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Brother PQ-1500S / PQ1500SL

Brother PQ-1500S / PQ1500SL

PQ1500SL and PQ1500S
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great machine but 1 problem

I use the PQ1500SL for quilting and I love the machine the only thing i complain about is threading the needle its hard to thread other then that i love it

Purchased in April 2016 at sewing machine plus for $878.00.

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Love it

I have had this machine for 4 years now. Yes needle breakage was an issue. I sourced the same make it came with organ brand, available in USA, cheap as, don't buy the fancy brands. This is designed to be a workhorse and it is. I sew costume for the productions/ reenactment. There has never been an issue with bulk or fine fabrics, unlike the Swiss B maker,( no name here.) I use any type of thread incl cast offs from other people, no problem. It's a good machine, it does what I ask....sew. yes it only does straight stitching, but it copes with anything. Incl many layers of thick upholstery fabrics. If you can get it under the foot it will sew. I think you need separate machines to do different jobs, not a one machine does everything type of approach. That way you only pay for what you need.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

This Machine Is The Best!!

I bought a Brother PQ1500S to put on a quilting frame, both worked perfectly and were all I could want as I don't have the need (or budget) for a longarm quilting machine and frame.

Seeing this machine was doing such a great job on the frame, I decided to try FMQ (free motion quilting), and again, was not disappointed. Mmmm, surely this machine can't be 'this' great? Or can it? Next to make some new clothes and used a wide variety of fabrics from slippery to sheer to thick to thin and the results were always the same. Perfect!!

This machine now sits on the sewing table and is my main 'go to' machine for everything (except, obviously, zigzag) and I've bought many additional feet which gives even more options jeans and other top stitching on upholstery projects, being just one of them.

I would highly recommend this machine to anyone who wants a high speed, fully capable sewing machine that will plough through whatever you put under the foot and do it with ease! It's a simple machine to use and maintain and super quiet as well, which was a surprise for a machine which does 1500 stitches per minute. Stitch quality is perfect with stitches straight and true, no matter what type of fabric you have chosen.

The foot pedal is so exact that it's possible to do 'stitch by stitch' sewing, it also stops the second you release the pressure on the foot pedal. I have never had a single problem with this machine and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

To say I just love using this machine is an understatement, it puts a smile on my face each time I use it, which is home/hobby use, but it would also be the perfect machine for anyone with a sewing or alterations business.

I forgot to add above, that the Pin-feed mechanism is just perfect when matching checks/stripes/patterns, etc. or when sewing fabric that normally creeps. This is the only machine with this feature and it's such a simple feature but works well!

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Just wanted to add....thread breakages as mentioned in previous reviews are generally caused by incorrect tension or poor quality thread. Although I've used cheap thread in my machine with NO breakages. FMQ problems are yet another tension and/or needle problem and can also be caused by not moving the quilt in a smooth, consistent motion. It takes practice! ;-(


terrible terrible terrible machine. So is the after service. don't buy from Allbrands. thats all I Have to say about this machine.

Bought it in March. Have never been able to free motion quilt with it. It has been back to the seller (Allbrands). Sent back still didn't work. It has been sent to Brother (still doesn't work. Trying to get my money back,but, have been unsuccessful. Have had this machine 6 months and have not been able to sew with it at all. By the way don't buy from Allbrands.


somewhat useless as anything other than a straight stitch machine, and who uses those any more? looking to replace it with a Tin Lizzy or similar.
nice looking, works well for what it is, a straight stitch only.
I agree - do NOT BUY for a quilting machine - thread and needles break, doesn't have a deep enough throat

This is the best machine for quilting. It has a 9" throat and flat bed I like the fact that it is accurate with piecing as well. It sews through thick fabric easily and the foot pressure and height can be manually adjusted.I like the fact that it is metal, sturdy and not computerised. The bobbin is situated at the side of the machine, as I don't take my work off the bed for bobbin changes. I have used it successfully on a quilting frame as well.I am having problems with thread breakage and needle breakage.. ugh what type of needle and thread do you use?Thread break is usually caused by incorrect tension adjustment or poor quality thread. If you adjusted those and also make sure you insert the needle so that the flat side is facing to your right. The needle is threaded from the left side and not from the front as the hole is not facing toward you but side-on if you have installed it correctly. Once you have everything adjusted, I think you will see what a nice stitch it makes.


If you need to have a machine that stitches 1500 stitches per minute this is the machine to get. However, don't get it for free motion quilting.
For straight stitching in a hurry - this is the machine to buy. It's sturdy and all metal. Fabulous for curtains.
I bought this machine for free motion stitching. IAfter making a few quilts successfully I began having thread breakage problems. I have taken it to several repair places to no avail. After speaking to a Brother representative I began using Top Stitch needles. That helped a little - however, the thread breaking continues on a regular and annoying basis. I've pretty much given up any hope of using this machine for free motion stitching and only use it for straight stitching.

Questions & Answers

How alike is this PQ1500 sl, to the nouvelle 1500s. Is it an earlier model? A fre years older. Robyn
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It is the same machine, check the brochure here .... https://www.brother.com.au/brochures/PQ-1500S_Brochure.pdf While this model also has the Nouvelle 1500S logo on the top right side of the machine I've never seen anyone use that name when referencing the machine. It's a great machine though. ;-))


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