheduled. Under EU legislation, British Airways is not liable for a compensation payment in this situation". I wrote to them again telling them what I thought about their Customer Relations and eventually got a second reply saying that their refusal to pay compensation still stood.
I am totally disgusted by BA and hope never to have to fly with them again.

Cancelled flight and reluctant to refund

British Airways flight BA 12 on 8 September from Singapore to London was cancelled and not rescheduled until the next day. We were facing missing a connecting flight, accommodation and potentially the start of our cruise. We were fortunate to get a replacement economy flight with Singapore Airlines, no thanks to British Airways. Now three months on, we are still being led up the garden path trying to obtain a refund for our missed World Traveller Plus tickets and seat allocation fees.. Their service has been consistently non existent at every communication. I think they believe that if they delay long enough we will forget about it. This won't happen though.

British Airways treats Gold Card Members badly!

British Airways treats Gold Card Members badly! My recent experience with BA has been bad. Delayed Flight, Onward Flight not connected. Nobody to attend. Stranded at London Airport for the night without a Hotel & Bags.

Lost priority baggage

Customer support are not supportive. We arrived at Zurich for a 2 day skiing holiday at 9pm tuesday evening only to find that our ski equipment did not arrive. We were told it would be on the next scheduled flight and would arrive at 10am wednesday the next day and they would call when Arrived. 24 hours later we have not received any calls. We have called 3 times to make enquiries as to our essential luggage location to be hung up on 3 times by a call center in Madrid. This has been the worst customer experience ever as our holiday has been ruined because we do not have our ski equipment.
We paid a premium to travel with BA and expect good service and not for priority bulky baggage to be lost. Very disappointed and would recommend any other carrier.
Cabin crew were great.
Customer support was rude and unhelpful.

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Has anyone flown with BA Sydney-Singapore lately? Have they picked up their game a bit?
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Haven’t travelled that route with BA sorry. But Emerites was excellent.

Did anyone have a good experience? I'm due to fly to Sydney tomorrow and just checked reviews to get a picture, so disappointed with what I'm reading.
4 answers
I don't recall if I mentioned this in my main post, but they're pretty determined that you shouldn't write them a letter of complaint. Just try finding their email address or their Sydney office address! The only option was to write to their UK address - which meant a visit to the post office to find out how much and to buy stamps. Something they obviously don't want you to do. Which is a bad sign in any business, let alone one where each customer is spending thousands of dollars.Hi, i travelled business class and will never fly with them again, im not sure if you're traveling business or economy. The best flight was the Qantas A330 300 flight from Melbourne to Singapore from there on and on the way back was Ba.I'm travelling economy class!

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