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Bumbleride Indie

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Loved by all!

We’ve had our Indie for 2.5 years now and it gets used nearly everyday. I researched in depth as I knew I’d be using my pram for lengthy, all-terrain walks on a regular basis, as well as for trips to the shops, and wanted a pram that ticked as many of my boxes as possible. It ticks all of them, and more!
Massive canopy (bub can be completely shaded)
Magnetic peep-hole (quietly spy on bub)
Foot break (easy, hands-free)
Adjustable foot/leg rest (so much comfier for bub!)
Suspension and steering (can go almost anywhere without difficulty)
Adjustable handle (good for short me, tall hubby)
Good sized storage basket (I often walk to the shops and easily fit a basket-full of items under the pram)
Bubs love it! (when out with my niece, she would climb in my pram and refuse to go in hers - another popular 3-wheeler ! - definitely spoke volumes to me!)
Excellent price (cheaper than the pram mentioned above, but so many better features)
We also have the Indie Twin now, and love it just as much!

Purchased in November 2016 at Mornington Baby Goods Warehouse.

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Thank you Jess. So awesome to hear that your research effort and subsequent purchase have been a success and that you love your Indie and Indie Twin. Thank you so much for posting and sharing the love

Perfect for a family on the move!

We wanted a pram we could take everywhere and the Bumbleride Indie is just that! Perfect for all terrains and super easy to dismantle and put in the back of the car. We got the travel bag as well, which I highly recommend for ease when flying. We also have the bassinet accessory which is great, especially for those early weeks when I really wanted the baby facing us. He goes straight to sleep it in too which is amazing! Highly recommend.

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Thank you Steph. Great to hear that you love your Indie

Love it, would definitely buy again!

Gives an excellent smooth ride, even for large toddlers.
Very easy and lightweight to push, even uphill.
Super quick and easy to fold and unfold.
Lightweight to put in and out of car boot.
And excellent feature that it stands up alone when folded up.
Also love the massive canopy!
There's nothing I don't like about this pram. Best one I've ever bought and I'd definitely buy again and recommend to everyone I know needing a pram.

Hi Mandy, Thank you for your fantastic review of our Indie. We love to hear what mums think. Are you sure you bought it at Baby Bunting, they are not one of our stockists?I've looked it up and it was actually Baby Junction, whoops! :-)

great pram great value

Easy to push, fold and great sun cover and very good suspension. If you are a runner check out the Bumbleride Speed. If you have a second child the Bumbleride Twin is excellent. Eco friendly made with environmental friendly fabrics. Better than other most other 3 wheel all terrain prams

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Thank you Steve, amazing that you have tried all three models!

Best 3 Wheel Pram!

This is the best 3 wheel pram! Easy to fold (need two hands) and unfold (can do one handed which is so useful in a pinch). The sunshade is the biggest and best we've seen, perfect for the Australian sun. The extra ventilation you can open up is a great feature.
The ability to lock the front wheel is also handy for running. Love the ability to adjust the seat back from lying down to sitting up and anything inbetween so easily.
Great design- the look as well as the great quality of the build. The recycled material is an extra plus! Love the included pump for the tires.
We also have the newborn carrycot and winter foot muff which have both been fabulous.

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Thank you Bon. You have drawn attention to all the little features that make a big difference. Thank you for taking the time to post

Highly recommended!

Bumbleride is hands down the best pram manufacturer. After loving the incredible ease and practicality of the Indie Twin for our twins, it was a no-brainer to get the Indie for our littlest. It's solid, well built, easy to maneuver and super simple to fold. The feature I love most is the canopy - it extends so far that the sun is never in our babe's eyes! I also love the built-in 'bassinet' feature. It couldn't be more perfect a set up for a newborn - simply folding the footrest up makes it extremely cosy without the need for a separate bassinet. We recommend this pram to all our 'parent' friends.

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Thank you so much Mary. You must be a very busy mum and we value your opinion very highly. Please keep sharing your praise

Fantastic pram!

I love this pram. It’s really easy to take out and fold up, and also reasonably light compared to other very expensive prams. I’m a petite and small person so it was very important that I could carry it in and out of the pram easily. The foot muff keeps Bub warm but needs to be purchased additionally.

Highly recommended

Thank you for your kind words Sarena. so glad it works well for you. In regards to the foot muff I hope you know that you can also use it as a liner only in warmer weather?Thanks! I didn’t know that so it’s great to know! Extra bonus! Still loving the pram every day. Actually could I ask where I could get extra pads for the straps? I lost one and am worried the strap will cut into his neck once he’s olderPlease contact our customer service on 03 9588 0999

So sad, as I was so excited for this Pram!

I purchased the Bumbleride Indie, after reading the fantastic reviews. I feel extremely let down though, as one of the wheels has been flat since we received the pram and has no wheel cap! Which means I have been unable to use my pram for my new born baby. Hopefully we can have the wheel fixed soon.

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Hi Bonnie. We saw your review some time ago but was unable to reply via this site. We are pleased to be able to do so now. The tyre should inflate and if it doesn't it may have a puncture. The cap only keeps the connection clean, it doesn't keep the air in. Have you been in touch with our customer service? Has your issue been fixed?

Love the Bumbleride Indie!!

Best purchase! I bought it on a recommendation from another friend. We have the bassinet attachment which is easy to use and attach, we have a Joie Gemm capsule that attaches to it with the Maxi Cosi attachment which makes life so easy. We love the pram attachment, it’s so lightweight, manoeuvres with ease, fits in the boot of our VW Golf easily. Walking to the park is a dream! The colour is stylish (grey) & its well made! I have no hesitation recommending the pram.

Best three wheel pram on the market

This is the best three wheel pram on the market. Great fold down shade (some are not so protective), smooth ride, basket holds heaps, easy to fold and transport, lightest three wheel. Great features as well. it is also the best looking pram I have ever owned. Just wish I got it earlier....

fantastic pram

We love this pram. It is light, easy to move and easy to get in and out of the car. We used the bassinet feature in the beginning which was great for a sleeping baby, and now use the full pram. It is great for jogging and the outdoors - we've used it on the beach and hiking trails with no issues. It would be great if the storage space was slightly larger underneath. The only issue we've had (and why I didn't give 5 stars), was that the pump doesn't seem to be compatible with the tyres we have. We contacted Bumbleride about this and are apparently getting sent new tryes, but we haven't received them yet,

Great pram, handy and easy to use

The Bumbleride Indie has been a great purchase, and now on our second child with ours. The ability to put a capsule (Nuna Pipa) on the pram with capsule adaptors is great and means you don't have to take the kid out of the capsule to go into the shops. Lots of useful storage and east to manoeuvre as well. Particularly handy off road and on walks on our country road & 500m gravel driveway.

It is a bit bulky, but I haven't seen a pram yet that easily fits into a car well, just a function of the product I suppose.

Nice that the liner is made of bamboo and recycled products too.

Great! Smooth ride!

So easy to maneuver - handles amazingly even with one hand. Hand strap is great as an extra security - especially for the tired parents.
Build quality is great - very strong and stable.
Tiny bit clunky to fold down and out- but probably less of an issue for taller people

Great pram for active parents

I am quite happy with this pram.
It is easy to maneuver, i often do it with one hand. Light to push uphill. I walk a lot with it. I love that the canopy goes all the way down so the shade is great. There is a little window on the top to check up on the baby. It would be nice if there were a couple of hooks inside to hang toys.
It's ok to fold and unfold but i wish it could be slightly lighter to carry. Also, i am not impressed with the quality of the pump for the wheels it came with. Another thing I do not like it's the quality of the rain cover. It is quite expensive for what it is. I love how it covers the whole pram but the quality is poor.
I also bought the parent bag and i am quite happy with it.
Apart from this little hiccups, i love my pram and i am happy with my purchase.

We have loved our pram!

After reading the great reviews of the Bumbleride Indie, I decided to go with this pram and I am so glad that we did. It is super easy to set up, fold down and manoeuvre. It has been really durable and can hold a lot of weight in the basket underneath. The zip pocket at the back is also really handy. We take this pram absolutely everywhere with us. It is great off road too. In 2 years we have only had to get one tyre fixed (as it had a slow leak) and I just took it up to the local bike shop and they replaced the tube on the spot. I ordered my pram online when I was living in remote FNQ and found a supplier who had a flat shipping rate of $30 (sorry I can't remember who it was but they were listed on the Bumbleride website).

Best pram!!

I've been using this pram for 8 months and can not fault it! I was a keen runner before baby came and this pram has helped me get back to running. The pram itself is easy to put up and down, easy to manevour, wheels are easy to pump up and storage is more than enough. I had to contact customer support with a few questions and each time someone replied within the hour. Highly recommend for both everyday and the extreme runner.

We love this pram1

We absolutely love this pram or jogger. We don't really run, but we like the large seats and the larger wheels. We live in the inner city, so some of the footpaths are rough. We spent hours looking at this stroller, but the staff at Banana Baby was really helpful in showing us all the features and accessories that went with this stroller. It's also easy to fold and kind of small when folder, even compared to other stroller and prams.

I finally found the right pram!

In 19 months Iv owned 4 prams.
Iv now had my 2016 indie for 8 months and I'm still so happy with every aspect!
It is so smooth and light to push. Can very easily push and steer with one hand!

Off the foot path and through the parks is a breeze. The 3 wheel suspension makes it the smoothest ride in the market!

The fold is excellently simple and very compact!
It also makes it very easy on your back and is a pretty light pram when you lift it in and out of the car.

I love the finishes on this pram it is so well build and every thing feels high quality!
The only thing I would suggest is to change the material used to adjust the seat recline to a seatbelt type material as it would make it smoother to adjust. : )

I love the accessories, I have the parent pack and I plan to get a skate board for when #2 arrives!
I'm so looking forward to using the travel system and having the seat set up as a bassinet... what an awsome feature!!!!

Overall I'm so happy with this pram and don't plan on changing it ❤️

So easy to use on any terrain

we have been using the Bumbleride Indie in navy for 3 months. it still looks brand new and we use it off road a lot. We also have the bassinet and car capsul attachments and have had no problem attaching them to the pram at all. The pram handles so well and is so easy to steer, I would highly reccomend it for anyone looking for a smooth ride for their baby on rough terrain.

Practicality in a pram!

We have been using the Bumbleride Indie for just over 9 months. It is such a practical and easy to use pram. It is strong but light weight and can go anywhere... we've taken our son out for walks in the snow, the bush and everywhere in between. I love being able to steer with one hand and maneuver the pram without any fuss. Even after a c-section I could easily fold the pram and put it in the car. I highly recommend the Bumbleride Indie to anyone searching for a pram that gives you the freedom to get out and about knowing your child is comfortable and correctly supported.

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Questions & Answers

Hi! Does anyone know is the Bumbleride Indie pram is suitable for running? I know the Speed model is marketed for running, but is it also safe to do so in the Indie model? Thanks!
4 answers
I have used mine for the occasional jog and it is fine. Although if you were running at speed and/or quite regularly then I would think the Speed model would be better suited.Thank you!Hi Bridie. The Indie is a great jogger and all you have to do is lock the front wheel so it doesn't swivel. If you run longer than let's say 5km or more than twice per week, it would be worth getting the Speed. It is a slightly longer frame and has the bigger wheels so its bigger in the boot (and you miss out on the adjustable foot rest) however you get the unique 3SpeedSteering: full 360° swivel, full lock plus 30° swivel for getting around corners which together with the 16" rear wheels makes the run easier. Good luck with your decision

Hello, do you know what the capacity of the basket is?
1 answer
Hi, I'm not sure of actually size but I can normally put around 2-3 full bags of groceries in there.:) If you contacted Bumbleride direct I'm sure they can let you know.

Does this pram come with a 3 year warranty if you live in Australia?
1 answer
If purchased in Australia yes mine came with a 3 year warranty.. Bumbleride has just updated and now have new model Indie as well as a new run pram "Speed'' which look amazing and have some even better features. You can see them on the website www.bumbleride.com.au. I love the new extended hood, Better recline, Gear assist fold, , Suspension on all wheels. Extra pockets on both basket and back of pram. This looks amazing I would love to update.


Bumbleride Indie
Category3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $759.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight10.8 kg
Folded Dimensions29 x 62.2 x 81 cm

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