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Elna 664 / 664 Pro

Elna 664 / 664 Pro

664 and 664 Pro
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my New overlocker

I had my old Janome overlocker for 20 years, this one surpasses the Janome,it is excellent. I haven’t used all the options yet but the sewing it has done is perfect. St this time I have only made baby clothes. It I intend to make much more now, it is a pleasure to use.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Workhorse machine. Very happy after nearly 3 years of frequent use.

I sew often and sew a lot of different things, from clothing, to upholstery, to home decor. Given this, I like to really put things through their paces before providing opinions on worthiness. The Elna 664 Pro has not disappointed.

I've had the machine for almost 3 years and used it almost weekly. Only now after this amount of use and no servicing is the timing very slightly off, but given what I put the thing through (anything from delicate silks to, lycra through to multiple layers of heavy upholstery fabric), I am very impressed. By contrast, one of my sewing machines I use as often as the Elna 664 Pro and I MUST get that serviced annually (though admittedly, said machine is computerised, so I'm limited in what maintenance I can perform).

I oil the 664 Pro regularly as I would any other mechanical sewing machine/overlocker. Which brings me to the only real criticism of the machine - the instruction manual is fine for someone with experience, but I imagine if this were my first rodeo, I'd find the instruction manual inadequate. The manual gives a good overview of threading and stitch types, but the maintenance and troubleshooting information is minimal. If you're new to this, I'd recommend finding someone to demonstrate how to properly oil and clean the machine.

The accessories the machine came with perfectly suited my needs (although it has 2 thread capabilities, I've never had cause to use it and can't imagine it would be something people would use routinely - still, nice to have the option). I appreciated that it came with a spare upper blade and pack of needles, too.

Threading is very easy with the colour-coded components and diagram on the machine front.
The settings guide on the machine itself is an absolute masterstroke. Of course, you may still have to adjust the tension/differential/stitch length etc. dependent upon fabric, but only minimally.

The machine is nicely weighted and stable. It's very comfortable to use. For a simple, mechanical overlocker, it's also not overly loud.
It works well with light and heavy fabrics, provided one allows for this with regards pressure and needle selection. The needles are easy to change as it has a lift feature to angle them towards you.
There are other feet you can buy if you need them and they're priced similarly to other brands.

All in all I'm really impressed by the machine. It's mechanically simple (which I prefer), but also has some brilliantly simple features (settings dial, 2 thread ability etc.) which I think put it a cut above other machines in the same price-range. It's very easy to use (if you're not a novice, but still a novice with some guidance would be well served by this machine). Most importantly, it handles the wide variety of items I sew and frequent use. If I were to sew professionally, I would still have this machine in my arsenal - it's a tireless workhorse.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Very pleased

I have always been pleased with the Elba sewing machine hence choosing the Elna 664 Pro overlocker. I like how all the settings are displayed on the machine it saves reading the book! It took me a while to work out how to thread it but after that I haven’t looked. A good machine at a reasonable price for an occasional sewer like me.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Elna 664 PRO overlocker is easy to thread compared to my pretty old model. It makes perfect overlock stitches with almost any thread and easily transforms from 4/3 thread overlock to rolled edge and there are many specialty feet available. It is stable and has minimal vibration even when run at full speed but I do suggest that one does not run an overlocker at full speed as doing so may cause skipped stitches. The PRO is well engineered and built. I got it at a Spotlight sale and as a VIP there was a second discount...great value.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

This is an exceptional Overlocker Machine!

This machine is easy to thread, it makes perfect overlock stitches with almost any thread, it easily transforms from 4/3 thread overlock to rolled edge and there are many specialty feet available for the 664 Pro. It is designed to have minimal vibration even when run at full speed (however I do suggest on does not run an overlocker at full speed, doing so avoids skipped stitches). This model is well built, well engineered and is usually sold at a great value.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Wonderful simple overlocker

This machine really gets you making things without needing to refer to the manual too often. It stitches beautifully and is quiet. I am delighted with it.

Straightforward to thread. The built in dial is low tech but genius. Also, the on-board storage is a huge plus for messy people like me.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Love it!

The perfect partner for my Elna sewing machine. So easy to use, so easy to retension and change threads. The instruction panel on the front sold me when I was comparing different brands and models. Seriously, couldn't be a better machine. And I got it on sale at Spotlight before the price went up another hundred dollars.
Very Very Happy

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Can't use it

Ever since new the tension is wrong. I live in th wheat belt wa. I took it to our nearest sewing machine shop (not elna) and they had trouble and it is still not right. Unable to use on good projects. Because of where i live it is hard to get anyone to help.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Fun Fun Fun!!!

I've never owned or used an overlocker so this was quite an adventure! This machine is fabulous, especially for someone who has never used one.. the threading is self explanatory, really easy with the colour coding. I bought it without having a lesson and I was up and running trying all the different programmes within an hour. Highly recommend this machine. Just follow the directions on the program screen and off you go. One very very happy lady..:)

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great Overlocker

I bought my Elna 664 Pro back in 2013. I immediately went to an "Learn your Overlocker" class and haven't looked back. I am now in a sewing group and the only one with this Overlocker and the others are all jealous. The thing that most of them like is the fact that the needles pop out for you to either replace or just for the ease of threading and the fact that it is whisper quiet compared to theirs. I have just had it serviced for the first time (I know naughty) and the man who serviced it commented on what a good machine it was. Very Happy!

Date PurchasedSep 2013

so easy to use

im a TOTAL newbie to overlockers but thought id go PRO 2grow into it-the front panel tells u what setting to put on, you dont even have to think! its not so noise either ,BEST investment! love it-only thing lacks dvd=/ and not many youtube videos either but still LOVE it!!

Wonderful Machine - Runs Nice and Quietly

Although I have not owned my Elna Pro for very long, I have enjoyed using it. It is a fabulous machine and purrs along nice and quietly in contrast to a lot of sergers. I am totally smitten with this machine, particularly after having a cheaper version Elna that wouldn't work from day one. It is great to be able to have all the machine settings actually on the front of the machine in an illuminated panel. This panel shows all the settings for each stitch (there are 10 stitches). I have not yet explored all the stitches, but have made a jacket with it and it worked a treat. It is such a pleasant and quiet machine to use.
There is no way this is anything like the 792D which is a terrible machine (from my personal experiences). Of course I was a bit worried that this machine would follow suit of the 792D but they are absolutely worlds apart. I can strongly recommend the Elna Pro to anyone purchasing an overlocker.

Excellent Machine - Easy to set up and Use

This machine threads like most overlockers however a good pair of glasses and lamp never go astray. The stitch settings on the front of the machine are illuminated, clear and concise, making stitch selection easy and self explanatory. I have just assisted a friend to set up her new Janome 800 overlocker and I struggled somewhat with the lack of clarity in explanations for stitch selection, with much emphasis observed in adjusting tension. The Elna Pro is a' one stop shop' dial up what you want and you get it. The Elna Pro is considerably more easy to use and the manual is set out logically with explanations of stitch application. Threading the needle is simplified by the needles being able to be moved forward.

This was the first domestic overlocker I have ever bought or used and it was simple in all it's directions and applications.

The machine came with a separate box of attachments and goodies and a scrap box attachment. I have used this machine extensively for baby lock /rolled hem finishes and occasionally as a four thread finish for hems. It gets worked hard, gets brushed and oiled regularly.

So glad i took the plunge

I recently bought an ELNA 664 overlocker. Once I had mastered the threading of it I was on my way. I am an experienced sewer but new to overlockers so I am still learning the different things I can do on my machine. I Love the Elna overlocker machine and would recommend it. However, I think an instructional CD should be included in the box, This would have been a great benefit for a new user like myself. Other than that a great machine.

Nice machine - inadequate manual rather get the pro

I made a mistake and bought this machine online to be delivered in Australia. I didn't realise there was a 664PRO. My mistake. I have just been for a lesson - just as well because the manual is totally inadequate for anyone who has never used an overlocker. Only get the PRO if you need an overlocker like this - it gives one the little screens that explain the needle and tension settings and a lot of worthwhile additional features. Worth every cent. I will re-write my own manual because one forgets in between uses!

Elna 664 Over locker is cool

I am from PNG I bought a Elna 664 over locker and I love the way it hem the fabric, is very light, the hemming was nice to the best of what is expected. I really enjoyed using the over locker..... Much Appreciated.

Great value, smooth, 2-3-4 thread, quiet overlocker

I bought the 664PRO version a few months ago, to replace another more expensive overlocker I used to have, that had some mechanical problems, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I also have a seperate coverstitch machine so there was no reason to buy a machine that did 5 thread or coverstitch. My friend had recently bought the 664 model herself and really likes it. She said it was very quiet, and she is absolutely right!
Its straightforward enough to thread with colour coded thread paths to follow. She's new to overlocking and managed to thread it from scratch with no problems the first time. I found it straightforward.
It has a little window to see the position you want to set the cutting knife for different seam allowances and this is really rather handy, as many overlockers make you open a side cover just to check the setting of the knife. Its quicker and easier to check because of that design feature.
This model and the 664 also has a tilting needle bar that is locked in position when sewing but can be disengaged and tilted upward to make seeing the holes to insert new needles into so much easier. No more guess work and bending upside down to see where to insert needles!
It feels very solid, and is smooth to use. No bouncing around even at high speeds. Doesn't feel cheaply built.
Stitching when I test sewed on receipt of the machine was really nice. I haven't tried the rolled hemming feature yet only due to lack of time and not sewing summery fabrics I tend to use the rolled hem feature on. Three thread and 4 thread overlock stitches both sew really nicely and neatly on what I have tried so far, which is wovens and medium weight knits.

It has a helpful display chart on the front of the machine for suggested settings for tensions, stitch finger position, stitch length, differential feed etc. You choose the stitch you want and behind the window different settings appear that are recommended for the selected stitch. This is not the reason I bought it - although this saves digging in the manual- its advantage over the 664 version that lacks that built in display is that the Pro version can sew with 2 threads and do a wrapped stretch stitch, which is useful for active wear like bathers and spandex material. I have rolled hemmed fine organzas before, and found that 3 thread rolled hem can sometimes be too heavy and that a finer 2 thread rolled hem is better to not be stiff or bulky in such a fine fabric.
Also true for using the very finest cotton voile and linen fabrics I like for summer clothing, so that was worth the $100 or so difference to me to pay more for the Pro version. And I do appreciate the on board display assistant that recommends appropriate settings for different stitches.
If you don't need 2 thread capability and don't care about the handy reference guide and dont' mind digging in the manual for different settings then the 644 version would probably be fine. My friend bought the 664, but she didn't know about the difference, the store either didn't know or didn't tell her she was missing the ability to make 2 thread seams and thought the only difference was the stitch display.

I like it is all mechanical and feels very solidly built. There is a handy thread catcher that fits on the front of the machine to catch the trimmings and waste from overlocking. There is a flat accessory box with storage room for all the included accessories and room for a few packets of extra needles as well.

This machine does not take the standard household needles. Well, they may fit, but the stitches might not be as nice or they may damage the machine. It specifies inside the front cover and in the manual the correct needle type the machine was designed to use. I was able to buy these in bulk online from an overseas seller in different sizes and needles of the specified type for different fabrics, one for wovens, one for stretch, and in a range of sizes. Worked out a lot cheaper than from the store I bought it from.
Something to bear in mind.
The needles are not difficult to find and any dealership that sells the Elna or Janome overlockers ( which also take the same needle type) should also stock the required needles, or shop around for a good deal online. Other stores should be able to order them in for you if needs be.

It is my understanding that Janome make these overlockers to Elna's design specs. Despite what you might read on some reviews or forums, they are NOT the exact same overlocker as Janome's equivalent model. I used to own the equivalent Janome previously and could compare them side by side before I sold the Janome off. The Janome was noisier and the position of the controls are not all in the exact same place. The Janome's needle bar does not tilt to make needle insertion easier. Just not built the same way. There are some similarities and be able to sew the same stitches, but they are not the same machine. Even the outer cover of the machine is differently shaped. The Janome lacks the nice little viewing window in the bed showing the cutting knife position. It also totally lacked the stitch guide that my 664Pro includes. I vastly prefer the Elna design, its more comfortable to use for me, feels a bit more solidly built, and is very easy to use. The stitches on the Elna are neater and more consistent. Elna used to be an independent company but are now a division of Janome from what my dealership and warranty card information indicated. Having owned the stitch equivalent mechanical Janome overlocker previously I can say with conviction that the Elna has some very nice refinements that the Janome "equivalent" is entirely lacking. The difference in price is well worth paying.
No affils with Elna, I just love my 664Pro!
Inexpensive for the features included, solid, nicely designed mechanical machine.

A fantastic review that has me convinced I'm making the right decision purchasing this machine, thank-you for taking the time to write it.Very helpful review, thank you This is the first review I've read on overlockers EVER! Wow - I want one of these Elna 663Pro machines NOW! I was looking at the Spotlight brochure online & they have the Elna 654 on sale for $250 but after reading Love to Sew's review here, I'm going to try to find one of these machines asap! I bought a Huskylock overlocker y-e-a-r-s ago ... Long story short ... I found out later that I could've bought a machine for less than half the price I paid (I paid $1,100 or so more for the Huskylock) ... that would've been just as good. I met a dressmaker back then, who specialised in wedding gowns & she was also a milliner, & she used a $499 Janome overlocker & she said it was "brilliant" ... so I felt upset that I'd spent so much money on mine. It pays to shop around & I didn't have the time (nor the internet of course!) back then, to look further into making the "right" purchase for me. The Huskylock's still working okay, but the 664Pro's "instant rolled hem device" alone sounds so handy & the little window to see where the blade's positioned is also a great idea, let alone the tilt-back feature you mentioned for actually seeing where to replace the needle sounds marvellous! Many thanks for taking so much time & effort to write such a comprehensive review. I'm very grateful.

Questions & Answers

Hi there, Please will you tell me the differences between the machines other than price? Kind regards and many thanks, Kristen
No answers

I have an elna 664 that has never been used, how much is it worth?
1 answer
You might get $100.00 for it, it may not have been used but it is still second hand.

My else 664 Pro. I was sewing and all of a sunder it stopped sewing and it sounded like the hand wheel was spinning but not connecting with the machine.i tightened the nut in the centre of the hand wheel and it will now by hand big my needle up and down but when I try with the power it just sit still and spins in the machine. Can you help me?
2 answers
Most likely the belt came off or broke.No I can't help but it sounds like you need to have it fixed and serviced at a sewing machine shop. Good luck.


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