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Mountain Buggy Terrain

Mountain Buggy Terrain

2015 Model and Legacy
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Is this a stroller or a range rover?

That's what my husband said when it arrived. And yet it is very easy to fold and transport. We bought this because we are trail runners. And it really is built to take the trails like a champ, although it is a little wide for the single track stuff. We also love it around town. And it is very comfy for our baby girl. She loves the shoulder cushions and the grip bar. She is also pretty small (9 months), but the doctor said with the five point harness and the low center design she should be great. My husband did mention that the instructions aren't very helpful, but that it was still pretty easy to figure out assembly. Overall, well worth the cost. You are paying for quality, and we were just so pleased.

Best cross country stroller by far

If you want a buggy that can handle variable terrain then this is the one for you. We did our homework as we wanted to go across paddocks, on the beach, gravel etc and be able to run with the stroller if required. We shortlisted this one and bought it on sale at baby bunting and so sooo pleased we did. Worth every penny. We also bought the sun shade which was exy ($50) and doesn't block all the sun (we still use a muslin over the stroller too)

Been the best pram that goes lots of places! The 4WD of prams.

I got this pram in 2016 when I was pregnant so I think it must’ve been the 2015 model (latest one out at the time). It was part of a capsule package where I got the pram, a second set of wheels, capsule, adapter clips for pram, capsule base for car and a capsule sunshade. As it came with a larger spare set of wheels for “off road terrain” the only downside I have is when they’re on they don’t fit in my Subaru hatch boot. The pram itself has been the best! I’ve had compliments on it, find myself in the car only minutes after getting back to it due to the simple one flick/twist dissembling. The pram itself enables optional attachments. I often used a capsule clipped on to it, a bassinet and just the pram itself with the sunshade. I got it in the colour graphite which was a great option! The padded seat insert wipes down very easily and in my 3 years of owning it, there are no stains on it. The seat reclines and inclines simply by tightening the buckle straps behind it, there is a drink holder on either side and there are zip storage pockets on either side of sunshade/hood and at the bottom on the compartment near the wheels. The compartment at the bottom fits a lot but I don’t know if I like the triangular shape of it (wider or rounder would fit more). Overall this has been an excellent pram and I would definitely buy again, although it’s still in pretty new condition so I can see it lasting us much longer!

Pram OK but not sure if I would buy another.

Nice enough pram with decent size wheels, easy to use on most terrain, kid seems to like it.
Not without faults
1. Creaky frame, I have added some big pop rivets where the tubes enter the hinges and it is now quiet.
2. As mentioned in other reviews, brake drums can scrape on hub making noise, usually fixed by removing/refitting wheel.
3. Poor after service, the hand brake cable broke and I was basically told I broke it as I wasn't running when I used it??? After much back and forth they supplied me the new cable and I fitted it, all good now. I was told this was a "gesture of goodwill" no, I'm afraid it's called warranty. (Even if you thought that why would you say it to the customer!)
4. Sun visor not low enough.
5. Rear tyres are worn out after only 6 months.
6. Hard to operate foot brake with thongs or barefeet.

I'm not sure there is better out there but I would certainly be looking around before buying another.

Very easy, sturdy, off road and safe! Perfect Pram

This pram is so easy to maneuver especially on grass, rocky areas and up hills. I love how you can push and control it with one hand so if you need to hold your little one you can. The pram shade-cover comes all the way down and adjusts so sun doesn't get on the baby. This is a feature a lot of their prams don't have as they are fixed. I love my pram so much. Jogging, walking, bush, city...it just moves well. It looks great. The extra brake on the top, 5 point harness and suspension in the wheels makes it the safest pram that you can't beat. My sister's pram doesn't have the suspension or rubber wheels and her pram tips on slight uneven paths or little hills That is what sold me. I didn't want my newborn falling out of the attached bassinet. Highly recommend paying the extra for the bassinet.

Great for long walks

I had done a huge amount of online research before buying our first pram in 2013 and again before buying this one. We needed a robust buggy to cope with the long walks we take every day.

It's still early days as we've only had the pram a couple of weeks but so far - very happy!

Beautifully smooth and light to push even with one hand and super easy to manoeuvre
Hand brake useful particularly for jogging
Hood coverage good as you can undo the domes to angle down even further
Love the different zipped pockets for keys, phone etc plus two bottle holders
Both my nearly 4 yr old and 6 month old seem very comfortable in it
The yellow / grey combo is nicer than what it looked online.
Stable and smooth during the one time I've jogged with it.

It's heavy which is to be expected for a big pram and does take up a lot of boot space
I find the one hand fold mechanism not quite as easy as I'd like
The foot brake tends to flick back down (on) again so you have to be quite deliberate about pushing it right up. Not a safety issue at all, more of a slight annoyance
The peep window needs to be further back on the hood to see baby easily and could do with a magnet to keep it open

Overall though we're very happy with our purchase and would recommend for anyone who loves to walk regularly.

Good all-rounder... but not ideal for a running

Very easy to fold and quite easy to pick up and get into the car... doesn't take up the whole boot either which is nice. I like the adjustable handlebar and the backrest adjustment, both simple and easy to use. The seatbelt is amazing... 5 point harness which locks each point separately and best part is one click and your out. Sunshade is short however you can unbutton it to position for better coverage which is a great design idea. As for running, unfortunately not as easy to manoeuvre as other prams I have used. The new and improved suspension left alot to be desired... suspension is only on the rear wheels. The wheel locking is manual which again is not as good as other prams I have used but not terrible.
The build quality apears ok, looks like a nice neat clean pram...
I recommend only for all terrain walking...

Best pram i've ever bought

Easy to maneuver and get over curbs, rough terrain, dips. Easy over sand and grass. Can steer perfectly with one hand. The hand brake makes it easy to go down hills or anywhere steep
Material is easy to pull of and wash. the build is sturdy. Great for jogging but baby will need a head cushion for the movement. Easy one fold and open. Its a heavy pram but the one fold makes it super easy to get in and out of the car - it means there is not much holding or lifting of the pram, so weight isn't really an issue.
I've owned a bugaboo cameleon (worst pram ever) and a BEE3 (great pram but not alot of maneuverability with the wheels) MB Terrain is my fav!!!

Great Pram - REally Happy

I was a bit bias when selecting my first pram as wanted to support the NZ Mountain Buggy from the start, but I have genuinely been really happy with it. I am an active mother - I go walking a LOT and find this pram super easy to maneuver and love the accessories to convert it for the different age stages they go through. Only thing I found was the wheels seemed to not hold their air quite as well as i expected but not a biggie.


Had to return this pram because it has a fault in the wheels/brake where the brake cable or the brake mechanisim scrapes on the wheel which is made worse the more weight on the wheels. The handbrake is also unsatisfactory. The store where I purchased it attempted to fix the issue without success. I was told that I was not the only customer that had this issue. In addition it is heavy and takes up the whole boot. Do not buy this pram!!

Best pram for walkers and light jogs!

Seriously an amazing pram. I've walked countless kms in it from newborn to 2yo. The easiest pram to manoeuvre, and although it looks wide with the big wheels, it's skinnier than some friends smaller prams.
Under carriage storage zips up so it's quite secure. I've had no troubles on any surface. I've had a couple of punctures, but the positives with pump tyres faroutweigh a few flats. Always carry a hand pump!
It's a tough pram, my husband reversed over it, winched it back to shape, and it still works! He was in a world of trouble!!
Only negative is that it's awkward to lift when putting in the boot of the car, it's one and flat, although I think the new models food smaller.
If you are into the outdoors, whether it be walking, running or intend to take your pram on any surface other than concrete or asphalt, you'd be crazy not to at least consider a mountain buggy terrain!

Been really happy with it

This pram is great for walking. It goes over curbs, grass, road etc. without issue. It is good to jog with - we only find the back wheels wobble when they need air. If we keep the tyres pumped then it goes along smoothly when jogging - our daughter seems quite secure. The storage space underneath holds quite a bit. I do wish the cover came down further to protect her from direct sunlight though. It is a bit bulky to get in and out of a car. We remove one wheel (easy enough) to get it into the boot of a sedan - but we don't tend to travel with it in the car that much. It has been perfect for a couple who like to walk in the Blue Mountains.
Sturdy and safe, goes over bumpy terrain, lots of storage
Cover should come down further to create more shade

I'm happy with mine

I wanted to get a jogging stroller that I could use to run with my infant, and go for walks with my pre-schooler with the baby in a sling. We live in a rural area, and the road is not the best. I first tried the MB in the shop, and the BOB revolution. The BOB was lighter and much smoother to drive around the shop floor, while the MB was a bit heavier and bouncier with more suspension. I bought the BOB, but when I got home and tried in the garage with my 3-year-old I saw that she was slumped far back, and the seat back couldn't be put up more to give her the opportunity to look out. Something I had read in another review. Also, she would grow out of the BOB very soon. I want my kids to be actively engaged when walking or running, meaning they can easily look out and view the world. So I took the stroller back and got the MB.

I have been very happy with it so far. The benefits compared to the BOB are: Firstly, it looks great. Secondly, the more raised seat allows especially older babies and toddlers to look out. The bar that sits across the seat is also nice for older ones to hold onto. The sun shade is excellent. The handle bars are adjustable, which is good for me being a bit short, and also means my pre-schooler can push it with the baby in it. The hand break has been good because we have a very steep driveway.

I have jogged with it a few times, and it has been great on our uneven roads. I have also walked with it across a field, and that was fine too.

We took it on a trip to NZ. Took the wheels of and wrapped the whole thing in bubble wrap to go on the plane, instead of buying expensive travel bag. It is definitely bulky and heavy, and we didn't use it enough to make it worth while on the trip. But if you are going to be doing a lot of walking, it is do-able.
seat keeps child upright, works well for jogging and uneven terrain, hand-brake, adjustable handle bars

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After two years, still going great. No problems or complaints.

Good running pram

I researched running prams for a long time before finally deciding to purchase the Mountain Buggy Terrain. It feels very sturdy and I mainly use it for jogging on roads, I also take it to the beach and walking. The Terrain doesn't push through soft sand but is fine on hard sand. I don't usually lock the front wheel in while running as I have corners that I need to turn and people to dodge, however whether the front wheel is locked or not all wheels wobble significantly when running at anything above a slow speed on a flat surface or if you are running down hill. It seems fine when running up hills... even using the break doesn't stop the wheels from wobbling. Additionally there is not much air flow through the pram as there are no canopies that can be rolled up or back to allow air flow through as my smaller stroller has, which means I often get a very sweaty baby out at the end of a job. I purchased the sun cover for this pram as well which works well. There are probably better prams out there for running that don't wobble so much but this would be a good pram to select if you are looking for an off roading pram. The hand brake also tends to pull the pram to one side when pressed.
Sturdy and good for off roading
Wheels wobble when running, lacks ventilation and becomes very hot inside, hand brake pulls pram to one side.

Great for the farm!

It took me a long time to find a pram that suits being in the outdoors and getting a little rough! It is just great for pushing around the paddocks, through mud, down steep hills, over cattle grids and along gravel roads. I wouldn't recommend going faster than a brisk walk on these uneven surfaces but bub has never complained and rather enjoys being rocked around. I find the suspension wonderful- takes out so much of the impact when on the farm, the hand break is great when going down those steep bits and all that space for storage is just fantastic!
I have found i need to take the back wheels off in different cars but as it's so easy it doesn't bother me.
I also love how simple it is to put the rain cover on when your in a hurry and the sun protection cover is just great for our hot summer days.
Great suspension. Lots of storage, hard wearing, easy to fit accessories
Might be too wide for some car boots

Light and versatile, but a hard run

I spent months researching the best hybrid pram, one that I could use at the shops if need be, but most importantly one I could run with. Prior to falling pregnant I was running marathons and having tge freedom to get out and run when I could after having bub was very important to me. Based on my research this was the best option with its light weight, suspension, lockable front wheel and hand brake which was very important to me. The pram performs great off road and the suspension is great over all sorts of terrain, however I found running with it difficult for a couple of reasons 1. When running at any sort of speed the back wheels wobble 2. No matter how much we tighten the handbrake its not particilarly strong 3. Its pretty hard to push on bitumen, which means I gave to try and plan my run around concrete bike paths. For the expense I would expect the pram to be a bit more rigid, in trying to make it light weight I think some structural integrity has been sacrificed (hence the wobbly wheels).I have a Toyota Carolla four door hatch and it just squeezes in the back on its side with both rear wheels removed (and our parcel shelf taken out of the car). This is generally a fantastically light weight, easy to push and versatile pram if you're not an avid runner. We have ended up using an Ergobaby carrier while out walking and I try to go for runs when bub is being minded by someone else. In hinsight it might have been better to get a dedicated running pram, but I'm not sure they'd handle uneven terrain as well.
Light weight, lockable/swivelable front wheel, adjustable handle bar, large rear wheels, easy to pish while walking, great on all terrain, sun and shade cover are effective, two water bottle holders
Wobbly rear wheels, handbrake not strong enough, hard to push while running on most surfaces except smooth concrete, suspension means small bubs bounce around a lot if running at speed, expensive

Great pram but not for jogging

I did a lot of research (maybe not enough) before buying this pram as I really wanted a MB and I believe they're a fantastic pram. I purchased the Terrain due to wanting to use it for jogging. Should have bought an Urban or Swift and then purchased a specific jogging pram like a BOB. As a 3-wheeler pram for going off roads when walking, it's awesome. It's got loads of fantastic features that I love but has really let me down in the jogging front. I've even had to take it into a bike store for servicing. Not recommended as a jogging pram.
Rain & sun covers are fantastic, underneath storage is great and drink holders are very handy for all sorts of things, very comfortable for bub.
The handlebar break is useless, always pulls the pram to one side. Because I have to take the back wheels off to fit it in the car boot, the break pads are constantly adjusted when getting the wheels on even after being fixed at the bike shop, as soon as the wheels came off & then on, they'd change again. While the front wheel does lock, there's still too much movement in it (even after trying to be fixed by bike shop) so it pulls to one side which doesn't make it good for jogging. Back tyre tread wore through to the tube within a year and I had to replace the tyres with bmx ones. Front wheel has almost no wear on it.

Best pram I've ever used

I did alot of research on prams with my 4th child because I'd had so many different kinds for my other children (some bought, some given) and I never quite had the perfect one for my needs.
Mountain Buggy Terrain is a very smooth pram to push and jog with. I love the adjustable handle and ease of use. It is easy to fold, light for lifting into the car, has a sizable carry basket underneath and it looks stylish too. I have the carrycot to match and I've foregone a bassinette to used the carrycot instead and this has been great for me. I also purchased the carseat adaptor and use the Safe N Sound Unity which makes transferring the baby from the car to the pram very easy and doesn't disturb a sleeping baby. I especially love how high the carseat sits in the pram so my newborn can easily see me. As my child is only 9 weeks old, I'm yet to use the pram as a stroller because I choose to used the carseat or carrycot at the moment but so far I absolutely love this pram and so does my husband! Highly recommended for active families.
Adjustable handlebar, large tyres, spacious carry basket, two water bottle holders, smooth stearing, car seat adaptor, easy to fold, light enough to lift easily.
Hard to pump tyres because the valve is poorly located. Other than that, the only other thing which I think would make it better is reflective markings of some sort. As this is a "jogging" stroller, it is often used in areas near traffic. Personally I've added bicycle lights and reflective tape because I jog early mornings.


We really had a great experience with this pram, and our baby was very happy in it, summer & winter. My brother had the Elite and also enjoyed that.
We bought this so that exercising with our new baby would be easy, and she would be comfortable. - comfy ride due to inflatable tyres- easy to fold- good luggage capacity underseat- straight direction when running
- rubber handgrip wore a little, couldn't easily replace- bit hard to pump up tyres due to valve angle

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This pram is great for walking. It goes over curbs, grass, road etc. without issue. It is good to jog with - we only find the back wheels wobble when they need air. If we keep the tyres pumped then it goes along smoothly when jogging - our daughter seems quite secure. The storage space underneath holds quite a bit. I do wish the cover came down further to protect her from direct sunlight though. It is a bit bulky to get in and out of a car. We remove one wheel (easy enough) to get it into the boot of a sedan - but we don't tend to travel with it in the car that much. It has been perfect for a couple who like to walk in the Blue Mountains.

Questions & Answers

How is the 5 point harness for ease of strapping in your wiggly child? I'm worried that with 4 clips to fasten, instead of 2, I will quickly grow to dislike MB.
1 answer
My terrain only has two, the shoulder clips are seperate and don't need to be undone and done back up again. My second child is especially wriggly and so far so good!!

What age can you use from & until?
1 answer
Baby needs to be seven months. That was one down side - but it is reasonable in my opinion due to safety concerns. Our little girl is 2 and a half nearly - she still fits very comfortably and certainly wont be too big any time soon. We still love the pram.

My husband is 6.4f and wants to use the MB for running. Is this pram suitable for someone tall and how much weight can the MB hold? As our son is nearly 2yo.
2 answers
It would be perfect for running but I would be concerned about your sons head height while sitting in the pram. I am finding the roof canopy can touch my daughters head depending on her position although you can take it off (my 16month old hates wearing a hat!). You can recline the seat to any position though which is handy. My husband is the same height and he adjusts the hand bar all the way up and finds that really comfortable. We live on a farm and find the MB really practical and tough. Hope this helpsThe handle bar is adjustable so it would be perfect for all heights to run with! As for the maximum weight load it would be best to check on the MB website. I am guessing a two year old would probably be ok.


Terrain 2015 ModelTerrain Legacy
Price (RRP) $849.00$759.95
Seating Type SingleSingle
Suitable Age0+ months0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg25 kg
Seat OrientationConvertibleConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adaptersYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat StorageArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatableInflatable
Weight12.9 kg13.5 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)
Folded Dimensions93 x 63 x 39 cm109 x 63 x 39 cm
Replaced byMountain Buggy Terrain 2015 Model

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