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Latest review: We purchased the Tummy Tub after a demonstration at a baby show. We don't have a bath in our house or a good place to fill/place a baby bath. The kitchen sink wasn't an option either as it's

Roger Armstrong Infant

Latest review: We bought it to put it in the big bath since our 4 month old had grown out of the baby bath and he wriggled straight out of it!! I had to get into the bath with him, not that I cared but kinda

InfaSecure Terri Bath Support

Latest review: So looks great n it's soft BUT pillow goes out of shape, pocket is useless and it never ever can be fully dry.developed black mold after about 2-3 weeks. Will mot


Latest review: I bought charli chair original at Big W and used it first time last night! I was excited. I was happy that it was very convenient to shower with my little girl. She enjoyed the shower she is 10

BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

Latest review: I was given one of these and it did not have any instructions. After a few attempts I was frustrated that it just didn't stick properly but I watched a YouTube video and once I wet the suction caps

Okbaby Onda

Latest review: I was given a standard baby bath on a stand which my baby would barely last 5 minutes before he became grizzly. First night in this new bath he relaxed in there for 20 minutes! He was so content. The

Babyhood Toweling Bath Support

Latest review: We bought the Babyhood Toweling Bath Support, as our daughter was growing out of her baby bath tub but cannot sit up on her own yet. We've tried just holding her in the big tub but both my husband

Okbaby Buddy

Latest review: Makes it so easy to bath bub! I was getting back pain trying to hold my son in the bath so I would just quickly wash him and take him out again but now I have the bath buddy I can let him splash

Safety 1st Pop up Infant Bath Tub

Latest review: I found this bath tub on ebay and got it for $10. It was for my second baby, as the bath tub we used for our first we have already given it away. I have actually used all sorts of bath tub, 2 in 1

Okbaby Cavalletto

Latest review: hey mountainsmum..i wonder if i can get info of where can u get this product from in australia? coz to be honest..i have to actually ask my brother in germany to buy it and send it here!!! love this

Lumay Baby Bath Sponge Support

Latest review: The lumay Baby Bath Sponge Support is fantastic in so many ways. Your bub is comfortable and content in the water. It also allows the baby to keep warm as the warm water is absorbed in the soft

Go Bella Konjac Sponges

Latest review: I was given a Go Bella Beauty konjac sponge as a gift recently as my infant suffers from excema and skin rashes and cannot use any cleansing products on her delicate skin. The Konjac sponge has been

Thermobaby Aquababy

Latest review: I got given one of these second hand & have found it very useful. My baby is 10 months old & has been using it in the bath since about 6 months old. She sits very well in the seat & while I would

Ikea Lattsam

Latest review: Great value, very stable, antislip pattern in bottom of bath and underneath works well. We still use this for our very tall 2 year old! She loves it full to the brim for a good play with toys and

Dream Baby Premium Deluxe

Latest review: It cheaply made and broke before we could use it. But so poorly designed that we wouldn't have been able to use it even if it didn't break. No room for baby's legs. My five and a half-month-old had

InfaSecure Bath Stand with Shelf

Latest review: I bought this bath after my boy outgrew a smaller one we were given. It was great, as we do not have a big bath at home it lasted until he was old enough to stand up and take a shower. It is easy to

InfaSecure Nellie

Latest review: I like the Infa Nellie bath insert as I felt more secure and comfortable bathing my newborn than just holding her in the baby bath and I felt I could do it myself, instead of having her Dad help me

Okbaby Flipper

Latest review: I was happy with this seat although in hindsight it probably was an expensive purchase as we used it for only 2 months before our baby could sit comfortably unaided in the bath. Simple to use, no

Sesame Beginnings Bathtastic Set

Latest review: The Sesame Beginnings bathtastic set came with a bath tub, bath ring, cup, hooded towel and face wash. The bath, cup, bathring and hooded towel has pictures of Elmo and was $35 at Target. I only

Love N Care Baby Bath and Stand

Latest review: I have the bath (BP520) and stand (BH300) and could not ask for better. We first had the change table and bath combo in a different brand lent to us and I found the bath was too low and it killed my

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