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Mountain Buggy Swift

Mountain Buggy Swift

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Am I missing something?? Great pram but getting too small for my 2 year old??

I feel like I’m missing the brief here. We have had the swift for over 2 years now and have absolutely loved it but now my daughter is 2 and a half years old she’s getting too small for it!! She is a tiny 2 year old as well she still fits into size 1’s.. anyone have any advice on this otherwise I am going to have too upgrade as we can’t find a skate board compact enough to go at the base either and we are due with our 3rd child soon.

Excellent pram

Pram is excellent. WE live in Sydney and you need somehting that goes up the mountain pretty well. This does mountains, hilly areas, rough footpaths etc beautifully. Washes well and is super easy to fold to put into the car. I have had this pram for years and am reluctant to get rid of it even though my child has outgrown it !!

Years of fun

We love our Mountain Buggy’s . They’re tuff durable and can tell a tale or two .
Highly recommend them for anyone but particularly if you don’t always walk on smooth city paving .
Perfect upgrade from a baby pusher to take the kids right through their toddler years
Easy to clean !

Tires broke twice

I had this parm for about 5 years now when we had baby no 1. After using it for a while, I found the pram is a bit heavy to lift up and down the car. And the tires have been broken twice, I had to spend extra money to buy parts. Overall it is a ok product, certainly not the best one, I won’t choose it again.

This is by far the best!

I did a lot of research before buying this for my second child, and I can say it has changed my life.

I tried a lot of different Strollers with my first child and was never able to find one we all liked.

I deviated from my beloved mountain buggy when my daughter was 2 and bought a Phil & teds smart buggy as a friend had one and it seemed small and compact - worst mistake of my life. After a harrowing 6 months of hellish outtings (that’s going to be explained in a phil & teds review) I rebought the swift and I will never deviate from it again. I am so relaxed in the shops now and my daughter has stopped her tantrums! She is so happy in this stroller and I can steer it without thought! Do not be put off by it’s long profile - it is sooo easy to steer (even loaded with bags I can do it single handed). And if you ever go outdoors the buggy is a dream on grass and roads.
I love the pump up tyres. I love the sun shade. I love how easy it is to clean and fold. And I am able to put the whole thing unfolded in the back of my Land Rover and manoeuvre easily through crowded shopping centres.
You can tell this stroller was created with some actual though behind it. I can not recommend enough. But any brand cot, any brand nappies, any brand high chair but only buy a mountain buggy stroller!

Good pram for everyday

This is a trust worthy and reliable pram that I have used or years. It’s gorten me through two kids. Easy to manoeuvre and fold up.
Only watch out is that there are visible signs of rust. It doesn’t impact the use but bugs me.
Really happy with the quality and recommend to friends

6 years & still going strong!

We have owned the same Mountain buggy swift for 6 years now. We have had the tyres changed 3 times, which I think is pretty good for the amount of walking and running we do.
Its the perfect size to fit in the car boot, to walk down shop isles and for travelling on buses. So many others prams are too wide. Never had an issue with this. Its comfortable, fits the shopping in the bottom and the rain cover and extra coffee cup holder is a must. Highly recommend!

Perfect pram

Bought a different pram first but were not happy then after a lot of research bumped into this. This has been really good. Been using it for 5 months now. Took it with us to Melbourne, brisbane then Singapore trip and it’s still not a scratch on it. It’s perfect, steady, practical. Love it.

Such a cool buggy

Love this, have been using for 6 months and its just soo good. I am soo pleased I did the research and choose this one. Great for running and off road and really comfortable for bubs who always falls sleep in it! would highly recommend to all mums out there.

The perfect little pram

We love the outdoor, but I am kind of small, so those large joggers are totally out of the question. It was amazing when I realised there is a little 3 wheeler that has air pumped tyres. Love the carrycot that can we my purchase, what a bargain. Baby was also able to sleep in the pram without the carrycot. Easy ride over bumps and over hills. Nice for runs. I hubby is much taller, but the handle was able to go taller for him, so he was happy. Thought it kind of looks small for his size.

This pram is made for travelling bumpy roads

The three wheels design of this pram makes it very easy to maneuver up and down a kerb. It's designed for travelling on bumpy roads. I use it to go jogging with the baby and can do so with ease. The pram can collapse easily by pushing the side buttons and then fold. It's not heavy but not light to carry. The thing I most love about the pram is that it's very easy to take the material off for cleaning and then put it back on. It's also very sturdy and have a good size container on the bottom to store things.

Excellent pram for city and off road

Initially my baby hated the pram but once she could sit up we’ve really enjoyed using it.

I walk a few km most days with the pram anow nd don’t encounter many obstacles we can’t tackle. Getting over gutters is easy as is most off road walking. Very sandy surfaces are a struggle as they are in most prams.

The ability to adjust the incline smoothly while we are walking is very helpful with naps and the peephole in the hood is great.

We also purchased the additional sun and rain covers which we also use regularly. The coverage of the hood is good compared to many prams on the market but the sun cover makes the pram usable for long stretches outside in the middle of the day.

I don’t have much experience collapsing it as we don’t take it in the car often but it does fit in the back of our Corolla hatch, though it takes up almost all the boot space.

Did the job although wouldn’t buy again.

Was easy to manoeuvre, especially living in the city getting in and out of public transport. I liked the carry cot as I could detach and use off the pram. Although I found that pram parts wore fast.
It is incredibly hard to adjust the shoulder height of the straps as you have to use a bit of force to get them in under the back area. The underneath compartment isn’t very secure to keep things in. the build quality since getting manufactured outside of NZ is not as good.

Worth the Money.

- Easy to manever and good offroad
_ easy to fold, but wouldnt recommend carrying as would be heavy
_ fit in my boot
_ Happy with the quality, used for my three children
_ adjustable handle height

I did bend a component in the pram which cost me $20.00 to fix at a local pram repair shop in Dandenong VIC. I would highly recommend this pram.

Love it!

- easy manoeuvring and good offroad
- quick and easy one hand steering
- fits in the boot
- reclines FLAT as tack!
- carseat adaptors
- decent basket below seat
- the sun and rain covers work well
- cost is reasonable
- sun visor is relatively good at covering the child

Great Pram

This pram is pretty easy to manoeuvre. It's very strong, the basket underneath holds crap loads, it's very strong! Could probably be a bit more comfy for bub - I used it for mine from birth to two years. She never grew out of it but had to hand it on to sister. It lasted another few years after that and the only real problem was the tyre going flat a lot. Foot break could be more convenient. Obviously good mover rough terrain. Pretty good sun shade. Recommended but not adored.

I've had better

We've used this pram for two years and like some of its features - narrow, easy to manouvre through tight areas, easy to fold down/up, adjustable handle height, light. What I'm unimpressed with is how much it has aged in the short time we've had it (faded fabric, stains that don't come out in the wash), that the fold down clip has broken and there is no replacement (this means we can't travel with it, and makes it harder getting it in/out of the car as it pops open), poor ventilation, small hood, small basket underneath, tyres go flat/pop regularly, small height (my small two year old's head touches the hood). I wouldn't buy it again. It wouldn't last another child that's for sure. Having said that, it has been nice to use in many ways for this bub.

My favourite purchase for my baby

I purchased the Mountain Buggy Swift (2015+ model) and Carrycot Plus because I wanted a compact pram that could easily fit in shops/cafes, as well as navigate rougher terrains when out walking. The Swift was the only pram I tried that ticked those boxes. It is extremely easy to manoeuvre and has great suspension. It is light weight and folds very easily in and out of the car. The carrycot is also easy to clip in and out of the frame and I have used it for a range of things including sleeping away from home, nappy changing when there are no facilities and it has protected my baby in the colder weather. I can also clip my baby bag on the back without disturbing the balance of the pram.

I am very happy with this pram and it was very reasonable in cost compared to others. It also converts to parent facing mode (with the carrycot), which I am excited to try out. Finally, it is very attractive in design - not like the other spaceship prams I see around! I feel sorry for the mums with the enormous prams that they can't take down shop aisles or park next to them at cafes without blocking everyone else. Everyone should buy a Swift!

I've owned a lot of prams/strollers over the years and this one is the best!

I bought this Stroller with the additional carrycot for my fourth and final child as I had been really disappointed with the 4+ I had owned in the past and really did my research this time. I wanted one that was easy to fold and pop back up, three-wheeled for manouverability and with a narrow enough wheel base to easily fit through checkouts and shop doors etc. the swift is compact and light, but strong and stylish. The pneumatic tires make it a smooth ride on most terrain and it is stylish enough that you are proud to be seen with it. I have had 0 problems with it and have never needed to replace any of its parts despite daily use. My little boy is a big 2.5 year old now and he still fits in nicely. Would highly recommend.

Easy to carry and comfortable

We wanted a comfortable and easy to carry pram and one of my friend suggested it. It is really good for kid even for 4-5 hours. My son usually have nice sleep. Also it is easy to fold and I am really happy with the quality. Its turning circle is very small. You can go ahead and buy it without hesitation.

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Aus standards: How can I find Which bases are compatible for "Protect" (mountain buggy) capsule and Where do I get the base ? Thanks .
No answers

I drive a 2015 Suzuki Swift Sports. The sports model has extremely little room in the boot due to the exhaust system being underneath it. Has anyone else had the newest model Swift Sports and been able to put the Mountain Buggy in it successfully? We may be up for another new car - this is our last option. Unfortunately there are NO baby stores near where we are.
1 answer
My mum has a Suzuki Swift (not the sports model so not too sure how they differ) - the boot is tiny and I think she would be struggling to fit a basic umbrella stroller in there let alone a bigger pram such as a Mountain Buggy. There newer versions of the Swift have a more compact fold that the older versions (not as long) but I still doubt it would fit in the boot of a Swift). I think your boot size will limit what pram you can buy - might be time to upgrade to a family car?

Is this suitable for a 16 month old toddler will it fit him comfortably sitting and laying? please he is 11kg .. And how wideos the buggie please
1 answer
Definitely suitable for 16 month old - my 3yo (admittedly only 13kg) still fits easily and spent most of his 2nd year having his afternoon nap in it. Not entirely sure of the width - the new one is 58cm which seems about right as it's got to be one of the narrowest prams around. I have never had a problem with fitting through anywhere.


Mountain Buggy Swift
Category3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $599.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels, Reversible Handle and Under-seat Storage
Weight9.1 kg
Folded Dimensions72 x 58 x 31 cm

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