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Capricorn Liquorice Bullets

Capricorn Liquorice Bullets

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The Perfect Bullets

These are the best bullets that I have ever tasted. The chocolate itself is high quality. The liquorice whether black or the red have the best texture, not too tough and not too soft. PERFECT! Where have the disappeared to? I used to buy in Big W and was very sad to go in ages ago and find they are no longer there.

Purchased in September 2017 for $3.00.


Bought a bag to try , best i've tasted in 20 years , brings me back too when i was a kid , going back to buy 20 more bags of black soft chew , yummy.

i loved these sooooooooooo much

the raspberry bullets were the best!
tonight i tried darryl lea after having a craving ...and you know what , they so dont compare!!!!
i live in perth if anyone knows where to buy these please comment! i want them :(

Pls Bring Back your Milk/Dark/Rasberry Bullets

Owners of the nicest Bullets anyone in Australia has sold, I miss them so much...Pls bring them back...Jen Ledge Point, Western Australia. Who would keep a receipt or proof of purchase if they haven’t been available?? Thanks

Capricorn Dark Chocolate Bullets

These are the very best chocolate bullets -especially dark choc and raspberry. So disappointed that I cannot buy them anymore - what is happening, please supply supermarkets again..

I live in Melbourne..and our our local choc store has them :)

Awesomely we have these treats at our local store..
Feel free to contact me if you need any.
Making times amazing

Capricorn Rasberry Bullets the best

Still hoping the new company that took over Betta foods, will start making them again. I have 1/2 a pack left.

As the heading says This is perfect, can't live without it

By far the best dark chocolate bullets and raspberry bullets. Been looking for them for about 6 months without any luck. What a shame I have just found out that they have been put out of business. A big loss to everyone in Australia who loves their bullets.

Where can I buy the Raspberry Licorice-urgent none left at home

Where can I buy the Raspberry Licorice-urgent none left at home...these are the best Licorice on the market by far!!!

Best bullets on the market

I am really miffed that Woolworths and Coles have stopped stocking them in favour of Darrell Lea. I'm going to find out where I can get them. They are chewy and the chocolate is not too sweet. I love them and am really put out that I can't get them. Just checked and the company went into liquidation earlier this year with 170 job losses. Prydes foods have bought them out, but who knows if the recipes will live on.

Best ever

best bullets ever. Have no idea why Woolworths stopped stocking them! Not too sweet like a lot of others. Love them

Where can you buy them

These bullets are the best yet - but now I can't seem to source them. Woolworths have stopped selling them - so where to now????

Best Bullets Ever!!

These Capricorn dark chocolate liquorice bullets are the best I've tasted. I hope they are not going to stop making them.

Capricorn licorice bullet addict on the hunt !!

These are the best ever tasting bullets made .. I'm addicted.. These are my nightly fix of bliss and yet now they are sold out everywhere??? Darrell Lea's version just cannot compete with Capricorn and neither can any other brand..

Reject Shop

Reject shop has the bullets, both dark and milk, licorice pieces and the chocolate covered logs.

I bought them, today.

Sad news!

I've been having trouble finding these choc bullets lately. I inquired at Woolworths today and was told they have been discontinued. So sad. I'm addicted.

Definitely the best ever!!!

As an avid lover of liquorice bullets over 20 years, I have sampled many which have been on the market.
But why would I change when I have discovered the best tasting one.....most of my friends who indulge also agree???!!??? The taste of dark chocolate has been mastered with one's palate in mind.
Has been very unsettling this year as various shops don't sell these anymore and others have begun....then suddenly they are sold out and where does one go????? I shall try Costco's. Thank you!!

the best bullets I've ever tasted!!

Live love love this brand of bullets - both normal and raspberry - just devo that the only shop where I live don't sell them!! Wish I could.buy online.

These are the best bullets

These truly are the best bullets, I'm 60 and bullets have always been my favorite lollies since I was a kid . Perfecto! Don't change a thing!

BEST liquorice - from a liquorice lover

Being a liquorice enthusiast and after test tasting many, many different varieties, I can hands down say the Capricorn bullets, and even better yet, the Capricorn milk chocolate logs are the absolute best liquorice around. Chewy but perfectly pleasant texture, perfect flavour, VERY addictive. Recommend to all.

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Where can I buy these
No answers

So are we able to buy the raspberry soft eating liquorice in Melbourne since Beta has gone into receivership? Pls help I live in the Northern Suburbs.
1 answer
I've got no idea, but just yesterday I found some choc bullets at my local reject shop. I hadn't seen any for about six months so either they've started making them again or they found an old stash hidden away somewhere. Perhaps you could address an enquiry to the Reject Shop.

Help , I'm having trouble purchasing your bullets ,can't find them in Coles stores , I can't live without my bullets , Help?
1 answer
The manufacturer of them, Betta Foods, have been in some trouble lately and have been bought by another company. I believe they stopped producing anything for a few months this year but are starting to produce again. I used to buy bags and bags of them from Costco but they disappeared some months ago. I did find a lolly wholesaler near where I live (SW melbourne) which has a couple of other reputable brands and can buy by the kilo. We'll see how it goes but the chocolate on these other ones is sweeter (cadbury I think).

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