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Bush Horizon DAB+

Bush Horizon DAB+

1.3 from 19 reviews

Absolute rubbish

Really bad.
The volume control is ridiculous, with the settings on successive pushes of the button going something like "very quiet, slightly less quiet, same slightly less quiet, same slightly less quiet, loud. While that was anoying, I put up with it until I needed to re-scan for channels. I'd kept the manual, so I did exactly what it said. The only problem was the menu button didn't work. It would give you a quick glimpse of what you wanted (half second max) before going back to the regular display.
It's now awaiting the garbage collection. Absolute rubbish.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

No customer service

This is my second Bush Horizon DAB clock radio. After a lot of trouble I had the first one replaced. Now the second one doesn't work and it is very hard to get ANY support out of Bush Australia. Very frustrating. Advice is pick another brand. The product and after sales service is terrible.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Not a great product not a great company.

My radio gains a min throughout the day. It means that when the alarm goes off and i snooze it, it goes off again a min later because it adjusts itself after the radio comes on the first time. I took it back when i first bought it but the new one does the same thing. I used it for over a year and the buttons don't work properly anymore and have to be pushed extremely hard for them to register.
Other then that I actually really liked using it but clearly it's a poor quality product and from my experiences another failed product by Bush.

Date PurchasedJan 2014


This is a terrible clock. I had to email the company twice to work out how to program it, I was told the manual was incorrect. I finally worked out how to set Sleep but then it only happened intermittently. I have complained and asked for a refund but the company replied that I needed a receipt, of course I had thrown it out. Don't buy it.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Just died after 12 months

After about a year this radio just stopped working. Nothing I did could bring it back to life. I tried unplugging it, waiting then replugging it. No warning, just one day nothing on the screen and none of the buttons worked. Terrible radio. Do NOT waste your money on this dud.

Our's just died after 18 months

But I then pulled it apart seeing I was a tech in an earlier life. The build quality of the main PCB is appalling. The soldering is woeful and this is the basis of the problem.

I went over the printed circuit board and resoldered quite a few solder joints and BANG. Its working again. Simple QC at the factory could have avoided this.

Its a cheap and nasty build so if you don't get it super cheap and can fix it. DONT BUY IT

Died After 18 Months.

Like many of the other reviews, my DAB Clock radio died without warning. It just turned itself off and nothing worked.

Clearly it's a common fault due to the large number of people having the exact same issue.

Avoid this dud.

I have not bothered with warranty as it is only covered for 12 months.

Tragically and Comically Bad

This product is so bad it is funny. (Like those movies that make you laugh at how bad they are)
It is completely impossible to access the menu in any meaningful manner. Even basic functions have to be set using a labyrinthine like process of menu inputs.
For example the same button that serves as the Menu button also serves as the button that chooses FM or DAB+. The only difference is you quickly press it for the band function and keep it pressed for the Menu function. While holding the button down you need to use another finger to press the left or right scroll button to access menu options. Once you have arrived at the option you desire then yet another finger needs to be employed to press the select button. Of course a person requires the dexterity of a concert pianist to avoid overshooting the desired menu option.
This is probably the worst designed product I have ever encountered.
Buy it at your peril. You may lose your sanity trying to work out how to use the accursed thing.

Display fades, hum in audio

I bought two of these - bright LED display, very nice - but 16 months later the display is so dim that it's unusable.

I complained about hum in the audio output when plugged into an amplifier - both units do the same - Bush support acknowledged it, and sent me a third one and it also did the same thing.

So the audio quality is awful (hum), and the display becomes so dim it's unusable - on the brightest setting.
The dimmest setting can't be seen in a dark room.

Don't buy one

The most expensive radio alarm clock I've ever purchased and it's the worst ever. A complete lemon, purchased in 2013 and mid 2015 it's dead - nothing works. It's only sat beside the bed. It's never been needed as an alarm clock or radio. Buy this after reading reviews and you're an [censored word removed].
Regarding the ACCC law, the guy in the store we brought it from said that he'd say it's had fair usage over two years for the RRP of $89.00. Needless to say I'll be following up with the ACCC and posting warnings so others don't end up being ripped off, in return.

Another dud

Bush once had a good name. This radio is the second one i have had to return. First model unable to tune, seems bush is selling off faulty products. Again, be wary.

Nice sound but functionality sucks

Worst designed user input experience ever. It takes so many steps to do anything. They put the select button in the middle of all the other buttons, making it hard to set in the dark. They could have at least put a raised bump on it. 8 dimmer levels , WHY ??? Why not just make it easier to use ??? Whoever designed this obviously does not use a clock radio. So many steps to set an alarm, then have to do it all over to change the setting. What clock radio doesn't have a one-button press sleep function ? You have to hold down a button to get options, which is the same button that changes from DAB to FM so guess what happens. Who designs a clock radio you can't use easily in the dark ? So frustrating. And why have such a loud 'click' when you press a button ?!!! I keep waking the missus when I set anything.
Sound is good but maximum is not that loud. Weekday and weekend alarm, once set, is a good function, as long as you never have to change it, but even then, turning the alarm to off when you don't need it is a few steps. And don't even bother setting an alarm for just one day - insanely, monumentally, stupid stupid stupid design !!!

Failed after 4 weeks

I purchased this unit early December 2014. I was wrapped when I powered the unit on for the first time, it set the time and date automatically! Everything seemed OK, until the second day, the alarm sounded at the correct time, I hit snooze, and then woke up an hour later wondering why I was going to be late for work. I put this down to being my fault. Everything was fine for a few weeks, and then the alarm snooze problem re-appeared. Then the display started adjusting its brightness up and down at different times. Then the volume buttons caused the thing to lock up. Had to pull the power out and plug it in again to make it work, now I cant get it to play the radio at all.

The clock still works though.

Im taking it back tomorrow, I hope I can return for a credit at least so that I can buy Sony or something which works. I will never buy a Bush product again.

Another death

Ours also died after 15 months. Very poor result for a moderately priced DAB radio. Also had ongoing problems with lighting adjustment however could accept that issue. Should have returned to Bush for warranty at that stage although it seems from other reports it may not have avoided the final demise. We will avoid this make in any future purchses.

Piece of junk

I have now returned a second one of these lemons - under warranty. Yes, within the space of 12 months both failed in exactly the same way. When trying to set the alarm it just jumps through the options, picking whatever it wants and then either saves it's choices or doesn't. Having a working, setable alarm is kind of important in an alarm clock.
Clear radio
Fails miserably after only a couple of months

Mine died too!!!

Annoying, don't buy this product! Died at about 20 months! Frustrated to say the least! I loved the alarm functions, clarity of sound, brightness and everything else about this product but I wont be buying another one. Go back to the good old cheapies I reckon! ARGH not good enough!

Totally disatisfied.

Mine also just died after about 20 months & Bush will not take responsibility. Not good enough as much older clock radios costing much less & last for years. Hopefully more people complain & Bush get the message & take responsibility. In the meantime I will not buy or recommend Bush to anybody

Dies way before its time

Up & died after 15 months!

Purchased 15 months ago.... and it has just died without any warning.
Bush will take no responsibility for problem as warranty was only for one year... "you should have taken extended warranty"... they should make a better product.
Very poor customer service from Bush, let alone very poor quality product.
Will not purchase another Bush product.
Nothing now... but liked that it was digital & dual alarm
Dead after 15 months. Hard to adjust backlight... either way too bright & keep you awake, or so faint you couldn't read time.

Under Australian consumer laws, you have a right to refund, repair or replacement through the store for a "reasonable" time after purchase. This is irrespective if the manufacturer or store state it is out of warranty. As a consumer you should have a reasonable expectation that the product would last more than 15 months. I suggest you look into the revised consumer laws and approach the manufacturer again armed with your rights,I have used Consumer Affairs in relation to a dud vacuum (with extended warranty) that I got through Godawrfulreys. They were hugely helpful and I got my vacuum replaced. If my Bush Horiblezon had have been out of 12 month warranty I would have gone to Consumer Affairs. Remember, the warranty that the manufacturer gives is a guide, Consumer affairs will advise you and them if, due to the cost of the item, you are entitled to compensation. Poida

Very clear radio

This radio has crystal clear sound which is exactly why I was happy to pay a bit more for DAB+. The clock is clear and easy to read and scrolling info is very handy too. The settings are not too difficult if you read the manual which is clear and concise. The normal light setting was a bit bright for a dark bedroom so I turned dimmer setting down one and now too dark - otherwise would have given it 5 stars.
Clear, cheap, display, time aout-sync
Dim setting is way too dark

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How to set time for day light saving?
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My radio also gains a min throughout the day. It means that when the alarm goes off and i snooze it, it goes off again a min later because it adjusts itself after the radio comes on the first time. I took it back when i first bought it but the new one does the same thing. I got a Bush aurora digital radio as a present last week and i took first one back because of poor reception while the new one now switches itself off after trying to tune itself. It's unusable.
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Think you answered your own question, They are rubbish, take it back and get a refund...Not sure what the question is? You answered your own question, it doesn't work correctly, its garbage. Take it back and get your money back. If they won't refund, go to OCBA. My experience is that BUSH digital radio's all have some form of fault. Some are more obvious than others or show up earlier. Don't get another BUSH radio.


Horizon DAB+
Price (RRP) $99.99
Battery TypeExternal
Release dateMay 2012

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