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Carefree FLEXIA

Carefree FLEXIA

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StephSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Non absorbent


The plastic covering seems to repel liquid, I find I have incredibly bad leakage using these. These and the Procomfort are both terrible. Unfortunately the design is so similar to the regular type I've used since I started puberty, and I keep grabbing them by mistake - my carelessness but still frustrating.
I've been using Carefree for over 15 years but am considering switching brands.

Purchased in January 2019.


RedWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

The Easiest insert ever


No problems inserting tampons for a change! What a relief these tampons are, no more crouching in the confined spaces of a toilet to insert! I am IN LOVE with how easy these are to use, no leaks, the best ever for ladies WI have a hard time inserting dry hard tampons



  • 3 reviews



I think these are awful and have terrible absorbency. Once the wings came off inside and I didn’t realise until weeks later when I was experiencing discomfort when I found it in my undies and didn’t realise what it was until I accidentally bought them again. Will always check I buy the right ones.



  • 2 reviews

Horrible - Carefree regular tampons are great but Flexia suck


Flexia super tampons DO NOT absorb the same amount as a regular super tampon. The plastic sheeting probably doesn't help, plastic doesn't absorb and it's not exactly keeping the liquid inside the tampon. I have bought these tampons twice (the second time by mistake.) I have leaked a few times. I thought I would combat this by changing them more regularly - but I leaked after less than 2 hours!! This has never happened using regular tampons.
They're not more comfortable - but if tampons are uncomfortable to begin with, you're probably using them wrong.

Loved them!


I used these for my problem with leakage! it sounds weird but it really worked! yeah it was a little scratchy but it stopped the leakage. i really recommend these for any leakage problems you have!!!!!!!!

Mumma Bear

Mumma BearSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 8 reviews

Awful design. Scratchy.


The cotton mesh-like wings are a terrible design.
I found them to be scratchy and uncomfortable.

Bought them completely by accident. Never knew they even existed til I opened the wrap and was completely bewildered by the flared out wings. Yikes. Looked scary... felt scary.

Never again.

Best ever


The mixed reviews for this are really interesting. These are by far the best tampons I have ever used. The wings provide the security not other tampon provides, catching all the bits that wouldn't normally get absorbed in a wingless tampon. It seems like either these tampons.are perfect for your type of flow or a disaster. For me they are perfect, I couldn't recommend these highly enough and without exception buy no other brand since discovering them. They are also so easy to get in. I find the kotex u ones impossible to insert.


KellyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC



I love these tampons. I am stuck in a vehicle for work and sometimes cannot get to a toilet for up to 6 hours, which is not ideal when I have my period! I always wear a liner with tampons 'just in case' and very rarely, if ever, have I found that I have bled through a Flexia. The only disappointing thing I find with the Flexia range, is that they don't come in mini size, which would be handy on light flow days.

I will never buy these again


There is no absorption whatsoever. I was experiencing leakage within an hour, and when removing there is a back-flow of blood that causes me concern for the risk of TSS. It's almost as if the folds are liquid-resistant, which defeats the purpose of a super tampon.





Great absorption "the wings" are the best design. I have very heavy periods(after childbirth) these are the only tampons I feel confident wearing. Slightly disappointed that I am finding it hard to find stockists for the "supers"


VesMelbourne, Victoria

  • 29 reviews

Could do without the soft folds


I recently bought these without realizing they had folds and found them rough, especially upon removal. In terms of absorbency, If you change a normal tampon as recommended you won't have a problem. The added soft folds of Flexia could also give the impression that they may stay in for longer which could increase cases of toxic syndrome. I've already switched to a more traditional product without the frills!
Nothing really

So far the best


These tampons are so much easier to insert especially as I am older now and a little drier , yes even when I have my periods I find other tampons to be quite painful to insert.These ones are so much better in preventing leakage with the wings, the fit, length, and comfort.
Fit, length, comfort, the wings prevent leakage and easier to insert

Most painful tampons


On insertion these tampons are smooth and easy like any other brand of tampons. It is just when I'm removing them that the wings tear into my walls and cause quite a lot of pain. However these tampons came in a nice packaging, great design and were affordable as well.
Affordable, easy to use, great look



  • 3 reviews

Worst tampon ever


The wings of these tampons are not absorbent (they have perforation that are supposed to allow absorption) and cover more than half of the tampon. Even with light flow, the wings just seem to impede the tampons absorbency and channel the flow around the tampon. I had constant leakage and spotting and on removing the tampon it was virtually dry, but the string was saturated.

Serious absorbency issues, leakage and spotting problems.



Worst tampon experience ever


I should say I will be writing to Carefree and perhaps there was an issue with the batch of tampons I used. After having the tampon in for one hour, and in the middle of giving a class, I experienced severe leaking. It appeared that the flexible wings had channeled my menstrual blood away from the tampon. The tampon itself did absolutely nothing.

Ineffectual in the extreme


BeckelsSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 15 reviews

Best i've used


I have been using these tampons for a while now. I find them easy to use, comfortable, & absorbent so don't have to worry about leaks. The wings add an extra element of security, and make me feel confident that there won't be any embarrassing leakages. I also like the outer fabric, is nice and secure, and not "fluffy" like some other brands.
comfort, design, ease of use.



  • 20 reviews



I love these tampons i never buy any other brand! They have great absorbency and are reasonably priced. I have tried others but always go back to carefree because they really are carefree! I would recommend them to all women whether they are young or old.
Easy to use, great absorbency, reasonable price

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The worst I have ever used. Would never buy them again. Homebrand are better than these. Do yourself a favour don't buy them.

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I am concerned that the wings became detached inside and didn’t come out when I removed the tampon. I have been hoping it would come out in the last week but I haven’t seen it. Should I be concerned??

1 answer

I don’t know! Mine just made itself out eventually. Didn’t know it was there until I felt something slightly uncomfortable.

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