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Perfect for us and water saving

We purchased the Tummy Tub after a demonstration at a baby show. We don't have a bath in our house or a good place to fill/place a baby bath. The kitchen sink wasn't an option either as it's hard-edged and quite large.

The first bath was nerve-wracking but I think that's the case for all first time parents regardless of the bath.

We have been using the tummy tub now for 4 months and we love it. Our LO sits up by herself in there now and plays with the water and her toys. It's great. We use it in the kitchen sink so there's no back straining.

Tip: wash and dry your baby's hair beforehand (hold them over the bath gently and rinse their hair with a cup - make sure you cover their ears). Once their hair is dry; undress them and then lather them with soap OR just water and rub them all over (under arms, fat rolls, hands and feet etc), then carefully (because they're slippery) place them in the tub to rinse off and relax.

Keep the lights low, put on nice music and fill the bath to where you feel comfortable - never above the line (take water out if there's too much). Enjoy!!


This is fabulous!!! Excellent!! Why I don't know the bad reviews. But reading the Manuel and understanding what it's really for and how it works and helps baby out then your good to go till baby is 6 months or older. I see no negative about this. So less time and easy bath time for busy mum like me. Less water too. I'l be using this all the time until she is fully grown out of it. Baby loughed and smiled with her first bath in it, at 10 and a half weeks old.

Great for long bubs!

My boy loves to kick and splash but was too long for the baby bath, this was easy to securely put in the big bath.

Water efficient and baby loves it!

This bath is very water efficient and our baby loved being bathed in it, much more than a traditional bath. Very good if you are space restricted as well.

The only bad thing is where to put it when bathing your baby - sometimes we put it in the sink (which was a bit high) and sometimes on the floor which can be hard on the back. Think it would work better with the stand, which we didn't have (due to no space!)
Water efficient, baby loved it.


Excellent for relaxing a tense/irritable baby. I loved this for my daughter in the early days as my daughter had reflux and needed to be upright as much as possible. It was so quick to fill as it doesn't need much water at all. It made bathtime a very quick and easy experience overall and my daughter was always so relaxed afterwards - excellent as part of a bedtime routine!
Uses very little water, however the baby can still have water up to their necks to keep them feeling warm and secure. Baby is in upright position - great for reflux/colic. Very portable and compact. Stand doubles as a stepping stool for later.
Sometimes can be difficult to wash them properly while holding with other hand in this position. I found it difficult once my daughter got a little bigger (around 5-6 months). She seemed to need more room and didn't like it at all once she got older.


What appeared to be an exciting and interesting product is really just an expensive pail. We used it only 4 times with our newborn. We started using our laundry trough and realised how much easier it was to bathe our baby (easier standing than sitting with the tub)and our baby also appeared to enjoy floating in the water rather than being cramped in the tub. So please consider carefully before buying this product or try one out first.
Novel idea. Easy to fill and clean after use. Water saving.
Difficulties putting in a newborn and then to maintain a safe position. Very difficult to wash skin folds/ creases properly in the tub.


I cant believe how much they charge for this thing. Its so totally not worth it. Lucky I only bough mine cheaply on ebay. According to the instructions you are supposed to fill the water to the line for a safe level. However when we did this our little one nearly went under. Coughing and spluttering! I was horrified! I have attempted to use it again, I have to fill the water level much less than suggested, its ok but im going to offload it on ebay and go get a standard bath from Big W or somewhere like that.
Not alot really... only that it uses less water than a traditional baby bath and is easy to go empty in the garden.
Horribly expensive, kinda unsafe really.


Was great to use as we could bathe her anywhere. Did not bother with the stand though - not required as you can sit on floor or couch & have tub between your legs. Child has no fear of getting into bath as they are not put in backwards like conventional baths, go in feet first and relax into fetal position.
Excellent to use for our Premmie baby. Uses small amount of water, relaxes child, easy to carry - no spillages. Great if you do not have a sink big enough for a baby, or bath. Our child is now 14months old & still loves it. Great to take camping.
You have to practice with your child to find a comfortable position for adult - like most things.


I think this product is over-priced for what it is, but other than that we really like it. I love the fact that it uses hardly any water - it takes a few seconds to fill, and I can carry it with one hand if necessary. We found that filling to the line was too deep; you have to experiment to find the right water depth, which depends on the size of the baby. Our baby is still using this bath very happily at 9 months of age, however she is quite small.

For me, one of the biggest advantages of this product is being able to sit comfortably on a chair with the bath between my knees. I find this vastly more comfortable, and less strain on my back, than washing baby in a conventional bath or laundry tub.

You do have to hold the baby to stop them from slipping under the water, even when they can sit up independently. This makes it a bit tricky to give them a thorough wash, but I don't see this as a problem because babies don't really get dirty enough to need a good scrub!
Baby is upright - good for colic and reflux. Supposed to remind them of being in the womb. Shoulders are under water so they don't get cold. Uses very little water compared with a normal baby bath, so less wastage of water and its very easy to carry. Comfortable position for adult doing the washing.
Expensive for what it is. Takes a bit of practice (as with many new products). The fill line is very difficult to see (should be coloured). Bub can slip and go under water if you don't hold them properly. Was a bit tricky when our bub started weight-bearing on her legs, she just wanted to stand up in it!


I bought this as the video's i saw of it in use made it look so easy. It also had won awards which made me think it must be good. I had a c-sec and this was recommended especially for that purpose (as you don't have to lean forward as you do with conventional baby baths). However, this seemed dangerous to me and the nature of it makes it impossible to clean your baby. I felt very nervous that my baby would slip from my precarious grip. I only used it on a newborn as we started taking her in the shower with us instead! Much easier. Don't waste your money - and if this doesn't deter you, you can buy mine on ebay!
uses little water and has a fill line marker which is handy. It is easy to carry when filled with water. My baby seemed calm once in it.
It is too expensive, the stand is ugly. It is hard to hold your babies head above water confidently as you can't see their face (they face away from you). It is impossible to wash them as you can not reach under them and it feels like they will slip out of your grip easily (as you only hold them under their chin). I needed a second adult to remove my baby from the tub as I had to ensure the head didn't slip under while doing this. It is difficult to click the tub into the bracket - I couldn't do it only my husband could.


I am loving this product!
After having an ordinary baby bath in our big bath, I was finding that my back was aching due to the constant bending over.
I bought the TummyTub without the stand and just have it on our change table beside the change mat.
From the first day that my 8 week old started using this bath he loved it, and it was so easy to use! Being winter I don't keep him in it very long but am sure that he will love longer baths when summertime comes!
uses little water and has a fill line marker which is handy.
easy to carry when filled with water.
baby is upright and is calm and happy


Our baby just loved this tub. At six months he has now moved on to the big tub which we fill with about 5-10cm deep with water, which he loves, too. But as a newborn bathing in this tub made him feel very safe because he could feel the bottom of the tub under his bum, so this eliminated the build in fear of drowning many newborns have when they can't feel anything but water under their back. It's very portable so I could bath him on the kitchen table, in the lounge in front of the heater, in the big bathtub if I wanted and it' easy to take with you when you visit somewhere.
Our bubba took his first bath in it and went from creaming the house down to blissful silence as soon as he hit the water. He just loved it. Very portable and ergonomic. Uses very little water
Expensive, hard to see fill line.


We bought a standard plastic bath for our bub to replace this - the bath was less than half the price and a lot better. I would not recommend this product.

Expensive, baby is quickly too big for it (at 4 months for us), hard to hold baby in it, hard to wash baby, expensive, expensive, expensive!


My little one is now six mths old and has moved to a bigger bath tub, but this one was a life saver as my boy was born in winter times,no regrets and would recommend to anyone who wants to give a pleasant bathing experience to their newborns
Water saving, baby feels secure and often falls asleep during bath, can be moved easily from room to room, no back pain, a must for unsettled babies
Price, baby grows out of it very quickly


glad we were lucky to win one as i wouldnt waste money on it i get the same result washing a toddler in a flexi tub, its great that it weighs almost nothing but baby feels very slippery and they slide down a bit to easily and need both hands to support them in the tub not leaving it to a one person job,great that it can be your height but not much else that it does for you once you have it at home and after 4 months became a clothes hamper
great for first time parents wanting to see everything and be more involved dads to help
cost a after a few months had no other use for it

Good and Bad!

Great for baby but hard to use. I purchased this item for my fourth baby and was very excited to start using it after reading all about it. Our little girl loved it as she was so warm and feeling right at home in the deep water. We found it too hard to use however so went and purchased a typical style baby bath after six weeks.
Uses little water (we are on tanks), keeps baby feeling secure and relaxed. Easy to empty and lift with good handles and as it uses little water.
Too hard to hold baby's head above the water and wash her properly at the same time. Hard to lift her out at the end.


We LOVE this product. It's the best baby item we have purchased. We didn't buy the stand, we simply place the tub on the bench at bathtime. We use very little water and the baby stays warm for the whole time.
Mimics the womb for your baby - automatically soothing and calming bubs.


Fantastic bathing option and very glad I purchased this. My baby loved it and I loved that it uses very little water and is easy on your back.
Uses very little water (about 5 litres) so won't break your back when you need to empty it. I bath my 5 month old in the loungeroom, so you can use it anywhere. Comes with a stand which will come in handy later as a step to the sink/toilet.
Bathing is as simple as placing a hand underneath your babies chin. Water covers their shoulders and the tub provides support for their back. Great for a winter baby. Great for travelling as well.
Like most baths, babies will grow out of it at @ 6 months.


This is a cute bath to use where little babies can feel secure and stay warm for longer. Fun for family members to watch the baby being bathed too.
It uses very little water, after baby is done water your pot plants with it! I used it from 8 weeks to about 16 months. Easiest at height eg sitting inside laundry trough so you dont have to bend over.
It was a little hard to use when my daughter was tiny, so I waited until she was around 8 weeks. My husband found it awkward to get hands in there.

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