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Capricorn Liquorice Bullets

Latest review: These are the best bullets that I have ever tasted. The chocolate itself is high quality. The liquorice whether black or the red have the best texture, not too tough and not too soft. PERFECT!

Moser Roth Chocolate

Latest review: I was never a fan dark chocolate but learning the difference between milky and dark chocolate I decided to try it. At 1st expression was Yukked what is this horrible taste But later on I started

M&M's Peanut

Latest review: Melts in your mouth not in your hand. Well done to all who make this snack experience possible for me and my family. Love the experience, every time I enjoy the satisfying taste of M&MS

Norbu The Ancient Natural Sweetener

Latest review: This is a great sweetener. where can i buy it? all sites seem to be no longer selling the

The Natural Confectionery Co. Snakes

Latest review: Hi i had an idea about jelly snakes where there were packs of different types of jelly snakes each sold separately. For example there would be a packet of only red jelly snakes, or a packet of only


Latest review: Too small No malt flavour Won’t buy again Shame on the manufacturers for destroying something I used to love and now wouldn’t bother buying again Have found another brand of malt balls double the siz

Pascall Marshmallows

Latest review: The latest Pascall Marshmallows I have purchased taste so much different now. They are rubbery and break into small pieces instead of melting. What has happened to the original recipe? Won't be

Double D Aussie Gummy Bears

Latest review: Doubly Delicious! Gummy bears without all the sugar. For a diabetic these are particularly good as i can get a sweet treat without a spike in my blood sugars. Very tasty and moreish. Just eat in

Coles Dark Chocolate Coated Licorice

Latest review: Most terrible chocolate ever!! I just want to vomit after consuming them, a waste of my money. Unbelievable, how can they possibly sell this

Equal Stevia Tablets

Latest review: Taste awful! The after taste is so plain, cannot enjoy the coffee! Simply cannot get the after taste out of my mouth! Don't buy this. There are other more healthy organic sugar with better

Nestle Allens Fantales

Latest review: Why, why, why? The only reason I can think of for changing Fantales is the omnipresent fear of litigation. This is what our society has become! Everything tailored around risk management i.e. in this

Nestle Allens Chicos

Latest review: Killer Pythons- What the hell happened to the size of them :/ you have shrunken them so much Party Mix- You put way too many bananas in them and the teeth are so small now, I used to love your

The Natural Confectionery Co. Party Mix

Latest review: TNCC Please please please bring back the old recipe and shapes!!!! The new ones are terrible!!! Stars and turtles??? Come onnnnn! They don’t taste the same! You need to bring back the old o

Pascall Pineapple Lumps

Latest review: I live in London and my mother brought me some on her last visit. The choc is now dark and tastes fake and the pineapple just doesn’t punch through. D

Pascall Chocolate Eclairs

Latest review: The nz version of pascall eclaires now taste disgusting product is now made in China and tastes awful nothing like it used to be won't buy

The Natural Confectionery Co. Jelly Beans

Latest review: Great disappointment that NC jelly beans were discontinued suddenly. Best jelly beans by a long shot. Easy to eat a whole packet in one go. Would buy them before any other lollies

Weis Bars

Latest review: The world literally stops for me when I bite into a Weis' Bar. Flowers smell sweeter, the crummy line manager who bullies me is no longer the Anti-Christ, the car runs better and even the dog turd I

Craig & Hales Raspberries

Latest review: I purchased these chocolate coated raspberries at Renaissance IGA in St Kilda, Victoria. At about $3.20 for 200 grams they are half the price of similar confectionery made in Adelaide. These

Coles Smart Buy Choc Beanies

Latest review: Gluten Free food is quite expensive These choc beanies are cheap, tasty and in every Coles store. A great find. Gluten Free Not enough facings in the supermarket. Hard to

Nestle Allens Snakes Alive

Latest review: these are just yum. fun to eat and great flavours. I grab a bag for the family most weeks and we enjoy them together while we watch a movie on the

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