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Rust everywhere!

I bought charli chair original at Big W and used it first time last night! I was excited.

I was happy that it was very convenient to shower with my little girl. She enjoyed the shower she is 10 months and started to learn standing up in her whale bath tub.
I bought charli shower chair as it seems easier to use than bending on my knees bathing her in the bath tub.

I was happy first time user. I even ordered one for my sister as she is due in the next two weeks.

Then. To my horror and I’m really frustrated I lifted the charli chair to move it and rust came from the legs - in my disbelief - I lifted it trying to convince myself it was not from the chair and something else. But There was nothing else rust was coming from the legs.

Omg! I washed off the rust on the tiles and lifted the chair out to rinsed the floor. No luck - I put the chair on the mat - my Sheridan shower mat - far out - the rust went everywhere! And yes in my mat! Bloody rust!

I think there is serious mis representation about your rust proof legs - it is obviously not rust proof.

The chair was not even soaked in water or something. I have used it once and it rusted over night! It was stored outside shower after used. Omg!

Is it the case the outside legs are rust proof but the inside legs (where the holes are to adjust height) are rusty!!

very frustrating!
would not recommend! I wish they will improve this as I can see it could be functional but who can live with rust? So annoying too.

Worst bath ever!

We were genuinely so excited to use the CharliChair as both my husband and I have bad backs and thought it was a great alternative. We decided to wait to use it until our baby was 8 weeks old as we thought she was too small initially for the chair (even though she is average weight for her age). It was the worst experience, same as all the other parents - baby gets cold straight away the water barely covered her, you have to lift them out to clean bum/back so they scream even more and your flooding your bathroom with every splash/movement. Not to mention the straps are useless and just get in the way. Definitely won’t be using it again, save yourself the trouble!

Waste of money

I was so excited to get our Charli Chair as it look like such a good product! We were bitterly disappointed. Firstly, you get soaking wet trying to bath your child in it. Second, you can't clean behind your baby. Third, it doesn't sit up enough, so when your lo is a big bigger they still have to lie down. Forth, the addition seat to create a bath is just a waste, its not deep enough, so bub gets cold. Finally, the business is only interested in helping you if you have positive comments! I spent $240 on a product I can't use and can't seem to sell either! Good marketing, poor product.

Delux version not that functional

So I bought this chair in the Delux 2 in 1 version thinking what a great invention. Fast forward to bringing bub home from hospital, where he loved baths, and the bath option doesn't even cover bubs tummy with water so he gets cold and I'm forced to rush what should be an enjoyable experience, plus it doesn't hold on a newborn well enough for me to safely use two hands and hard to clean their back and bottom. My baby is average size and I used with the charlichair insert. Charlichair, you guys need to plug up those holes on the backrest up top so water can actually stay in to act as a bath like you claim. Feeling ripped off with the pricetag and going today to buy a proper baby bath.

Absolutely Fantastic Baby Chair

We have just had a new baby and this chair is terrific for my wife to quick wash the baby in the shower, as she cant bend down to a bath with her soreness. I place the baby in it next to the sink at night while quickly making her a bottle, (Have you ever tried to make a bottle with one hand while holding the baby in the other? Solved) or put her down for a sec while I quickly change the linen in her cot. It's just a mobile, elevated resting spot to quickly put your baby down while you're in the middle of something. I cant believe there's nothing quite like it anywhere on the $billion baby product market and is so helpful in our home.

2 in 1 version a winner

We have the 2 in 1 version for our bub and we love it.
We have a small shower and it fits in there no problem.
Bub is 12 weeks old and we have used this since newborn. The harness on.its smallest setting is too big for her at the moment though so we stand in front of the chair and keep a very close eye on her.
I.love that there is the bathtub option and u can remove the plug to use as a shower.
Our baby is happy in the shower. Love the charli chair and highly recommend.

I come out of the shower with energy now!

Before the CharliChair arrived, showering involved sitting cross legged on the floor of the shower recess with my (large for his age) 16 week old son across my legs, using a hand held shower hose. It was exhausting! Highly recommended if you don't have a bath in your house! My son loves it and so do I!

Not Suitable For a Newborn

We just tried the CharliChair on our newborn for the first time. While at hospital, our baby loved the bath. She basically fell asleep inside it and was settled and sleepy after = perfect. We got home and thought we'd give the CharliChair a go. She cried like a demon once seated inside it. The harness seemed to be cutting into her head whenever she rolled to the side and we found it IMPOSSIBLE to clean behind her, especially in her bum where it's most important. In the end, we gave up and had to take her out of the shower. We're now in the process of trying to calm her down, while I'm on the computer putting the CharliChair up on Gumtree. Avoid this product for newborns.

Best invention ever!!

Thanks to the Charli chair I can bath my newborn with ease after my operation. No lifting water into a bath tub required!!! Love my Charli chair.

Fantastic alternative to a baby bath!

The charli chair is great! So much easier than bathing bubba in the bath - no bending down required, easy to adjust and use. Highly recommend getting the soft insert though for extra comfort. Seems to be made of quality, hard-wearing material. It was a bit of a hassle to build, but worth the effort!

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Can this chair be used for feeding??
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Yes. In fact id say that is a better use for it.


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