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Café Aurora Italian Style

Café Aurora Italian Style

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Change for the worse

Mi local coffeeshop, Rockdale, Bar Fresko, changed from vittoria Nero to this poison called aurora.
I was unpleasantly blasted to a bitter, tasteless brew. Unsinkable,
Shame how coffee shops are bought by people from non coffee culture and do not bother to learn about the products and services they commit to provide
Little do they understand how much it is linked to the success of the business they paid good money for.
I’m sure they changed coffee based on price, looking to save $5 or kilo or about 3cents per cup, ignoring how good coffee get additional consumption.
Namaste and good luck! Since that’s all you have going for you.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bar Fresko for $4.00.


Bought this at Coles because we were in a pinch. It was undrinkable, awful in flavour, tasted burnt and watery and the beans smelt odd. Doesn't mirror Italian coffee in the slightest, wouldn't recommend.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $15.00.

Cheap - and you get what you pay for.

Bean variety and product information/origin lacking. A caution to start with. Muddy taste and low price doesn't compensate for a poor product. Roast is not enough and longer roasting would probably not have enhanced the flavour of poor beans.
If you like coffee this isn't it.

Purchased in February 2019 for $15.00.

Surprisingly good for the price

We have a Breville Oracle coffee machine which is really great and allows us to make a great coffee with little barista skill. Normally we buy freshly roasted beans from the likes of Lonsdale street roasters but every so often you run out and living in regional Australia find you have to try the supermarkets coffee bean blends. Which generally are awful because not freshly roast, months old and generally have a strong bitterness after taste like “Vittoria”. They generally don’t grind finely enough due to stale beans so produce a poor shot of espresso.

We noticed after opening a pack of beans you have to increase the grinder size from fine to courser setting as the beans become staler to still achieve the shot recommended 8 sec. What surprised us was the Café Aurora Italian Style they weren’t bitter, actually were quiet fresh if considered how fine we could set the grinder, fine (10) and actually finer then the Lonsdale beans (30). supposedly freshly roasted.

We also have tried many different blends of beans and the body was quiet good for our taste. We tend to like Columbia or Brazil blends so milder. So we can highly recommend them as our go to beans for now and the price is quite good to. Their website say the beans are roasted and packed in Australia. They don’t have roasted on date like freshly roasted beans. But I suppose some of the “freshly” roasted places aren’t really that fresher. Reading other people’s reviews it could be hit and miss. Maybe we picked up a bag just delivered from the wholesaler to the store and hadn’t been sitting on the shelf for long and so was fresher.

These are definitely better than “Vittoria” which have a disgustingly bitter after taste and smell burnt when opening a pack. I don’t believe the reviews that say those beans are better or good.

We will see when we get second pack if still feel the same way and well, hope so.

You get what you pay for... cheap awful tasting coffee

Absolutely dreadful... I'm a plunger (French press) coffee drinker and have tried almost all the brands sold at Coles and Woolies - both whole beans and ground beans in vacuum packs (some varieties of Lavazza are good but avoid the "special release" varieties and the crema, Vittoria runs a distant second, Woolies Select brand not too bad, Fairtrade Organic an honourable mention, Harris - don't bother) but Cafe Aurora Medaglio D'Oro (Gold Medal) is just awful (must have given themselves the medal !). No doubt a Frankenstein's combination of unsellable coffee lots bought up from around the world. After the first half a cup of plunger made with a 200g vacuum pack of the ground beans of Cafe Aurora which tasted no more like coffee than dirty dishwater, the rest of the packet went straight into the bin. When it comes to coffee, you definitely get what you pay for, unfortunately.
NB This review applies only to ground beans. The freeze dried Aurora Medaglio d'Oro coffee tastes great and I buy it all the time. Go figure on that...

Surprisingly great tasting coffee

After usually only buying Lavazza or Vittoria Coffee beans I thought I would try one of the less expensive beans & was surprised to find these tasted pretty darn good.

When I first opened the Caffe Aurora Italian Blend beans they had a slight burnt smell & I thought NO this is going to taste terrible but surprisingly once they put through the espresso machine there was no sign of a burnt taste & in fact the end result was pretty close to Lavazza & Vittoria.
Excellent value & created a surprisingly good crema.

Not Nespresso compatible

I bought 3 boxes of Caffe Aurora as they were on sale and claimed to be Nespresso coffee machine compatible. I have tried capsules from each box- Prima Qualita, Espresso and Italian but the capsule would not pierce in the machine and water leaked everywhere. Disappointed.

Great Value Coffee Beans

The 1kg bag of coffee beans regularly comes on special for around $10. The coffee beans are not overly roasted and therefore not bitter. When correctly grounded, they produce a good quality and flavoursome espresso crema.

Worst coffee sold in Australia - By far!

Bought Caffe Aurora a while ago as 'emergency coffee'. It sounds tempting at the incredibly low price - do not be fooled - it is cheap for a reason. Caffe Aurora is the most disgusting coffee I have ever tasted and mine has gone where it belongs - the bin. Don't waste your money, even Lavazza or Vittoria is better. But seriously coffee should be treated like fine wine, go and fork out and buy coffee from Padre, Seven Seeds or any number of other specialty coffee roasters we are lucky to have in Melbourne.

This batch smells like pesticides.

I have been buying this on occasion for a while and its fairly hit and miss in a french press, this time when used in a steam process it has a disturbing chemical or pesticide smell that has put me off it.

Not sure if its just this batch that was on sale (batch number 4343126). I cant find a use by date...

Most bang for buck

I drink a lot of coffee and this has to be the best value ground coffee out there! Sure there are some that may taste a little better but cost much more.

People who have reviewed this as 5 stars must have no taste buds!

Truly awful coffee. No wonder it's so cheap. Blurrggg. Save you money and put it towards a better quality coffee.

Good value

This is the best tasting coffee from a vacuum bag. I brew it in a plunger and goes down much better than instant.

Good value for average taste of indulgence

This week Aldi in Broadway 2037 are selling Aurora ground coffee in 1KG bricks for $9.99 each. Bought 2 kilos to indulge in plunger coffee 4 times daily, makes it very affordable. Its heaven on earth if you add a drop of full cream, and/or teaspoon of brandy, vanilla or hazelnut syrup. Remember to decanter the brick and store in air-tight container, or store opened brick in freezer. Cheers!

Great value if you're on a budget. Three stars for value

Woolworths have been discounting this a lot in recent months, so I've bought stacks of it. At one stage they were selling 500g 'twin' packs for $5! That's REALLY cheap for ground beans. It's been selling lately for $8 for 500g, which is still cheap.

They're are nicer coffees out there, but they'll cost 2, 3 or even 4 times as much. I make mine in a mocha pot, and it's very good. I've tricked my Eurotrash friends into thinking it's expensive coffee, and none of them can tell the difference. :-)

Purchased in February 2017.


This is a really good coffee for it's value. I recommend giving it a try next time it's on sale.

Great Value Coffee Beans

I bought these beans when they had the Coles sale, thought I give it a try, i grind them up, pulled some espresso shots, the shots were nice, oozing out hazelnut dark orange consistency, tasted nice as well. Also added textured milk to make flat white and lattes, brillant.

Café Coffee Enthusiast

Long time fan of Café Aurora. Other coffee fans may also agree. One of the best price to quality ratios on the market and always a good way to start your day.

Best coffee for cold brewing

I love coffee and drink a fair bit of it. I bought this coffee based on these reviews and because it was dirt cheap a few months ago at coles. So, I tried this coffee using a moka pot and through an espresso machine and found it a tad too bitter for my personally liking but it wasn't terrible. As the weather was heating up, I decided to cold brew it. I brewed it using 6-8 tablespoons of grounds to a litre of filtered water and lettting it steep for 8-12 hours at room temp then chilling in the fridge til needed. I then I pour it into a plunger and serve with almond milk and vanilla maple syrup over ice. As a cold brew it is the best, better than lavazza or illy even close to matching GJ hazelnut blend. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed. And the price is brilliant compared to some coffees.

Competition not easy to enter

Currently Caffe Aurora is running a competition - to enter you need to "enter the unique code on the back of this sticker at .....( website)". The sticker is on the coffee packet. I took the sticker off the packet and looked at the back and there was nothing there - any normal person would do this I am sure. I contacted the company and they said that it is in fact a two layer sticker - so you have to peel off the first layer which reveals a second layer with the code. The instruction on the packet is deceiving as there is nothing " on the back of this sticker". The instruction should say to peel off the first layer which will reveal a second layer with the code. Shouldn't competition instructions be clear ? Won't some consumers do what I did and just throw the sticker away when they see it is blank at the back? Could it be seen that the company is trying to have consumers not enter the competition by making it difficult to enter? It should not be up to consumers to spend time clarifying competition instructions.

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Questions & Answers

How much coffee per cup?
2 answers
I use a Breville dripolator and use the scoop provided. My brew is one scoop (measured at 1 tablespoon or 20 ml) per mug (measured at 300 ml or 2 cups on the water tank of the machine). Hope this helps.Hi Steve, Thanks for your answer. Regards Geoff

I purchased aurora and like the coffee a lot. Then I thought I'd enter the competition but NO code on the back of the sticker. What to do? Anyone else have this problem?
1 answer
The sticķer itself has the code in it. Its similar to the product info stickers from the body shop product. Use your nails to carefully prise it open. Good luck, Anh!

Where can I buy the beans?
1 answer
You can get them at Coles, currently they're on special. I think they're $9.40 a kilo.

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