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Janome MyLock 644D

Janome MyLock 644D

4.3 from 12 reviews

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Hasn’t missed a beat

I have owned this overlocker for a number of years and it still going strong. Much easier to thread the lower looper than the model below it due to being able to flick out a particular hook to get to it. Well worth the extra money from the model below just for that feature. I’ve sewn everything from swimwear to curtains on this machine and I’ll always happy with the results.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Great overlocker, highly recommended.

Great overlocker which is super easy to thread and does a perfect stitch everytime. Swapping to rolled hem is a breeze and, again, it's perfect. Have compared it to my high-end overlocker and can't tell any difference between the two when it comes to stitch quality. Both are super easy to thread and the 644D would be perfect for a beginner through to a seasoned dressmaker/home dec person. I like to colour match thread to fabric so I re-thread my machines regularly, quite often with woolly nylon.

As someone else mentioned, the lid on the accessory box snapped off a few days ago even though I treat my things carefully, but in saying that it has to be a thin section to act as a hinge so that is the weakest point. Doesn't make any difference because the lid can still be used, and having a waste bin is worth heaps!

ETA...Aug 2019. Had the opportunity to upgrade the overlocker and bought the 644D again, and once more, wasn't disappointed. This is a great machine, so easy to use and thread and does a great job. I would recommend this overlocker to anyone wanting a hassle-free machine which produces perfect stitches every time and at a reasonable price.

Purchased in May 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Thick Fabric Performance
Sewing Experience Level Advanced

This really is a good serger

This is my "go-to-sewing-group" machine. It does a great job, it is easy to transport. It is easy to use. It is easy to thread. NO: it is not the best overlocker I own but it has never failed me. I would recommend this model to anyone. I am not the original owner of this machine but, when I had it serviced, the technician told me it was a very good machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Does the job

Upgraded to this overlocker on advice that it is much better than what I had. It is easier to thread (but still a pain) and for what I needed it for, I really can't say that it is that much better. I use it mainly for basic overlocking on light weight materials and it does do a great job. I could not do without it.

yep Janome is going cheap and poor quality

I have had mylock 644d for about 2 months and do a lot of overlocking and rolled hem. It's OK but nothing to write home about. Doesn't really handle sturdy fabrics of upholstery class nor coearser denim. Handles felted wool ok. Janome supplies cheap made in Vietnam needles and they break or bend much easier and faster than f.i. German Klasse HA x 1SP (the price is just $1 more on the German ones, available from Textile Traders). I suspect their machines that used to be made in Japan are now being churned out in third world countries with lesser quality as a result. I will give my machine a good squeeze before I upgrade to air threaded Baby Lock but certainly am looking forward to the upgrade. Notabene Janome worker confessed she herself owns a Baby Lock. Speaks for itself doesn't it. Janome centre used to deal with Baby Lock I've been told but to quote the worker, "the Australian dealer got too greedy". Hmmmm...... Quality always costs more than cheaper knock offs, doesn't it? Made in USA will be more pricey than made in Vietnam but it's the quality and perfomance that counts. Besides whose really "greedy" - the dealer that compromises quality for easy cheap buck just to churn out numbers of buyers or the one that stands by quality and supplies for the discerning passionate sewers?

Fantastic unit, especially for the beginner.

I purchased my Janome just after Christmas from my local sewing centre. I felt I needed the peace of mind that, if I had no clue what I was doing with my machine, some one on one assistance might be invaluable.
Well, this machine rocks. I was nervous about re threading it, especially after hearing the sewing centre lady say some customers go back several times for rethreading help before they 'get it'.
I broke 3 out of 4 threads the other night, and although it took an hour, I managed to get it re threaded. The next time I broke 4, it took me under 10mins. I'm thrilled. It does a lovely, uniform stitch and I can knock together kids pyjama bottoms or tops in less than 30mins.
All this, from someone who had never even switched an overlocker on 2 1/2 weeks ago. It's a fantastic unit.

Wouldn't recommend it. Ok for beginner!

I have been disappointed when changing the stitching to rolled hem as the plate has now become loose and cannot be tightened, this has caused the needle to break. I had it repaired and still it's the same. I found my older 3 thread machine (20yrs old, to be designed better) I am currently looking to upgrade. I will be doing my research, when it comes to looking at the quality of the make

Can't do with out it it is so simple and easy to use

It is so easy to use and thread up makes life so easy and you can do so many things on it it is one of the best machines janome has ever made and as far as i am conserend no home should be with out one i also like a cabinet for same it is a excelent machine could not ask for better
Reliable and very impressive and efficient warranty and service is the best in australia good and helpful

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What is the price?

This make my sewing so much easy!

Love it, it make all my sewing just so mucth better, and the DVD instruction just a bonus, love this machine, made my son's pants in 30 mins.. owesome
save me heaps of times.


overall this is a great home machine. i would recommend it for beginners and avid sewers alike. for beginners it is about as easy as you will find to thread (a tip -once you have it threaded if you cut off the threads at the top then tie on your new threads you can gently pull them one by one through the machine. You will have to cut the threads that go through the needle once the knot gets to the needle and thread the needle but it saves you having to thread the machine from scratch.)
nice easy to use domestic machine. relatively easy to thread with helpful colour coded guide on the machine. the user manual is helpful for solving tesion problems. i would recommend keeping it handy until you learn where everything is. once your familiar with the machine it is fairly easy to change setting such as having the cutting blade engaged or disengaged change the cutting width, swap from overlocking to rolled hem, etc. i find janome fairly good quality and for a domestic ovelocker. also as a well known brand parts are also easy to find.
i don't really have too many complaints about this machine. doesn't like bulky seams but for a domestic machine it is about as good as your going to find. the basket catcher could be bigger and the parts storage could have a stronger hinge system. (mine broke)


Great value for money, easy to use and scores brownie points with the ladies in the office when I can do things they don't have time for.
It is fairly idiot proof...I am a bloke and I can use it
Threading the thing , I had to read the manual

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I found these reviews very helpful as I am looking to buy one and am fairly sure I will get one of these.


Great machine easy to use, threads great,sews very well. Have had a Janome before and I would not buy any other brand. They last for a long time and are top quality.
Price got it on special

Questions & Answers

any comments on 644d overlocker compared to 744d. which one is better ?
1 answer
The 744D is a newer version of the 644D; the most significant difference is that the 744D has a free-arm. What the free arm does is allow you to remove a plate and serge around cylindrical areas like cuffs, trouser legs, bag tops, etc. more easily. Just my opinion but I hope it helps.

Is this machine relatively quiet?? I have heard some other brands are noisy!!
1 answer
It's definitely much quieter than most overlockers, moreso if you use it on a non-slip mat. You can buy a Janome mat at the dealer but I've used foam-backed carpet and found it excellent. Another thing I use is the non-slip placemats or the non-slip sheeting that is used under floor rugs and use these under all of the machines. The 644D is a fantastic overlocker and never misses a beat with perfect stitching every time. ;-)

Wear can I get spear parts?
1 answer
The retailer that sells you the machine usually carries spare parts and has a repairman to carry out the repair/replacement. Or can order parts for you if not in stock or at least direct you to another retailer that does.


Janome MyLock 644D
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